Online gaming, Egt Interactive doesn’t stop: ‘New titles are coming for the international market’

Online gaming, Egt Interactive doesn’t stop: ‘New titles are coming for the international market’

Egt Interactive proposes a new title produced internally, Burning Keno, and prepares other releases for the international market, the previews of the Product manager Mirela Agatonovic.

There are many projects under development for Egt Interactive, provider and developer of online games founded in 2002 in Bulgaria, where it still has its registered office today.

The Product manager Mirela Agatonovic shows them to the readers of Starting with the latest title added to the catalog: Burning Keno.

After the success of 20 Golden Coins, EGT Interactive offers a new internally produced title, Burning Keno. What are the news and the main features of the new product?

“What we are trying to do here is to have a better user experience and to offer user-centric features. While playing Burning Keno, the user gets the feeling of a real-time game because of the withdraw every 30 seconds. The game could be played with one to ten numbers, and the player is getting an immediate payout based on how many numbers they are playing with. Additionally, there is real-time sorting, instant re-bet functionality and a quick overview of hot and cold numbers. There is one more exciting option – it’s playing with more than seven numbers. A player could payout out even when none of those is matched. Win when there is no win”.

Which markets and/or types of players is it aimed at?

“With this game, we are targeting a global audience. Of course, we would initially focus on players and markets that already have experience with a traditional lottery. Our game is bringing an entirely new level to the experience they had until now. How important is it to produce titles internally for a company active on many international markets such as EGT Interactive? The reason behind this game particularly is portfolio expansion. Bringing the new Keno game up is simple – we have vast experience in slot games, with many lessons learned over time, which we managed to collect and streamline, building a new approach to lottery games”.

How is an EGT Interactive title “born”, both from a conceptual and a material point of view?

“EGT Interactive is always trying to be one step ahead of its competitors. We wanted to build a modern lottery play-style game that is easy to play and is player-focused, increasing the player commitment and ensuring user retention”.

What projects will keep you busy in the coming months?

“We are preparing Lotto game 5 out of 35 with the 6th ball bonus game, and the launch is right around the corner. We will keep you posted on that”.