Online game, Andreeva (Amusnet Interactive): ‘The power of change’

Online game, Andreeva (Amusnet Interactive): ‘The power of change’

Chief operations officer Vesselina Andreeva traces the evolution of the offer of the online gaming provider Egt interactive, which will now be called Amusnet Interactive.


Quality and variety: these are the watchwords of the rebranding campaign and the evolution of the online gaming provider Egt interactive, which, as announced, will now be called Amusnet Interactive.

Illustrating the new course is the company’s chief operations officer, Vesselina Andreeva.


How does the name, logo and brand presentation tell a story in themselves?
“Our story is all about games, growth and expansion. Exciting, isn’t it? By refreshing our corporate brand identity, we go deeper into the process of enriching the famous classic Egt Interactive portfolio with modern product verticals, which are very attractive in the industry. Furthermore, the company is growing in terms of markets, customers and teams. We are constantly evolving by improving our internal and external processes to manage the expansion and ensure that everything runs smoothly. ”

The teams are in constant communication with customers. What is the feedback they receive regarding the revamped brand?
“Everyone is excited about our new name. Our partners have provided their support and trust since the announcement. We are discussing together how to approach the different markets and actors regarding the change. They already know our high quality products. and the way we’re doing business and I’m eager to see what happens next. ”

What is the meaning behind the new logo? Can you share insights into the transition process and next steps?
“We are close to the established and recognizable corporate identity that the company already has. We have decided to keep the same brand elements and overall appearance, thus making a smooth transition to the renewed brand. Our approach is to gradually introduce the change by constantly communicating with the company and receiving feedback on the process. I believe our partners should be well aware that visual change does not affect our relationships and partnerships: we will always aim to be the preferred choice of the players. Once the new name is known, we will move on to the final phase of the rebranding process by introducing Amusnet Interactive in all communication channels “.

We are already in the second quarter, what are Amusnet Interactive’s goals for 2022?
“Amusnet Interactive is committed to delivering much more to our partners from engaging content, new products, advanced scalable architecture and improved service. We are constantly looking after our partner relationships and have recently revised our customer journey. The company has also strengthened its position as a leading supplier in existing markets and continues to expand into new territories“.

What does the company bring to the sector that will allow it to stand out?
“We are creating an incredible synergy between classic and modern casino games. What players love about our games are our math and our performance. We will now be able to improve our gaming experience by introducing a unique new variety of casino games. We have ambitious plans and our teams are determined to continue to deliver high quality products. “