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100 of these decades

It is the moment of Social Media Week in Italy (too), that this year comes back with a double event to connect the two poles Rome and Milan.

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GLMS welcomes results of Swiss referendum on online gambling

Swiss voters clearly and massively approved the reform of Swiss gambling law. The new law formally legalises online gambling in Switzerland but only allows local operators with a land-based presence in the Swiss gambling market to operate online betting.

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Habanero scores with Knock-out Football

Premium slots and table games provider Habanero is giving players the chance to grab a win or two with its latest release, Knock-out Football.

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GLMS further expands its membership with the addition of Stoloto in Russia

Today GLMS had the pleasure to welcome the Russian Lottery, Stoloto to its Association. Just before the official opening of the FIFA World Cup in 2018 in Russia, GLMS network has been further strengthened with one more member, which will effectively contribute to the key monitoring activities by GLMS through local intelligence and information directly […]

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The lie of the land: the future of cryptocurrency on gaming

There can’t be many people left who have yet to hear about bitcoin, given the extensive news coverage it receives in the mainstream media. (Written by: Inter Game for Gioco News magazine) While reporters excitedly detail the rise and fall in valuation of the cryptocurrency, there is also a queue of experts lining up to […]

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