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Awps and Vlts in Italy: this is how the future of the devices sector will be

After the final statement of the budget plan, the future of the entertainment devices sector is outlined. In the end, the final text of the plan has arrived. It clashes and is added to the Dignity decree, already in force since last July. With particular reference to the sector of gaming machines which, as usual, […]

24 December 2018 0 comment
Budget law goes to the Chamber and then to the Committee on Thursday, the 27th

Budget law arrives this morning, Monday, December, the 24th at the Chamber and Thursday, December, the 27th, to the Committee. After the yes to the confidence of the Senate, (167 votes in favor, 78 against and 3 abstentions), the bill of the budget law was approved for the next year, which will return to the […]

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Gambling and advertising change is on the cards

The decision to ban gambling advertising and sponsorship in Italy might be the most draconian action taken so far in a market where gambling is regulated but the signals are that other jurisdictions will likely follow Italy’s lead.

21 December 2018 0 comment
Twist in Italy: more taxes on slots, vlts, online and betting

In the final text of the 2019 budget plan there is a new increase for Preu, together with the decrease in payout. But also for online and betting. Here are the numbers. The increase in the Prelievo erariale unico (Preu, the single tax levy for italian gaming machines) applied on entertainment devices (both Awps and […]

20 December 2018 0 comment
EAG International & VAE to Stage Largest Ever Seminar & Educational Programme

The 10th Anniversary EAG International & VAE will take place on Jan15th-17th 2019 . Showgoers will be rewarded with first-sight of the very latest products from more than 200 international companies and the industry’s best networking opportunities, plus the most extensive Seminar & Educational Programme in the show’s history.

19 December 2018 0 comment