Betting, Glms: ‘2020, 126 match in the sights, football the most at risk’

Betting, Glms: ‘2020, 126 match in the sights, football the most at risk’

 Glms publishes the 2020 Annual Monitoring and Intelligence Report: 1113 alerts generated, 126 matches (110 football) under observation.

“During the calendar year of 2020, Glms has alerted or reported 126 matches to its partners, sending a total of 162 alerts on these matches.
The alerts mainly concerned football (110 alerts)”.

These are some of the main data that emerge from the reading of the 2020 Annual Monitoring and Intelligence Report prepared by the Global lottery monitoring system, the mutualized monitoring system of state lotteries on sports betting. Some of the notices were also sent to Fifa, Uefa, local gaming authorities and other local and international law enforcement authorities. The rest of the alerts were sent to the International Olympic Committee (Cio), ESports integrity coalition (Esic), Switzerland lottery and betting board (Comlot) and Tennis integrity unit (Tiu).

Upon request, 58 detailed integrity reports were prepared for members or partners. The report then highlights that 1113 alerts were generated in 2020: 936 of these were created before the game started. There were 27 alerts generated based on odds changes during the game, 150 alerts were triggered after the game ended. Out of 1113 alerts, 86 were red and 25 were generated before the game or during the game. There were 217 yellow alerts and 715 green alerts. The rest of the notices were classified as others, which included inquiries or information provided by members and partners.

The report also includes key highlights of last year’s Glms activity, namely educational activities including a global webinar with the World Lottery Association and European lotteries, as well as with projects including Integrisport and Integriball, and political work also with the Council of Europe and the Eu.

President Ludovico Calvi represented Glms at three webinars, two in May, one organised by GiocoNews “Gaming in the face of Covid-19” and another by Ice North America ’’iLottery: How can lotteries find success in an online space becoming ever more crowded with online offerings?” He commented that Digital transformation will be accelerated by Covid-19 and this should be considered as a great opportunity for the Lotteries and their retailers. Finally, the president also participated in a high level panel at the Siga Sport Integrity week in September 2020.

THE  BALANCE AND THE WISHES OF PRESIDENT CALVI – The president Ludovico Calvi comments on the year just ended. “At Glms we have been very active and 2020 has been a challenging but also transitional year, laying the foundation for a new and more
engaged future of our association in the years to come. In 2020 and in the mid of a pandemic, among other things, we have effectively pursued bad actors committing frauds, who have been extremely active, seizing any opportunity to advance their illicit activities. We have launched a third Integrity Hub in Canada, have invested in new experienced resources, have published
our first Research Study. We also changed our Statues to satisfy the evolving needs of our Global Integrity Community, have welcomed
four new members onboard and finally, we have been granted, as the first and only sport integrity association representing gaming organisations, official Observer status by the Council of Europe International Convention’s Statutory Committee.
This is an important acknowledgement of our institutional credibility, but also recognition of the quality of the technical and strategic
contributions of Glms and its members over the past few years to the Council of Europe.
I really look forward to a 2021 full of hope and peace and I wish you and your loved ones good health and continued safety during these, still
challenging, times.
While the past year has been full of challenges, there is hope for better times ahead in 2021″.