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13 Sep 2012

Vne at G2E: Queen Change and new Ticket Tender on display at Coin Mechanisms stand

Vne queenVNE – the number one manufacturer in the largest and most competitive market for change machines – namely in Italy – will be displaying two key solutions on the stand of their American partner – Coin Mechanism.

Italy is the most important market in Europe for video lottery terminals (VLTs). VNE has amassed great experience in change requirements for this market.

Queen Change machine is a change specifically designed for the VLT market. It has a PC platform, a thermal printer, one ticket and banknote acceptor and one Fujitsu dispenser banknote (5 cassettes for 5 different denomination of notes for a total capacity of 2,500 banknotes). Three coin hoppers ensure that there is ample capacity for paying out different coin denominations. All VNE change machines can be remotely monitored – so operators have 24/7 real-time information of the money in and out. Furthermore, remote servicing ensures long-term customer satisfaction. Naturally the strong, solid and secure cabinet plays a major role in the VNE design. The Queen Change can be fixed securely in place either on a wall (by using the Blindo from VNE) or in any position by Heavy from VNE.

VNE will also be presenting a brand new product – especially designed for the American market. The Ticket Tender (TT) allows operators to simply and easily pay players with winning tickets. Operators have an electronic key to access the TT. VNE provides five levels of operator ID so individual levels of access can be programmed. The upper console has an integrated display so that operators immediately see the amount to be paid out which they then confirm by pressing a further button. The buttons are arranged in a user-friendly way – thus combining security with speed of payout. This upper console can be removed from the TT body – for example the operator can place it on a desk to even more user-friendliness. The TT is equipped with a Fujitsu F53 banknote dispensing system that consists of three separate note dispensing units. Therefore, three separate note denominations, each of 500 notes, are available for payout. A sneak preview can be seen by video on

Mr. Lorenzo Verona, Commercial Director at VNE, commented, “We have ideal solutions for the American market. Queen Change is perfect for the VLT market and the new TT has been particularly created for the US market. Our partner Coin Mechanisms looks forward to greeting visitors at the forthcoming G2E in Las Vegas”.

12 Sep 2012 report a new breed of social gamer, the online gaming consultants, are warning that traditional online gaming companies are missing out by failing to recognise a new profile of target customers.

Phil Shaw, of states that a new breed of social gamer has emerged. He says: “More and more, we are seeing a different profile of person taking part in social games simply for entertainment. Instead of playing in online casinos for cash prizes, this new type of gamer is playing purely for “gamification” – rewards and status – and is likely to be someone who is just starting to experiment.

Facebook’s announcement this week to allow real cash play on its platform is another sign of how gaming companies will need to embrace changing customer behaviour.”

10 Sep 2012

Gerhard Burda retained as strategic advisor to Inspired Gaming

Gerhard BurdaInspired Gaming Group announces today the appointment of Gerhard Burda as Non Executive Strategic Advisor. Mr Burda will be working with Inspired’s global leadership team to develop the company’s product offering and market penetration in strategic gaming regions. “Gerhard is a hugely respected and insightful industry leader, and we welcome his joining our team. His impressive gaming heritage, combined with his strategic insight, make him a valuable new member of our team”, said Luke Alvarez, CEO of Inspired Gaming Group.
Alvarez added: “Inspired is in a decisive phase of expansion and experienced thinkers from within the industry – of whom Gerhard is one of the smartest – are crucial to the company’s success.”
Following his eight years as a Managing Director and CEO of the German Atronic Group, Mr Burda spent three years as Senior Vice President at Gtech of Lottomatica. During this time the company entered new markets, such as the Italian AWP and VLT markets, and launched major new international products. Since leaving Lottomatica Mr Burda founded a think tank, called Escapes, focusing on new trends in gaming and the convergence of gaming spaces.
Gerhard Burda states: “During my whole career in the gaming industry I always considered Inspired Gaming one of the high potentials for growth in a rapidly changing and converging gaming landscape. Now, in my new life as a private entrepreneur, I am specifically pleased about having been offered the opportunity to contribute my experience to this outstanding company and team of people.”

08 Sep 2012

Atrax 2012: continuous efforts for the most entertaining fair of Turkey

AtraxA new fair on international amusement world: taht’s Atrax fair, and makes tremendous impact in its first year. Atrax 2012 is being organised in a strategical period when new searchs in entertainment business reachs the peak with generic projects and major investments. Atrax Fair to meet its esteemed visitors between the dates of Dec 6 – Dec 9 2012. Atrax, as the one and only expertise fair in its segment will give a new impulse to the amusement business.
Atrax 2012 so far has reached a record breaking participation level in international firms as well as preparing to host more international companies than national participants. Among approved participants are leading companies from Italy, Netherlands, Canada, Philippines, Spain, Egypt, Germany, United States, China, Korea, Taiwan, France, Hong Kong and the UK.
 While the international interest raises, local participants from amusement point of Turkey such as İstanbul, İzmir, Bursa, Antalya, Muğla and Ankara are on their way to Atrax 2012.
The biggest exhibition stand in Atrax 2012 has been leased by the succeeded company “Balo Game Consoles” being followed by various international firms such as  Sega, Namco, Dreampark, Polin, Vekoma, Spibox, Theme Builders, Embed, Techway, Pax, Eurocoin, Simulator Entertainment ,  Amf Bowling, Brunswick, Profab and  Water Tech, and more.

06 Sep 2012

Spielo International to show more entertaining games than ever at G2E 2012

dealornodealSpielo International is showing more entertaining games than ever before at the 2012 Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas. For the North American market, they include four exciting new licensed titles that casual gamers know and love, and that will be unveiled before the show.

In addition, hot on the heels of the success of Deal or no deal™ Join’N Play®, Spielo International has amped up the deals and the excitement with Deal or no deal™ Join’N Play™ 2. The successor has all the features that players love – the time-based bonus, the player-friendly community aspect, the use of strategy, and the broad appeal to both entertainment-seekers and gamblers.

In Deal or no deal Join’N Play 2, the game is now quicker, bigger, and better. The guaranteed bonus hits more frequently, every eight minutes, for even more excitement. It keeps the same stress-free eligibility and easy bonus qualification that thrilled players in the original. Mystery bonuses occur more frequently as well, including brand new free spins that sweeten the deal. Occasionally, the community bonus becomes a Super Bonus, where the top briefcases have their values doubled, leading to much larger banker’s offers and wins. This sequel is truly Spielo International’s biggest deal yet!

Spielo International’s innovative new core games include 1421 Voyages of Zheng He™, where lucky eights are all around in this Asian-themed game. Featuring beautiful scenery and big win potential, this culturally-true 88 line game offers huge wins from stacked coin wild symbols and lots of player interaction and control through a player-selectable bonus feature. The gambler-friendly “all or nothing” feature offers the player a 1-in-3 chance of winning triple the ordinary bonus win.

In Hawaiian Treasures™, players visit the Big Island to uncover unrivaled wonders and 243 Ways to Win. A volatile base game offers big win potential, and a Player’s Choice approach in the Free Games Bonus adds tension and excitement.

Let the gypsy weave her intoxicating spell in Gypsy Moon™, where three or more Astro Sign symbols trigger the Gypsy Moon Free Game Bonus, awarding up to 600 Free Games with multipliers. Stacked Wilds and 243 Ways to Win, as well as the evolution of a proven player-friendly math model, offer magical win potential.

But that’s only the beginning of Spielo International’s exciting content-driven solutions. Visit Booth 1265 at G2E 2012 to see much more, and find out how Spielo International speaks entertainment.

03 Sep 2012

And in the end everybody played on Full PokerStars… happy people with cash in their hands

Full Tilt vs Poker StarsThere is a happy ending in the most complicated and fascinating event (if we want to say that) in the gaming world since the online poker burst as a worldwide phenomenon. The press release announcing the reaching of the agreement between PokerStars and the U.S. Justice Department is dated August 1 and it comes after a year and almost 4 months from the black friday of the U.S. online poker (it was April 16, 2011). The DOJ, together with the FBI, decided to block the room that operated without a license in the U.S. area. It was an unprecedented earthquake with millions of dollars blocked in the gaming accounts of the room and unreachable by players. Nevertheless PokerStars was able to refund in a few weeks its players. It will be a decisive move for overtaking in the following months the group of Bernard Tapie, the French magnate a little bit ‘quibbler’ that, in fact, will be dumped by the DoJ. All is into the hands of PokerStars because the money to reorganize Full Tilt had disappeared in the villas and bank accounts in offshore countries of the skilled creators of the Ponzi scheme. The money was in the pockets of Ray Bitar (ex ceo of Full Tilt) and then in the ones of Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson and other less famous but even so accomplices and guilty actors of an unexpected coup de theater.

The players was very very depressed by now, as even the World Series Of Poker 2012 were passing but there wasn’t any news on the case. And moreover ‘Stars’ was making luxurious investments in Spain and it seems to extremely takes up the funds of the room.

The key of the success for the closing of the deal was the willingness of PokerStars to refund within a few months the players without loosing time. Time that Tapie was designed to make up to the lack of his personal fund much more lifeless than the giant of the Isle of Man. The DoJ did not want hybrid solutions or bonus. The money in the accounts within specified terms for players was indispensible. Only PokerStars could do it.

So here is the announcement: “Full Tilt Poker is pleased to announce the end of the transaction with PokerStars and the U.S. Department of Justice, which will allow to all the American players to be paid. With the agreement the civil proceedings for confiscation carried out by the U.S. Department of Justice end”.

On August 9 the official confirmation comes. PokerStars will pay around 731 million dollars within and it will be able to reopen the room FTP no longer November 6, 2012 .

And there is a detail that must not be completely ignored: as part of the transaction, PokerStars is “explicitly authorized to offer gaming within the rules of the relevant gaming authorities of the United States and it can offer real money poker when it will be regulated by the government or by the federal states” .

ALL THE DETAILS OF PAYMENT – As part of the purchase agreement with the DOJ, PokerStars has agreed to invest a lump- sum of 547 million dollars over three years. The first payment of 225 million would have been paid “within six working days.”

The new owner has ninety days “to provide for the immediate cash withdrawal of the settlements of the players in the poker online account of all the extra players of Full Tilt Group”. The ‘rest of the world’ receives 184 million through the Full Tilt Poker room.

The patrimonial confiscation of laundered money will facilitate the compensation of the ‘victims’ through the restoration program Victim Asset Recovery Program.

Over the next three years PokerStars will make further annual payments of 125 million, 100 and 97 millions to complete its financial obligations. In total, PokerStars has paid 731 millions dollars.

Gus Hansen, Giampp and many unbelievers ready to withdraw the longed-for money

They thought their money was lost, irrecoverable, they given up hopes. Even the appearance of a believable ‘actor’ as PokerStars. It seemed like science fiction. Gus Hansen has recovered 2.4 million dollars. Giampp alias Giampaolo Puglia who won one of the biggest online tournaments ever played will take 900 thousand banknotes. Then all the members, even those who had thousand euros that in these times change even small situations. We just have to wait for the conditions of payment. And the poker field will regain many bankroll. “I’m playing a lot more live and now I feel more comfortable,” affirmed Puglia to on the spur of the moment. Justice is done. In spite of the shameless Ray Bitar.

03 Sep 2012

Pursuing superheroes

flipper torneoThe pair between pinball and superheroes continues (as a result of the one between the amusement industry and comics) with the next ‘jewel’ of Stern dedicated to X-Men, which will be presented in Italy in four different events. But the real heroes of pinball are not those of comics rather even, and especially, the players: and after the success of the World Seattle Championship the Italian national team of Tecnoplay leaves for the European Championship in Madrid.

Another superhero joins the pinball family: it is the very famous X-Men, a must for comics lovers, to whom has been dedicated the new Stern pinball coming this month in Italy and it will be presented to the public with a series of events that we can’t miss. But there are also other ‘heroes’ in the world of pinball, beside the ones of comics. We’re talking about the players of sport pinball, increasingly popular globally by now, with over 12 thousand players in the ranking of the Wppr (World pinball player rankings) and a greater propensity of players to move from one country to another to follow the official calendar of Ifpa tournaments. It is enough to look at the Italian case, where the recent pinball tournament in Marmore, organized by IFPA Italia in the beautiful location of the Marmore Waterfall, in Terni, has had a big success with players from all over Europe and is not a case that the Hungarian Kristzian Szalai won the tournament. But even in Marmore, where Daniele Acciari, the World Champion in office, came only at the third place, an emerging player of the Italian ranking, Cesare D’Atri, distinguished himself, coming at the second place after defeating Acciari in the semifinal. And the podium gained by Cesare gave the right confidence to the player of Bari, to the point of convincing him to get on the road to Madrid, where over the weekend of 14-16 September will take place the European pinball Championship (EPC), where, besides the individual tournament, there is also a team competition involving the national teams of various European countries and Italy between them, with the presence of the Tecnoplay Team once again.

Among the brave members of the Italian team, as well as Cesare D’Atri, even Enrico Giorgio De Stefani, number four in the Italian ranking and the number one Daniele Acciari,   playing the role of captain of course, will be present. A new experience in Europe after the third place of the Tecnoplay team obtained last year at the Epc in France.

THE DEBUT OF A STAR – For a superhero, they was obliged to organize a debut like the one of a star. Pinball lovers are waiting for months, and now is the time to try it, the new Stern’s X-Men. Even in Italy. Yes, because after the success of the ‘launch party’ last October in Rome, for the launch of the Ac/Dc pinball – at the time the last novelty – in the Joy Village playroom, Tecnoplay, the organizer of the event, and IFPA Italia decided not only to repeat the initiative, but to go further, presenting the pinball through a tournament valid for the ranking in three different locations on the Peninsula. In addition to Rome, then, the new X-Men can be tested in absolute preview – before its debut – in Milan and Padua also, in three launch parties that offer as a prize important points for the ranking, as well as a good quantity of entertainment. Everything, few days before the Enada fair in Rome (17-19 October), where there will be the usual appointment with sport pinball thanks to the third edition of the Rome Pinball Tournament, crowned by the debut of the same X-Men on the Italian market .

03 Sep 2012

Vlt rooms dedicated to (only) one concessionaire

coinIt is official: gaming platforms linked to two or more concessionaires can not be installed in a room ‘dedicated’ to videolotteries. The principle, indicated in the law as the ‘principle of univocity’ – was strongly debated by one of the concessionaire companies who decided to contest the various measures adopted by the State Monopolies in order to reaffirm this regulation. But in the end, after one year and a half of legal battle, it was legitimized by the Administrative Court of Lazio that in the final judgment confirmed the good work of the administration in defense of an assumption dictated by the legislature at the time of the establishment of the new market of vlts.

AAMS, following a base normative structure obviously with some gaps (seeing that, among the operators of the field, begun to circulate multiple supply agreements between operators of rooms and several concessionaires) made up by explicitly imposing the inability to host variuos gaming platforms linked to more than one network concessionaire, through some measures. According to the judges of Lazio, those had been “explanatory acts of Aams” that “interprets the law” but not “integrate” or “put in execution giving realization” a provision of law. Therefore, the AAMS memo does not create nothing: it simply reaffirms. But if the question appeared a little bit ‘obvious’ to some people, actually the situation was not simple, to the point that it needed a sentence of twenty pages to justify the decision of the Regional Administrative Court in a dispute where – among petitioners and constituents ad opponendum and adiuvandum – four network concessionaires, two associations, as well as the Administration of State Monopolies attended.

But if the principle that links to a ‘dedicated environment’ only one concessionaire and its own platform (or platforms, seeing that, in virtue and in a complementary way to the univocity, it is possible to install multiple gaming platforms from different manufacturers provided that thay will be linked to the same concessionaire) was clarified by Aams through the above-mentioned memo of 2010, it created anyway serious doubts to the operators and in particular to the petitioner company, supported in the suit by the Ascob association (seeing that the specific vlt room was housed in a bingo hall) who believed that this restriction was a “restriction of freedom of competition”, without a suitable normative provision. A inevitably debatable thesis for the Administration that is persuaded of the impossibility to see a restriction of freedom of competition, because such a measure would not meet the needs of technical nature of the vlts, but that the protection of interests even higher has been assured, as the player’s assignment and the public order, which the reference rules of the vlt unequivocally presuppose it.

The principle of univocity is provided in the legislation that regulates vlts because of various requirements for technical specifications of these gaming products. It is enough to think to the communication system that each concessionaires must make for each room and to the the difficulties that would result in the communication of two (or more) concessionaires cohabiting in the same room. Not to mention the technical requirements due to the existence of the jackpot that is the base of the videolotteries. The rule affirms that the maximum amount of the jackpot for each room must be of 100 thousand euros and from a technical point of view the management by two or more cohabitant concessionaires of this jackpot system seems impossible, taking into account that the gaming systems are not technically designed by the regulations of the field to have contacts between them.

The case in question was submitted to the attention of the administrative judge (with a petition that dates back to March 2011) who decided not to grant the suspension of the contested measure required by the petitioners and so it remained applicable and in force. At least until last October 12, the date fixed by the Lazio Regional Administrative Court to discus this case. But then we arrived until August 2012 for the final judgment.

30 Aug 2012

Las Vegas in Europe, a dream or a nightmare?

EurovegassiTwelve hotel resorts, four casinos, nine theaters, four golf courses, huge convention centers and even museums, restaurants, luxury shops: an entertainment offer unique in Europe. It will need many years to build it, and we must wait for the twenties (those of the twenty-first century!) because it will be at its maximum speed. And before the ‘when’, there is a big ‘if’, about the announced project of the Las Vegas Sands to build a real Eurovegas in Spain.

It is sure that if everyone talks about it, and rather the echo resounded throughout Europe, it is because we are not talking about hot air. There is the real will of the American giant of casinos, headed by Sheldon Adelson, a nearly eighty years old man, to strongly invest in the Iberian Peninsula. In fact numerous inspections have already been made in the two locations that are contending the award of the project (Catalonia and the autonomous community of Madrid), and in this hot summer season the final inspections should be made, so the board can take its decision. The political formal or informal discussions with the authorities of the two Generalitat have been several (and confidential ones), especially as Adelson made very heavy conditions to invest in Spain. He calls for a reduction of the present tax regulations, of the one about the social legislation, and also of the very strict rules that forbid smoking in public places, everything obviously received a shower of criticism from city planners, environmentalists, trade unions, indignados, from the Society for Epidemiology, from the Church …. the list would continue, but in short we mention only the other Spanish operators, first of all Cirsa, who said that “with these favorable conditions, there would be some Spanish people ready to build a Eurovegas on their own.”

Moreover, for a Country with a shaky economy and with the very high (“dredful”, using the term used by Francesc Homs, spokesman of the Catalan government) unemployment rate, it is hard to say ‘no’ to a project that is worth 17 billion euros and that already in its first phase, which arrives until 2016, provides for an investment of 6 billion euros and the creation of 16 thousand jobs.
We must use the conditional mood, however, as it is a big project, almost a colossal and unfeasible one and that the ‘final choice’ between Catalonia and Madrid must have been done in May, but it has been postponed a lot of times.
This is not a useless wait, on the contrary it heralds business opportunities for the crowd of Spanish lawyers recruited by Adelson to submit to him an overview of the normative situation, and also for architects, geologists and local engineers is the same. The design itself is a very expensive work, and Las Vegas Sands is regardless of expense, nor his experts have reason to make a discount to one of the richest and most influential groups in the United States, that drew a check of 10 million dollars without turning a hair at the Republican Mitt Romney, the challenger of Barak Obama for the White House.

What is certain is that the existing casino operators (their 2011 was bad with a decrease of 14 percent in takings) are concerned about the impending of Eurovegas. Whether it was made in Barcelona or in Madrid, the closest casinos would probably destined to close, but also to the more geographically distant ones would stealed ambitions and the ability to become a center of attraction for international events. These problems are shared with accommodation, restoration and entertainment facilities that are springing up in the tourist Spain, which can not be considered a depressed area, and where therefore a competitor of the size of Las Vegas Sands would have an impact on the existing activities.
It is also true, however, that it is difficult to have double standards for Eurovegas and the other casinos, so while they are waiting for the end of the mega project, could benefit from a lighter regulative treatment than at present. And who knows if some land now occupied by some casinos can be expropriated at a very high price, to give place to Eurovegas, not to mention that among the several laborers that the project would need, reducing the current unemployment lists, we would surely have also some managerial jobs that could be drawn into the rich market of existing casinos.

Scordato (Gccb): “Casino Resort, it is difficult to export the American model in Europe”
“To express a personal opinion about the Eurovegas proposal – affirms the general manager of the Gran Casino Costa Brava in Lloret de Mar, a town in Catalonia – would be an act of clear arrogance and conceit …According to the kind of investors and the results obtained from the Las Vegas Sands Corp. during last times, I think it is more prudent to recognize that data, information, strategies, network capability of leaders of this project are beyond our reach. A project of 17 billion euros, in an unfavourable global economic situation like the present one, must necessarily find a justification outside our most common reference criteria…
So no judgments… but opinions, as how many opinions have been collected during these months. I think that the most strange aspect of the whole matter Eurovegas is the little, indeed very little “official” information we have at disposal. Practically there is no certainty about all the most important issues. If we consider that, for admission of the promoters, the gaming revenue will be only a minority part of the total revenue (conferences – F&B – Shopping – Shows – Golf – etc.), then the comparison with the various representations of the field is practically of no use.

But what we really mean with ‘American Casino Resort’? This model will work in Europe? The concept is now widely known in its offer, much less as a business model. The American model of a Casino Resort can be summarized in a simple concept – like for many other business Made in USA – of ‘Volume’ (ie: Quantity! Quantity! Quantity!)…I think that special concessions on lands, buildings, special taxations and more are fully negotiable (today this happens with other multinational companies now landing in Spain, so there is no reason to don’t treat or don’t equalize the importance of this project). But what is incredible is the huge amount of (low cost – one believes with a good reason) job out of the U.S. kind that, through the ‘compulsory’ tips self-regulates service, request, efficiency, availability, just can not be fitted. In the experience – in Las Vegas – of the arrival of a player to the casino, there is one person to receive the customer while another one opens the taxi door, two more persons will collect his luggages and another one will point him to the reception and the various hotel facilities …everything even before entering in the casino.

Obviously, everyone is involved in the tips distribution chain and receives a minimum wage per hour. Imagine now for our casinos what would represent a similar number of staff in front of a door to welcome customers, taking into account the job standard conditions and the undertaking cost: it is practically unreliazable.
Somebody says very little is missing to confirm (or not) the project and to the final announcement of the probable residence… Meanwhile, many operators also doped by the new online gold rush, remain in a state of hopeful mistrust of the Eurovegas project (in any case we don’t have the resources to take remedial actions) or, even more incredibly but comforted, that if it is Eurovegas… then all we would enjoy some advantages: first of all the removal of the no smoking for Spanish casinos… this is a poor consolation. Once again, we will continue to talk about smoking.”

Antoja (Facomare and Euromat): “80 percent of chance that it will be made”
“During last five years – Eduardo Antoja, president of Facomare Association and honorary President of Euromat says – we saw three projects for a big resort in Spain.The first one was the Caesar’s project that wanted build a Ciudad Real the “Reino de Don Quijote”. It was based on a huge residential development project that was killed because of the lack of financial resources, both from Spain and USA. The second project was the Aragon’s Gran Scala. A “smoking” project from the very first moment. The third one is the Sand’s Eurovegas: It is a real,solid project and my evaluation is that it has 80% of chance of being made. It’s a long term investment project. Adelson and his wife (“cherchez la femme!”) are committed on it, and they can obtain the required financial resources. The only reason why it won’t go ahead could be the Spanish/European monetary crisis”.

For Antoja, as a chance to get the project, “Barcelona is a little bit favoured. But in these projects, negotiations may have a fundamental importance. Who knows? However there is no doubt, everyone will get the project, including the existing operators, can benefit of it. With or without Sands, with the existing rules, not just taxes, but the entire gaming regulations, this industry can not survive. In this sense, we welcome the Sands project, which will trouble the rules. I support the project, provided that the same relaxed rules that Sands will enjoy are applied to the existing operators, who have invested, created jobs and that during last thirty years have been big taxpayers”.


30 Aug 2012

Bowling makes a spectacle of itself

BowlingOver fifty exhibitors are expected for the twelfth edition of the Bowl Trade Show in Frankfurt, the fair dedicated to the industry, with increasing sales, at the service of a sport more and more popular across Europe. What Jeff Bridges, the couple Terence Hill & Bud Spencer, the Flintstones by Hanna Barbera have in common? Apparently nothing, but the keen of movies will recognize that is bowling that unites them. If the final punch up of “I due superpiedi quasi piatti” was filmed in a bowling alley, even Dudo, played by the handsome Jeff and protagonist of ‘The Big Lebowski’ of the Coen brothers, is a big fan of bowling, and so the successful series of cartoons drew a lot from a very popular sport in the United States and that, together with many other trends, it was soon imported also in Europe.
But not only the film spotlights light up on the fascinating and fun world of bowling. Even those of the Bowl Trade Show in Frankfurt, the bowling fair with the largest number of exhibitors in Germany and that, now arrived at its twelfth edition, will take place on 1 and 2 September 2012, representing one of the most significant worldwide exhibitions for the industry at the service of this sport.

“Bowling – Volker Kien, president of the Bowl Trade Show explains – is very popular in Germany. Especially the companies use it for communication and to build a trust atmosphere within their working team. The number of players is more and more increasing and also the advertising industry (TV-spots or print magazines) found out that bowling in Germany is fun, sports and entertainment not only for young people. In Germany bowling seems to be ‘in’ more and more.”
So a fair dedicated to it where companies show their products and present the latest novelties after the Bowl Expo in Reno is well accepted. “Our fair – still explains Kien – doesn’t have a big expositive space, but several small ones. So visitors can see many products “in action” and they don’t have to read boring flyers. For example: last year one exhibitor of light/laser equipments flooded the whole room with smoke and showed a great lasershow. This is what the Bowl Trade Show visitors expect: they want to see and feel what they buy! Main products come from the bowling capital equipment area, from the accessories range and from the food&beverage sector. Areas of insurance, decoration and lifestyle will also be part of the fair”

In the last year edition, over fifty exhibitors took part to the German fair dedicated to bowling. Is important to reach and possibly exceed these figures in 2012. And Among these we must also pay attention to Italy: among the participants there are in fact companies with their branch offices in our nation, as Steltronic and Qubica.