Italian gaming restart: here the rules to relaunch the sector region by region

Italian gaming restart: here the rules to relaunch the sector region by region

After 3 months of lockdown, the land-based gaming sector has now officially mostly took off, in Italy. From Abruzzo to Valle d’Aosta, here are the decrees launched by the Regions to (also) assure the relaunch of gaming activities, between June, the 15th and July, the 14th.

Between June, the 15th, and June, the 19th, many of the activities in the regions will become fully operational, with the exception of those in the province of Trento (July, the 14th) and Lazio, which at the moment must wait until July, the 1st, but which could see change the situation in the next few hours, following the protests of politics and workers, and above all the discussion table just opened in the Region.

As we write, the Province of Bolzano is missing, which is expected to legislate on the matter in the next few hours, while Marche signed the decree with which business can start again from Tuesday, June, the 16th.

But what are the rules that operators must follow to reopen safely and to avoid the fines?

Here, region by region, what the decrees approved for the implementation of the Prime Ministerial Decree of June, the 11th, provide for and the guidelines established by the Conference of the Regions.

WHO STARTS FROM JUNE, THE 15TH – In strict alphabetical order, we start from Abruzzo, with the decree signed by the governor Marco Marsilio, which specifies the protocols for gaming activities in a detailed attachment.

Same date for Basilicata and Campania, which in addition to the national rules has adopted a “Covid anti-diffusion security protocol” drawn up by the Crisis Unit of the Region which, among other things, prohibits customers from attending sports competitions and/or communications on monitors, in order to avoid gatherings, inside the premises of the betting centers.

Friuli Venezia Giulia, Lombardia, Molise, which issued its provision even before the Prime Ministerial Decree, Piemonte, Puglia, Sardinia, Sicily, Umbria (here the guidelines) and the Valle d’Aosta are in accordance with the guidelines approved by the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces,

Without forgetting the dean of all the Regions: Tuscany, which acted as a forerunner with the decree signed by the governor Enrico Rossi for the relaunch of gaming from June, the 13th.

WHO STARTS ON 19 – Calabria is among the “latecomers”, followed by Liguria, which relaunches slots, games, bingo and bets from June, the 19th, while it anticipates that of the Sanremo casino at 16.

In the same group, Emilia Romagna, which only allows the activity of arcades for minors from 15, and Veneto, which brings together slot rooms, arcades, bingo rooms and Casino di Venezia.