Casinos and games, who goes down and who goes down in August

Casinos and games, who goes down and who goes down in August analyzes the trend of the Italian gambling houses the past month: the sign remains negative for all of them.

The difficult period of the Italian casinos continues, for reasons that only a small part, if any, depend on management or “internal” factors. Covid-19 continues to have a deep impact on people’s habits and possibilities, forcing all facilities, including casinos, to change their operating methods, and obviously the accounts are affected. The usual analysis of starts, as usual, from the Casino which had the best trend, even though it ended August with falling collections too.

SANREMO – Even if “normality” is still far away, the Casino di Sanremo still manages to contain the losses, and ends August with proceeds of €4,923,040, 13.9 percent less than in the same month of 2019, year in which the word “Covid” was far from being the most used globally. This is a “positive” result, taking into account the circumstances, and which rewards the customer service and attention to detail that, as usual, and perhaps more than ever, characterize the casino.

Analyzing the data in detail, several negative signs appear, above all that of the slots, which lose 13.77 percent and stop at €3,861,298. Punto Banco also falls (€140,036, minus 56.95 percent), and poker too, both cash (€134,944, minus 23.23 percent) and tournament (€43,319, just 0.55 percent less), as well as fairoulette: €58,374, 75.29 percent less. However, it should be noted the excellent growth of French roulette: plus 64.45 percent, with €506,407 in proceeds, and also that of black jack: €178,660, plus 36.86 percent. Stable entrances: 24,792.

With the collections in August, the annual counter rises to €17,864,120, 42.62 percent less than in the first eight months of 2019. In the twelve non-solar months, the Sanremo gaming house instead collects €31,134,951, 29.93 percent less than the period of time, one year, which ended in August 2019. We remember that the Italian casinos were closed from 8 March 2020 until mid-June, with obvious and very heavy consequences in terms of both proceeds and entrances, and which still operate on the basis of health regulations imposing social distancing, and therefore with low capacity, compared to the previous one.

SAINT VINCENT – The Saint Vincent Resort & Casino, whose beginning of September was strongly upset by a second bankruptcy petition of its management company, presented by two creditors not satisfied with the provisions, in their favour, of the continuity agreement, which had been approved last year but whose homologation decree has been revoked by the Turin Court of Appeal.

These clouds over the Casino, which ended 2019 with a strong budgetary profit, however, do not affect its “ordinary” activity, which is compromised by the anti Covid-19 regulations and the little ability of people to travel.

Therefore, August 2020 ends with gaming proceeds of €5,144,411, or minus 21.10 percent (minus €1,375,574), compared to the same month of 2019. There were 32,085 entrances, down on the same month of 2019 (minus 15.74 percent).

Analyzing the data in detail, tables end the month as a whole with a negative result of 15.97 percent (minus €438,558). The following games were opened: fair roulette (plus 141.41 percent), ultimate poker (plus 37.04 percent), Saint Vincent poker (minus 196.40 percent), Texas hold’em poker (plus 100 percent), American roulette (minus 15.23 percent), black jack (minus 23.13 percent), punto banco (minus 19.20 percent) and craps (minus 62.72 percent), chemin de fer (minus 45.73 percent).

Slot machines collect €2,836,896 in the month (minus 24.83 percent), compared to the same month in 2019, in absolute terms, € 937,016 less.

Revenue on an annual basis in the Valle d’Aosta’s gaming house is of €22,186,421 (minus 46.16 percent), compared to the first eight months of 2019. Revenue from the tables is of €8,528,478 (minus 48.69 percent). ) and for slots it is of €13,657,943 (minus 44.44 percent).

As for the twelve months not coinciding with the calendar year, therefore in the period of time from September 2019 to August 2020, revenue was of €41,612,886, 32.25 percent less than the immediately prior not solar year.

VENICE – News in August at the Casino di Venezia, which unveiled the renovation and extention works of the mainland venue, Ca ‘Noghera, while the lagoon venue of Ca’ Vendramin Valergi is still temporarily closed. In this context, the Casino finishes third, albeit at a very short distance from the Valle d’Aosta’s colleague. In fact, the gaming house ends August with collections of €7,069,470, with a negative change of 22.49 percent, compared to the same month of 2019, therefore in operating and health conditions that are very different (and better) than the current ones.

Analyzing the data in detail, the good trend of some games appears: chemin de fer collects in fact €412,680, 68.22 percent more than a year ago, and the return of live poker brings revenue of €55,215. Also blackjack is good, growing by 29.54 percent (€671,948), while among the declining games there were slots (€4,197,782, 18.54 percent less), French roulette (€37,222, minus 88.18 percent), fair roulette (€994,985, minus 24.57 percent), and Punto Banco (€564,841, minus 58.54 percent).

In the first eight months of 2020, strongly characterized by the pandemic, the Casino collected a total of €30,455,653, 51.95 percent less than in the same period last year. In the twelve non-calendar months, revenue was of €59,875,175, which is 37.66 percent less than in the twelve months just before.

ITALY – In the first eight months of this very special, not in a positive sense, 2020, the three overall casinos collected €70,506,198, 48.05 percent less than in the same time period in 2019.

In the September 2019 – August 2020 period, the same three casinos had instead collected €132,623,013, 33.32 percent less than in September 2018 – August 2019, a period of time in which there were already three of them: the Casinò Campione had been closed on 27 July 2018.