An amusement-proof study

An amusement-proof study

Complex analysis for pure entertainment sector, waiting for the research of the Roma Tre University to dispel some ‘false myths’.

What year was 2018 for the amusement sector? Definitely a complicated year, as the operators in the sector also point out. “Unfortunately it was a complex year, above all because of the confusion. Ignorance on the sector, caused by political and media demagogy, generates an uncertainty that immobilizes investments and inhibits the market”, Franco Sorte, founder and member of the Board of Directors of the Consorzio Fee (Family Entertainment Expo), affirms.

“I am thinking, for example, of Emilia Romagna and the ban on children under 18 years old for pure entertainment devices. How can this situation not destabilize the client? With which state of mind can you make professional choices in such a context? It is clear that in this scenario every future perspective and planning can only be polluted by fear, with all the economic consequences of the case”.
What do you want at the political level?
“Serious political interlocutors who want to tackle the issue with a technical approach: that’s all we asked. We are in favour of rules and regulations, as long as they are generated by a real knowledge of the sector and not by demagogy that follows dark electoral reasons. We also hope in Euromat, the European federation of gaming operators: the hope is that, thanks to its support, we can create regulatory uniformity in Europe and Italy will comply with the European scenario. The fragmentation that is generated in our country, where the Region issues, the Municipality blocks and creates the stalemate, kills the sector. We need clarity, who knows that Europe can be a polar star in this sense”.

What are the projects to be carried out, as an association?
“As Consorzio Fee we aim a lot, always with the objective of the transparency desired by paragraph 7, on a research project promoted by us and by Sapar Service, with the cooperation of New Asgi, which will be led by one of the most prestigious Italian academic institutions, the Roma Tre University. It will be an important opportunity to clear the field of false myths, inaccuracies and demagogy. To the benefit of a productive sector that represents Italian excellence, but also and above all in favour of trust and healthy fun. We believe so much in the amusement represented by us, the pure and simple one, without cash winnings, to think that, far from being a danger to health, it rather is a true antidote ‘to gambling addiction’. Healthy leisure, which gladdens children and their families, improves leisure time, motivates and keeps away from unhealthy passions. We just have to see what science will say about it, precisely in the name of the seriousness of approach that we propose and that we hope in the legislator”.

THE LOCAL THAT CONCERNS – “The situation in the regions is increasingly worrying, year after year we are seeing new regulations that every time incomprehensibly unite us to gambling, not least the new bill of the Veneto region entitled ‘Rules on prevention and treatment of gambling disorder’ of September, the 14th, which prohibits to children under 18 years old to use gaming equipment referred to in Article 110, paragraph 7,” Vanni Ferro, president of the association New Asgi (the Italian Association of Arcade room), affirms.

“Once again a copy and paste regulation, dictated by the ignorance of even the most basic foundations of Article 110 of the Tulps. Such as in Emilia Romagna, where initially they banned to children also games for children, kiddie rides and table football, today even the Veneto region wants to ban redemptions, video games (driving simulators, dancers), cranes, to minors, adding all paragraph 7 letter A (game with smal prize, as Gru et similar, Ndr), and letter C (videogames Arcade, Ndr), that have nothing to do with gambling. There is in fact no justification in limiting the use of the devices referred to in paragraph 7 A and 7 C bis of Article 110 Tulps, to children under 18 years old, as devices for lawful gaming, without cash winning, with the sole purpose of recreational entertainment and only based on the player’s skill. Several researches show that pathological gambling is a problem that involves gaming with cash prizes

On the contrary, as regards the alleged ‘dangerousness’ of ticket redemptions, there are no scientific sources to support this thesis. Our association, with the Consorzio Fee and Sapar Service, has appointed the Roma Tre University to carry out an independent research, that can scientifically represent the sector and that study in detail the potential negativity of the use by minors of games without cash prizes. New Asgi, together with Fee and the Roma 3 University participated in the technical table of the observatory of the Emilia Romagna region, where we presented the projects and we recorded the vote against the document proposed by the Region of our associations and even of other associations representing the area of trade, tourism and business community. In recent weeks, we forwarded to the Emilia Romagna Region the request for a hearing for the council commission to present, also to the political party, the important study that the Roma 3 University is carrying out in a completely independent way. There are many requests at the regulatory level that we would like to address at all levels of government, but first of all there is a need for knowledge and conscience to legislate with knowledge and not to ride the easy wave ‘of gambling addiction’ in a generalist and demagogic way.
We ask everyone to wait for the results of the first and only study of an important third body, which will finally define the real ‘danger’ of gaming without cash winning and, only after, in the light of the results, politics can consciously, peacefully and objectively give the right answer to the needs of everyone, first of all to the consumer, then the manufacturer and also the operator, and everyone for their own skills will and can finally operate in a clear and legitimate way, in compliance with a serious and competent regulation. In our opinion, this is the only formula to be able to restart our sector, which needs clarity, transparency, to be able to share and not suffer the measures that are taken at all levels over our heads. Only simple and clear rules, which arise from the objective knowledge of the sector can assure the future of our companies, now condemned in an anarchic limbo where each body applies its own dictates, in an absolutely subjective way and without analysis. We therefore hope to meet, in the upcoming meetings with regions and other bodies that are currently legislating, technicians and politicians who before want to become aware of our industry and only then finally find a serious solution, shared by everyone”.