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10 Apr 2020

Covid-19 halves bets: from -43% to -59% of expenditure in march 2020

Bets in freefall due to the closure of the physical collection points and the stop of all sports events, because of the coronavirus emergency.

Minus 43 percent and €49.3 million of expenditure. The month of March, which coincided with the containment measures for the whole national territory, records a crazy drop for online bets too. The data shown is for the remote gaming, that was affected by the stop of all possible leagues with very few “surplus”, including Belarus, Nicaragua and Australia, among the football fields where they still play. But sports bets collapsed even more consistently in the physical shops, that recorded a minus 59 percent of expenditure due to the forced closure recorded between the first days and the middle of March.
Collection of online betting was however of €477.4 million, with a payout and winnings of 428 million, the rest to the supply chain and the tax authorities.
Virtual bets collected €85.2 million, with an expense of 12.5 million.

According to data and communicated by the operators, Bet365 is the leader in the March collection with 17.19 percent of the expense share, Snaitech follows, with 14.25 percent, Sks365 with 11.09 percent and then Sisal Matchpoint with 10.72 percent. Eurobet and Goldbet coupled with, respectively, 9.47 percent and 9.23 percent, while Lottomatica Better on 4.65 percent. Bwin at 2.31 percent while Betaland reaches 1.47 percent.

08 Apr 2020

Habanero set for LatamWin integration

Supplier continues to rack up new partnerships in rapid expansion, the deal sees LatamWin’s operator partners gain access to Habanero’s 100+ portfolio of  slots and table games.


06 Apr 2020

Online gaming in Italy: less bets, but casino games and poker grow

The month of March recorded the expenditure growth for some segments of online gaming, such as casino games and poker: but no “boom”, only the shift of players.

Thanks to the stop of land-based gaming for the restrictions due to the containment of Covid-19, online gaming continues to grow in Italy in some segments. Despite the growth trend is stable over time, with remote gaming that has always increased from one month to the other, in the last weeks there have been extraordinary trends, just linked to the emergency. Like the growth of online poker, which after years of decline returns to record positive numbers. However, it would be inaccurate to speak of a “boom”, taking into account that most of the numbers derive from a shift of players from one game to another, mainly due to the lack of sports events on the betting schedules, that has seen many players betting on poker or casino instead of betting on the (few) minor events.

But let’s see the data. Starting from the casino games that in March, on the websites authorized by Adm (i.e. the difference between the collection, of €2,518,136,726, and the winnings, of €2,424,140,895), record an expense of €93,995,830, compared to the €60641,293 that had been counted in the same month last year. This is a growth that reaches 35.5 percent.

The stakes were 31,649,164.

MARKET SHARES – As for market shares, the leadership of Reel Italy Ltd is confirmed, with 12.59 percent, followed by Sisal Entertainment Spa with 8.31 percent and Lottomatica Scommesse Srl with 7.59 percent. Snaitech is in fourth position with 7.34 percent while Oia Services Limited holds a stake of 0.68 percent.
Same situation for online poker, which sees all the values of the shares of online poker rooms grow, even if there are substantial variations in the percentages of expenditure calculated on the basis of the data provided by operators and processed by

In Tournament, PokerStars grows by 8.5 percentage points and all the “pursuers” decrease. If the Stars Group room dominates with 63.72 percent, Snaitech maintains the second position but decreases by 7.72 percent and Sisal also remains on 6 percentage points, even if it was at 0.08 percent from the room runner up in February.

Even Lottomatica loses around 1.7 points, as well as Eurobet which decreases from 4.77 percent to 3.59 percent. 888 Poker grows, rising from 1.39 percent to 2.47 percent and, as mentioned, considering the collection of 120 percent more, this data is to be considered as an increase of 4 times compared to the previous month.

Bgame softens the blow at 1.02, while E-Play24 decreases of 1 point, perhaps accusing the landbased nature of many stores and charge places closed during the month of March.

Practically stable Oia Services (Betaland and and also in this case the share of expenditure grows in value for what we told before.

However, we remind you that these numbers are growing but always in a heavily reduced market.

06 Apr 2020

Gioco News magazine: the April issue is online with a new format

The April issue of Gioco News magazine is available, full of content and latest news and with a careful look at the casino industry.


Still in Covid-19 emergency, and with very uncertain times as regards the restart of gaming activities, remaining in a business environment. Unfortunately, this is the scenario that we tell in the April issue of Gioco News magazine, fresh from the press, and which opens with the interview with the deputy of Italia Viva Massimo Ungaro, who hopes, after the return to normal (we hope!), a gaming reform also with the help of the concessionaires.

Then space to regional events, with the “gaming” issue that will certainly be part of the next election, even if the times of voting, due to the pandemic, have been postponed.

And then, dutifully, a rich investigation dedicated to the coronavirus and the drastic measures that have been taken in Italy to contain and contrast its spread, above all the closure of the gaming locations at least until April, the 13rd.

We talk about it with the companies, the associations, but also with many experts, trying to outline the current scenario and what is prefigured when, gradually, we will proceed to the reopening of the activities and the relaxation of the current restrictions.

THE CONTENT – In this particularly rich issue of the magazine, there is also a special article about safety, an objective that is a continuous challenge for companies, both land-based and online ones, and which is achieved through innovative and cutting-edge solutions.

And again, space for foreigners, between fairs that go online and others that move further in the year, to continue with legislation, new slots, betting, horse racing, poker, casino.

The VIP section hosts the writers Sandro Veronesi and Massimiliano Parente, who talk about themselves and their very personal relationship with the world of gaming with great honesty, especially in this historical moment in everyone’s and community life. Finally, the cover story must be discovered: in March it is dedicated to TxOdds and its mathematics at the service of betting.

In short, there are many reasons to read this issue, from top to bottom. With an English version inside, as usually.

NEW DIGITAL EDITION – And the news not to be missed for all Gioco News readers is the new digital format of the Magazine. Thanks to the use of new technology, the magazine is easily available online, through any device, desktop or mobile. In addition, you can enter to a range of extra content through the links on each page. Just read the digital magazine and look for “clickable” content: you will be able to access in-depth information, photo galleries, videos and much more. For a new dimension of information, through Gioco News, of which we propose a preview below. It is a new way to stay informed. Here a preview of  new features.


Click here to open Gioco News April 2020 digital edition

30 Mar 2020

Covid-19: New Decree, extended closure of bingo halls, bingo and betting

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte develops the new decree on Covid-19: extension of closure until April, the 18th, and he is thaking into account the further delay for arcades, betting and bingos.

April, the 3rd, is approaching but it now seems sure that the closure of the activities arranged until that date with the Decree of March, the 8th (including arcades, bingos and betting) and with that of March, the 22nd, (the so-called “Chiudi Italia“) will be extended.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is in fact developping the details of the decree which will order further closure due to Covid-19 and the date that now seems sure is that of April, the 18th. Then, if as hopefully the infection starts to decrease, a gradual reopening will be possible: staggered according to the type of activity and starting from the food and pharmaceutical supply chain.

The activities considered “meeting points” and where it is more complicated to respect the social distance are intended to a later reopening, according to the premier’s assessments. This category includes bars, cinemas and gaming and betting rooms, which may therefore have to wait beyond April, the 18th. But of course these are measures that will be decided on the basis of the pandemic trend in Italy. And once R0, i.e. zero contagiousness, has been reached, further measures are expected, to confirm some restrictions and regulations in force today, for example, and this also applies to gaming premises, the respect of minimum distances, the presence of hand sanitizers, the sanitization of the environments.

The emergency period, as specified by Conte in the latest law decree recently published in the Gazetta, is until July, the 31st: until that date, extensions of the closures will be possible on a national or territorial basis (also of gaming rooms).

27 Mar 2020

Raapa Expo sums up the 2020 edition

Despite the coronavirus epidemic, Raapa Expo -2020 exhibition took place and was successful as always. More than 150 companies took part in the exhibition.