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Europe united by equal opportunities

Against unfair competition and equal opportunities between operators. This is the European recipe from the Euromat’s leader, Annette Kok, like she explained in an interview granted to Gioco News Politically, 2011 was a very important year for the European gaming market in large part due to the interest of Commissioner Barnier. Do you feel important […]

20 January 2012 0 comment
Europe united from gaming

What happens in Europe? A lot of people is asking for this question during last months. The economic and financial crisis has significantly shaken the European Union and it induced the main Countries that are part of it to challenge its role and, even, the reasons for its existence. But the operators of the “gambling” […]

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Online gaming, European Union

The Green Paper on the online gaming of the European Commission is still being completed, but meanwhile the European Parliament approved the report signed by the Deputy Jurgen Creutzmann that outlines the actions to be put into practice. With the approval of Michel Barnier, the Commissioner of the Internal market and the promoter of the […]

3 December 2011 0 comment
The vlt are on the borderline between taxes and new Preu

A thriving market, in full development and quick growth. With a collection of about 10 billion euro during the current year, that for the State is about 200 million euro; with good prospects for the near future. Even “too” good prospects. At the point that the administration has been induced to “sacrifice” that part of […]

2 December 2011 0 comment
Toward the solution

A Directive won’t regulate the online gaming market within the European Comminity, but it is certain that any “political” intervention towards this complex matter will aim to strenghten the cooperation between the Member States of the Union, with the target to fight the illegal market and protect the consumers and the most vulnerable subjects. However, […]

13 November 2011 0 comment
And now we have a global market

The gaming multinational companies waited (and challenged) for a long time an opening  by Italy to become part of what is considered the most interesting market of Europe and, maybe, of the world. And now the opportunity has arrived, with the new licences for slots and vlts and, above all, with the new online gaming. […]

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The new era of Atronic e Spielo

Some months ago we  have anticipated the merger between the two companies Spielo and Atronic. Now, this operation knows new developments, like explains Walter Bugno, Ceo of Spielo International, the new name of gaming solution division of the Lottomatica Group. “The most recent development is our unveiling of our new identity as Spielo International. This […]

14 October 2011 0 comment
Online, it’s up to another one

The web gaming is an important market, with great potential and space for new operators. Poker cash and casino games are ready to change the field, but we are waiting for the arrival of the virtual slots to complete the offer. “In Italy there are already 150 active operators in the online gaming with the […]

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Good first take…for those who could

A lot of operators of casino games are in stand-by, but those who already started, like, take the first stock: “A success beyon our expectations, thanks above all to the online live”. The new operators who want to obtain a “dot it” licence to offer, among other things, online casino games, must wait the […]

17 September 2011 0 comment