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16 Apr 2012

Double sunshine from Merkur sun at Fer in Madrid

merkurMerkur Gaming products were presented at two stands at the FER in Madrid. New, differing opportunities are appearing. Present and potentially future market requirements are placing new demands on manufacturers and distributors alike. Each segment has its own focus and own technical and development stipulations. The result to ensure that each market segment receives the full attention it deserves has been to appoint a new distributor – Dosniha from Mallorca – alongside the traditional Spanish distributor Sente from Madrid.

The partnership with Sente spans back many years and the knowhow and support given by Sente has been key to the great success of Merkur Gaming over years. Thus, Sente will continue to support Merkur Gaming in Spain in the Spanish AWP market as it is today. The new ‘Cards West’ AWP series was on proud display. This new series is the successor to the popular reel-based AWP ‘Nefertiti’ in the proven LED cabinet. The unique card features have already been welcomed by the market. Merkur Gaming provides this AWP in a multitude of varieties – to provide the right solution to each AWP segment. These include ‘Cards West’ as reel-based AWP, ‘Cards West Mixed’ as hybrid AWP (reel and video) and ‘Cards West deluxe’ as video-based AWP in the Casino cabinet. Furthermore, Spanish operators and players alike will be pleased to read that ‘Cards West’ is also available as a feature game in the ‘Mixed Games III’ AWP. The transformation to multi-player, video-based gaming machines has occurred in many countries around Europe in the street / AWP market. A prime example is in the home country of Merkur Gaming in which almost a complete move away from reel-based single games to video-based multi games has taken place. The Gauselmann Group has thus amassed even more expertise in the field of multi-games. This innovation, knowledge and expertise have naturally flowed into the Merkur Gaming solutions that are now available to the Spanish market via Dosniha. The multi-game ‘Merkur Magic’ which includes ten separate games is the ideal solution for arcades and has been welcomed with open arms in Spain. It is available in the WB4 casino cabinet as well as the ergonomic Vision Slant Top cabinet that stands out with its beautiful chrome frame.

VLT / SBG technology is making giant strides in global gaming. Merkur Gaming has proven itself time again as an excellent partner in this market segment. We only need to look at the success of Merkur Gaming in Europe’s most important VLT market Italy to receive such confirmation. Thus, Dosniha presented the potential VLT / SBG solution for the Spanish market called the ‘Merkur Magic exclusiva’.

To round off the exciting new solutions that Merkur Gaming offers the Spanish market, Dosniha proudly displayed the ‘Highflyer’ gaming machine that is truly unique in its design and displays the sheer knowledge that Merkur Gaming can tap into at the Gauselmann Group. Here the second 26” screen looks as if it is floating in the air. The player first feels he or she is playing on a slant top and has an excellent view all around – thus particularly to the front – of the ‘Highflyer’. Then looking up, the floating screen seems to appear from nowhere thus making the ‘Highflyer’ such an innovative dual-screen gaming machine. The ‘Highflyer’ has already made a name for itself in Germany and beyond and was a real eye-catcher at the ICE in London. The reclining chair makes sure that the player can relax and enjoy the games of Merkur Gaming over longer periods of time.

Further Gauselmann Group companies, namely the most popular change machine manufacturer in Germany GeWeTe and edict for online gaming were present on the Dosniha stand.

Mr. Thomas Niehenke, COO of the Gauselmann Group, sums up how focused the group is on the Spanish market, “With fifty five years of experience and over 6,000 employees in the group, we have a long tradition and success to look back on. As both manufacturer and operator, we understand the winning formula for gaming success. Our strategy is clear for Spain. Our long-standing partnership with Sente has resulted in great games for the traditional Spanish AWP market. We have experienced radical change in several countries and are well prepared for any such potential change in Spain together with Sente and Dosniha. Merkur Gaming provides the right gaming mix and so more gaming fun for the player and higher returns to the operators”.


Merkur Gaming is a subsidiary of the globally operated German Gauselmann Group with the headquarters in Espelkamp/Luebbecke, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The total business volume of the varying company segments amounted to Euro 1.5 billion in 2010. The Gauselmann Group counts right now more than 6000 staff.
Within the Gauselmann Group Merkur Gaming is responsible for development and sales of AWPs, casino slot machines as well as VLTs for the international markets with the focus on multi-games. All Merkur Gaming products are exclusively manufactured by adp Gauselmann GmbH in Luebbecke, Germany. The ISO 9001:2008 certifications of adp Gauselmann GmbH for development, production and sales as well as the development area of Merkur Gaming guarantee the best quality -“made in Germany”.

Explore all these innovations made by Merkur at

16 Apr 2012

Online Bingo shifts to mobile and social platforms – is there a new light shining for this heavily consolidated space?

bingo_summitMajor change is afoot for the Online Bingo industry. Following years of high profits, consolidation and player saturation it seems a whole new light is now beaming for the future of Online Bingo. Sreeram Reddy Vanga, Managing Director of successful online, mobile and social gaming platform Cozy Games offers us his thoughts on the most exciting developments in the online bingo industry over the last 12 months. “Bingo has always been an interesting platform to experiment and learn from. Over the last 12 months, the most exciting development in bingo would be the shift to the mobile and social platforms.” He continues “the addition of mobile bingo to online and social bingo has been the biggest highlight so far.”

Speaking on the toughest challenges ahead Vanga tells us “The biggest challenge so far has been saturation in the bingo industry. Added to that, would be the consolidation of online bingo industry where the large operators benefit from player liquidity and jackpots.” With the social gaming shift in mind Vanga also makes the identifies that “with the mass shift towards social gaming, the competition to make bingo more exciting and appealing to retain online players is also a challenge.”
As a key speaker at the upcoming 7th Online Bingo Summit 2012, Vanga gives us a few reasons as to why Cozy Games have been such advocates of the show “Cozy Games has been a part of the Bingo Summit for many years now. The exposure has been fruitful in terms of networking and gaining insights to expand the industry further. The Summit brings together the best minds in the business and we are delighted to be a part of it.”

About Cozy Games – Cozy Games offers its partners an affluence of gaming knowledge and the latest advancements in technology. Cozy offers a product suite of ninety plus games which include bingo, classic and video slots; table games; scratch cards and network jackpots.

About the Online Bingo Summit – Now in its 7th year, the Online Bingo Summit has had over 1650 attendees from 500+ Online Bingo related companies in 15 countries. The summit remains to be the only dedicated meeting on the events calendar to discuss online bingo in the depth it deserves. is official Media Partner of this event

11 Apr 2012

Spielo International tailors its products to Malta’s new slot halls program

SPIELO-International_original_CYMK-300x60Malta’s major gaming operators are choosing SPIELO International to provide systems, machines, and cloud hosting services for the island’s new slot halls program. SPIELO International has so far installed a total of 200 diversityTM multigames on OXYGENTM cabinets for two of the major Maltese slot hall operators, Gaming Operations Ltd. and Media Games. diversity continues as SPIELO International’s bestselling multigame product, where operators can select game suites that appeal to their players’ desires. SPIELO International developers have ensured that the games are as exciting and appealing as possible to Maltese players while complying with the new slot hall regulations.

Each diversity game suite features a variety of up to 10 games grouped into categories that can be selected by players via touch screen, with Roulette now available as a selection. Presented on the stylish OXYGEN cabinet, diversity allows players to select their preferred game types with different volatility levels, and is the only multigame on the market featuring proven, top-performing standalone progressive games, all in multi-line and multi-denomination format.

In addition, SPIELO International’s new SYSTEM2goTM turnkey solution for multi-site slot halls has been installed simultaneously across the major slot hall groups in Malta. System2go deployment is so quick and easy that operators can install and deploy the systems on their own.

A total of 290 connection kit units for around 30 slot venues were recently shipped to Media Games, Gaming Operations Ltd., and the Tomino Group. Another 300 units are expected to be shipped and installed in those 30 venues in the coming months, with additional installations anticipated.

To ensure system viability in such small locations, the SYSTEM2go solution was built to be managed centrally from each operator group’s head office. As part of Malta’s new slot hall regulations, operators must provide players with a detailed report of their individual activities at the player’s request, which SYSTEM2Go provides accurately on demand.

SPIELO International has also obtained a Class 4 license from Malta’s Lotteries and Gaming Authority for SYSTEM2go to provide a cloud hosting service for Media Games and Gaming Operations Ltd. The cloud services allow operators to concentrate on providing superior services to the player, while SPIELO International manages their IT operation and provides value-added data and report visualisation through the cloud.

SYSTEM2go includes the CRYSTAL WEBTM floor network and an integrated jackpots system. Additional add-on packages provide ticketing or card cashless with player tracking. This packaged, all-in-one system is based on our proven market tested technology and functionality, and can be quickly configured to meet regulator and operator requirements. For instance, the Platinum ticketing and player tracking option for Malta was customized for connection to a national ‘barred player’ list in accordance with regulations.

SPIELO International has been providing high-performance solutions in Malta since February 2006, beginning with the installation of the CRYSTAL WEBTM floor network and GALAXISTM casino management systems for the Tomino Group (now Tumas Gaming).

10 Apr 2012

Italy forerunner of the concerted action. Which are the results?

europaThe Green Paper on the online gaming and the Creutzmann report impose a new European target: a concerted action between the member States for a consistent European regulation and, perhaps, the introduction of minimum standards. But Italy, in this case, represents “a European forerunner, talking since a lot of time with other regulatory bodies”, says Francesco Rodano, person in charge for the online gaming for the State Monopolies. reminding the cooperation agreement made in recent years between Italy and France, between the regulatory bodies Aams and Arjel. A very good example.

At least in theory. According to Stefano Mallia, of the European economic Committee, “The cooperation between member states is without  doubt desirable and Italy is doing a lot in this sense, being also the first Country that regulated the online gaming.  However, the tangible results of the cooperation between Italy and France are not so obvious”, Mallia says, “but it is an ideal approach”. But also the operators think the same: we must just think to the licenses obtained in France by Italian operators and never started, because the France business seemed not convenient. In spite of the cooperation.



07 Apr 2012

The gaming is on the front page

giornaliIt is an increasingly protagonist of press and of television, radio and online journalism. For better or for worse. In the articles that illustrate the vices and virtues, but also in the advertising pages (commercials or banners or whatever you want) that more and more politicians would to forbid or at least to regulate, in the content and/or in the speading, in a more convincing way than now.

But how information about gaming is evolving, especially in the so called “general-interest” press, the one that turns to million of people?And it is a “correct” information, or ruined by prejudices and misinformation?Let’s speak the operators of the field, starting from Enzo Iacopino, national president of the Association of Journalists.
During last months the game with cash prizes is the subject of a press campaign and of varoius press reports, on the newspapers and on the television: why, in your opinion, this increased attention?
“I can not say in a scientific way from what it results, because I haven’t studied the subject, but I have the feeling, as a citizen rather than as a journalist, that the attention of the society on this matter is considerably increased, so the newspapers report this fact and follow it. Sometimes, as happens also in other fields, not with the strictness that would be necessary. And this leads to the danger that negative messages can be send, for example if we emphasize the fact that somebody won playing ten euros and that just gaming can completely change our life, rather than being a tool that brings a benefit to the State, when of course we talk about regular gaming!”

On the whole what do you think is the current image of gaming that is described by the general-interest press?
“When somebody writes what I said before is true that we run the mentioned danger, but honestly these are not bad news and I think that this need to give good news is not negative. But I think that  we should not follow the trends about this matter and that we must realize the danger to convey negative stimulus to the people. Moreover, often the press talks about the lawlessness and it is true that the crime, which aims to do business, can be interested in  legal gaming: the crime always tries to lay its hands on where there are significant economic benefits. But emphasizing the danger of money laundering just in the legal gaming field it seems to me a little bit funny. Everybody knows that the percentages of winning are to the detriment of the player and the crime is educated, probably it tries to launder money in the illegal gaming! Moreover the interest of some families of the Mafia in the business of videopoker (and not of the legal slots) is confirmed by various judicial inquiries.”
From several directions people is asking for limiting or abolishing the gaming advertisement, do you agree with the “prohibitionist” planning in general and, in particular, in this case?

“If we really want to abolish the gaming advertisement, then really abolish it, even the one on tobacco. We know very well that it is formally forbidden but also that companies found some loopholes to avoid it. Or, then, why we don’t forbid also the alcohol advertisement? When I still had the joy of having some free time, for years I gave a hand to Don Mario Picchi, the first priest to brought in Italy the experience of the therapeutic communities for the drug addicts. During a conference a guy made us an objection: you fight a lot against drugs, but do you know how many people die from alcohol? If the State has to deal with the mental damages, he has to deal also with the physical ones, because every year there are thousand of deaths from alcohol abuse. But of course I am ready to consider any objection and comment for or against this prohibition on gaming advertisement. This is the land of the know-all people, but I don’t want to be one of them: these are my opinions, and now I am speaking more as a private citizen then as president of the Association of Journalists.”



07 Apr 2012

Gaming strategies in order to survive in a lean period

mondo_maniIn 2011 the Global Betting and Gaming Consultants (GBGC) made a research on how the slump of 2008-09 affected the gambling of the most important markets of the world. From the data collected we can deduce that the gaming world, unlike  what many people believe, is not exempt of the deterioration of the economic scene.

In short, the research of the GBGC highlighted that the field of amusement machines is dynamically most suitable to overcome a negative economic cycle because the decrease of the field is limited. Moreover, the field quickly raises again with the improvement of the economic scene.

In front of an economic development, generally the sports betting have rate of growth much higher than other gaming fields. The decrease tends to be more marked when the income at the disposal of the players decreases but the recovery is faster when there is an economic growth and the consumer’s feeling improves.

The field of lotteries, on the contrary, tends to resist during the economic slumps, as sales goes down not much. However, when the economic situation improves, even in a strong way, the lottery sales grow only at a moderate rate.

The field that suffers more than any others, during an economic slump, is the land based casino. The casinos are the ones that lose the biggest revenue when the economy suffers, and are the slowest ones in the recovery when the economy recovers.

Following up the research, the question is the following one: “Which are the strategies of the various gambling operators during the slump periods?”. The question is particularly relevant for the operators in Europe. Apart from Germany and the Scandinavian countries, the income at disposal of the families of all the European countries has worsened in 2011 and it will continue to worsen until at least 2013. The research of GBGC wants to analyze the strategies of the operators to overcome the lean periods.

William Hill (WH), the British giant on sports betting, in 2011 increased its sales both on its stores and on the online operations. Active players on the online part increased from 1.34 million to 1.40 million, an increase of 5%. At the same time, the yield per player increased from 187 pounds to 228 pounds, an increase of 22%, considering the decline of the income at disposal of the English people, the result is quite amazing. However, the number of new customers has decreased from 808 000 in 2010 to 790 thousand in 2011. In addition, the acquisition expense for each new customer increased of 43%, from £75 to £108. In fact, the marketing budget for the sole online field rose from £61 million to almost £86 million, an increase of 40%. So the WH made two bets, and it won both of them. The first one was that new customers will spend more money than WH needed to acquire them, and the second one that the acquired customers would increase their “spend”. How did it do? Mainly increasing the channels and the applications that clients can use to play and wager, it adopted a strategy of “cross selling”, that is to say it launched promotional activities and games that involve both the shops and the online customers, it turned the sports wagerer in poker, casino and bingo players. This fact allowed the increase of collection for each player. Furthermore, the effort to expand the gaming channels to include the smart phones gave good results, in 2011 the collection by mobile phones has increased over 500%.

IG Index, which is skilled in betting on the financial market, the spread betting, has just released its  results for the third quarter (in England the financial year ends on  March 31). The bets of the IG customers in Europe decreased of 18% compared with the same period in 2010, but the turnover increased of 4.2% with the increase of the number of customers of 26.7%. Unlike WH, the IG didn’t acquire customers by increasing its own marketing budget, but making some investments on the technological platform (a platform rich in information that allows instant payments) and offering more innovative services, such as the new Insight program, which allows customers to analyze, for free, various financial markets. The IG, as the WH, has also invested to enable its customers to bet with the mobile phones like iPhone and iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry.

The use of technology to acquire and keep customers also generates highly innovative products.

Advant Games, a Finnish software company that provides services for the operators, developed a product called TiltCtrl. The software enables operators to detect and prevent the tilt of online poker players, that is to say, induced by frustration the players start to play more money and this leads them to lose a big amount of money in a short time. Following the tilt, players usually change site and the short time gain for the operator turns into a long term loss. This technology allows to keep the customer  for a long time and it goes well with the policy of playing responsibly.

A well-proven strategy is the sponsorship, especially in sports. Bwin is perhaps the forerunner of this strategy, being the sponsor of important football teams such as the AC Milan and the Real Madrid. But Betfred, the third English bookmaker after WH and Ladbrokes, become the sole partner of is an English  successful firm selling sport products online. The idea is clever because the people   who enter in the Kitbag websites already have the credit card in their hands.

There are also some strategies that can be defined as “reactive” ones. The Spanish casinos for example have been very damaged by the hard economic situation, in 2009 they lost 14% and in 2010 9.5% of the takings from gaming. In 2010 the per capita expence on gambling decreased of 7.3%, compared with 2009. From 2007 to 2010 the casino’s customers increased by 30%, but at the same time the takings  of entrance fees (you pay to enter in the casino in Spain) decreased of 14%. It’s clear that the casinos decided to diversify the services they offer to the customers by offering discos, restaurants and bars, and someone even organizing weddings.

05 Mar 2012

The whole world of Spielo International at Enada Spring

SPIELO-International_original_CYMK-300x60Spielo International will be showing its top content-driven solutions at the Lottomatica Booth at Enada Primavera 2012 in Rimini from March 13-16. As a leading supplier in the new Italian Vlt market, Spielo International is showing no less than 22 compelling new Vlt game titles to suit every player’s taste. Based on careful research of Italian player preferences, games like Neptune’s Bonus AdventureTM, Freekick DeluxeTM, Swingin’ BellsTM, and Crank’s BashTM demonstrate the breadth and depth of our entertaining Vlt game content.

Spielo International’s market-leading Italian Awpsolutions will also be featured at both the Lottomatica booth, as well as the booth by Marim, our Italian Awpdistributor. Highlighted Awp games include Mighty MinerTM, featuring the SuperplayTM function never before seen in the Italian Awp space. Offering 243 ways to win, Mighty Miner provides an exciting horizontal Expanding Wild function. Also unique to the Italian Awp market, Pirates CoveTM layers the fun with super stacks, where the wild symbol has a surrounding wild function.


Other brand-new Awp game titles include The Big EasyTM, as well as Lucky FruitsTM, an easy-to-play classic fruit game offering left-to-right and right-to-left wins.

The latest edition to our thrilling Awp multigame suites, MyChoice Edizione VerdeTM offers five great games in one cabinet, as does its predecessor, MyChoice Edizione AzzurroTM.

Visitors will also see demonstrations of new Awp core games, including our perennial top-performing SphinxTM title. Meanwhile, the deliteTM cabinet exclusively offers Spielo International’s Awp multigame suite and is designed for the ultimate multigame experience. delite’s slim form factor and robust engineering make it ideal for placement on your floor, attracting players with its streamlined, casino-style look. The dual 18.5-inch widescreen touch displays give players the ability to really enjoy the sleek touchscreen interface of My ChoiceTM.

Featured commercial casino products include Egyptian GoldTM, Spielo International’s first progressive link using Episodic Gaming. As the player progresses through the game during one session, he or she can save and re-activate their achieved status during the next play session. The player unlocks more features and additional bet options for more action become available. When he or she reaches the highest status, an additional award is randomly revealed by Tutenchamun. Egyptian Gold offers an exciting 5-Level Progressive Playoff, where the player is able to win multiple progressives.

Spielo International’s featured commercial casino systems solutions include ecashTM terminals, with all the options operators need to provide cash convenience to players on the casino floor while reducing staff workload and improving security.

03 Mar 2012

Dot ‘Eu’: full stop and new line

online_giocoTo create a single market for online gaming and poker there is a long and tortuous way, but it has already started. Here are the foundation stones, the opportunities available in the industry. The online gaming has changed, it is still changing, it sloughs again its skin and interesting future scenarios are appearing. The world continues to keep its distance from the origins of online gaming, when only the very great ‘dot com’ networks of poker, betting or online casinos existed, and with a single account they put the players from all over the world face to face.

From Italy to France to Belgium and soon to Spain, all the EU states adapt themselves to a home regulation. However, when individual regulated markets will begin to suffer from a lack of liquidity, because the internal ‘pool’ can also run out and in any case become poor, there is already somebody who aims at a reopening of the borders as a new boost to the market. A complex but possible and surely desirable solution because of some news of recent weeks and because of an already started discussion among member states. Meanwhile the EU with its Green Paper is still tracing a first way, that is surely an early one, as everybody hurries to state, but it is started.


In any case when the poker rooms, the online casinos and the whole gaming will have problems, the only solution seems to be the reopening of borders, to knock down the entry and exit barriers. The solution is the harmonization and the homogeneity of rules, which in the web will result in the famous ‘dot eu’.

The concrete signs that announce the future – Italy already foresees the international “pool”: merit of the Betting Exchange?

Carefully reading the text of the decree on ‘Betting Exchange’, a passage seems to contain the still undeveloped chance of the opening to the European “pool”.

The chance exists and it is contained in a specific paragraph of the decree that sets this gaming. However we must then see how these rules will be interpreted and if they will be really applied. The paragraph 2u) of Article 1 of the Directorial Decree with rules for ‘Remote betting with method of direct interaction between the individual players’ says that: ‘Connected platform, platform managing a fixed amount betting service with a direct interaction of players managed by subjects, by virtue of an authorisation issued by a jurisdiction of the European Economic Area, with whom the dealer has agreed the interconnection of the bets, with the approval of AAMS ‘.

The hypothesis is that, currently the only dealership able to put into the field this technology, could then rely on other skin or companies still based in the EU and on jurisdictions recognized by the European Commission.

A niche game, a very complicated one for the inexperienced gambler, and that needs very high movements of money and private ‘banks’ to allow an interesting exchange between players. The liquidity between the only Italians gamblers could limit the game and not allow a suitable development as concern the collection and the incomes for the revenue. Hence the chance that would open new and different scenarios for the online poker and for all the other games and that confirms our starting thesis.

In the meantime the first “dot eu” gaming room was born

We are wondering why PokerStars, the world leader in online poker, obtained a licence by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta (LGA) with the domain ‘dot eu’, with the purpose of protecting the gains of the players coming from European countries but who are forced to pay taxes for incomes coming from rooms with a base outside the EU? A signal that should not be interpreted with an excess of optimism, but that seems to prepare the ground for the next European single market.

Meanwhile ‘will run’ on the main hall currently authorized by the Island of Man, using the same pool of international players like the site that already shares the liquidity of the regulated poker rooms in Belgium, Estonia and Denmark.

As mentioned, there are immediate tax benefits for some European players who pay incredibly high taxes on their online earnings. But PokerStars is preparing the ground and the right conditions to launch the single market of European poker, necessary both for safety reasons and to relaunch the market once that the various regulated countries were to reveal clear collection drops.

PokerStars itself confirmed this trend: “We hope and we expect that the future will bring more certainty and uniformity that will help players and firms. Meanwhile we welcome the recent reports of France, Italy and Spain talking about regulatory cooperation and shared liquidity,” explains Eric Hollreiser, institutional head of the room. But like everybody the manager of PokerStars treats carefully the matter: “To reach unified rules for poker all around the world will be a long and tortuous way”.

Aams-Arjel e Spagna – Italy and France have already signed an agreement of intentions to exchange information between Aams and Arjel, the two gaming Authorities of the respective member states in order to protect consumers and to control possible frauds and to fight unlawfulness. During recent weeks also the unborn Spanish market opened the doors to this kind of cooperation between the States. The umpteeth proof that, even if it is a long and tortuous way, it has already taken the first crucial steps.






02 Mar 2012

‘Dot it’ casinò games: iSoftBet lives on the ‘Fruit’ of its experience

isoftbetDecades of experience and a portfolio of over 400 games. These are just some of the numbers of iSoftBet, a leading provider of online casino games in all European legal markets and especially in Italy where, as everybody knows, they made their début just last July 18. A market that just over six months has already showed itself a successful one. One of the latest novelties about games is given  by the coming on stage of two characters beloved by the public: Rango and the fabulous leading actress of Basic Instinct! Rango, which made its début at the cinema last year and that soon will enter into our games, is a fearless little chameleon that shows its bravery when the fate catapults him on an adventure like the Wild West, in the town of Dirt. And as concerns Basic Instinct, it doesn’t need any introduction. These two new entries will add a little adventure and sensuality to the online casino games of iSoftBet, that the players certainly will appreciate!

“Our customers became increasingly more demanding and careful to the expectations of its players – Letizia Angelo, iSoftBet key account manager, says – it represents a stimulus for us to continue investing in the Italian market and offering the best of our products and services, in order to give satisfactory answers to these requests. ”


The passion and devotion of qualified experts allows iSoftBet to provide a wide range of products: software for online casino, poker and bingo solutions, mobile options, and live gaming. All of them are in conformity with the AAMS regulations, and they can count on reliable payment methods.

“In Italy – Angelo makes known – we have up to 60 certified games and we started a process for    more certifications.” The big novelty that is going to land on the Italian market is the ‘Fruit Boxes – game’, an exciting 15-line game that extends the already wide range of games for the Italian market. Fruit Boxes is an arcade game featuring of 5 columns, 3 rows and 15 lines: the symbols fall from above and are placed in the columns, and in case of a winning bet line, a huge pile of symbols will break out. The symbols of the winning combination first ‘explode’ and then disappear and are replaced with a second avalanche. A game to try without any doubt!

01 Mar 2012

Net Entertainment making waves in Italian market

Net-EntertainmentWhen the regulated Italian market opened up in July last year, Net Entertainment was one of the first online casino providers to enter the market.  Since then, Net Entertainment has continued to gain market share by delivering first-class products in combination with strong customer closeness. Like the majority of operators and gaming suppliers active in the regulated Italian market, Net Entertainment believes that the introduction of video slots will be of great benefit for all involved stakeholders. Introduction of slots will support the Italian online agenda for sustainable growth moving forward, and by its introduction players will be able to enjoy a more diverse gaming experience.  Björn Krantz, Acting President and Ceo of Net Entertainment comments “It is our ambition to launch slots as soon as the Italian authority allows it and we have an organizational readiness for such a launch”.

To support its strategy for growth and local market penetration important investments have been made by Net Entertainment, which also will continue. Moreover, the effective collaboration with Aams, via the operators that run Net Entertainment Casino, has been another important factor of success.


Providing the ultimate gaming experience every time you introduce a new game to the market is of key importance for a market leader such as Net Entertainment. Björn Krantz summed up the passion which the company has for its products: “We aim to produce the most innovative, and creative games in the world and strive for nothing less than portfolio excellence in combination with technology leadership.”