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Eag Expo: esports in the arcades, but with training and connettivity

At the debate on videogames, organized within EAG, focus on training and connettivity. London – The future of entertainment passes through the combination of electronic sports and arcades. This is what clearly emerges from the Eag Expo in London, the entertainment fair in progress at the ExCel exhibition center in the British capital, from […]

17 January 2020 0 comment
Benelli: “The ticket redemption in italy between old and new prohibitions”

The gaming legal expert Cino Benelli explains the situation of ticket redemptions in Italy in the panel organized at the EAG in London. London – Italy in the spotlight, at the EAG in London, also as regards the so-called “Amusement” market: that is, that of pure entertainment, made up of videogames, pinball machines and […]

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