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19 Sep 2012

Net Entertainment’s financial performance during the third and fourth quarter 2012

NETENT LOGONet Entertainment’s revenues are affected by the development of the Swedish currency in relation to other currencies, mainly the Euro. The majority of revenues are invoiced in Euro. The revenues are reported in Euro which is then calculated to Swedish SEK for the Group’s reporting. Since the end of the previous quarter the Swedish Krona has strengthened significantly towards the Euro which affect Net Entertainment’s revenues negatively in the third quarter.

Furthermore the company’s revenues have been negatively affected by delays of the launch of two large customers and the Olympics during July and August since the Company’s customers, the operators, have focused marketing spending towards sports betting.

Due to the above factors the Company estimates that the revenue growth for the third quarter compared to previous period 2011 is expected to be around 10 percent ( around 20 percent in Euros), which is lower than current market expectations.

During the fourth quarter the Company’s depreciation level is expected to increase as the projects Live Casino and the development related to the UK entry is completed. As the Company grows and different authorities set increased requirements the need to further develop Net Entertainments processes and systems increases which increases costs during the fourth quarter.

Long term Net Entertainment is in a good position and the Company estimates hat the strategic efforts made on Live Casino, the UK entry and mobile games in combination with slot games being available in Italy will generate good revenues during 2013.

15 Sep 2012

Viridian Hybrid into European markets

aristocratAristocrat Technologies has launched its innovative VIRIDIAN Hybrid™ Stepper into selected European markets. The first wave of this new breed of gaming, combining the best of mechanical reels with video technology, incorporates five games spanning three different genres.

“The VIRIDIAN Hybrid™ Stepper represents the ultimate fusion of Aristocrat video technology with the traditional mechanical reel games from our RFX™ Stepper lineage,” said Damien Greig, Product Manager responsible for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region.

“Active Reel Technology™ uses LCD shutters to mask the reels and overlay them with stunning video animations, resulting in a seamless display of unique gaming entertainment,” he explained.

Released at the beginning of September were two titles in the all-new UltraSpin™ range of games, bringing together this mix of mechanical reel game play and video bonusing in a fast-moving entertainment package. Diamond Destiny™ and Ruby Saloon™ host a symbol-triggered, four-level progressive jackpot bonus in a unique horizontal spinning reel feature.

“Complete with traditional free games with extra video bonusing elements to boost player interaction and excitement, these games will add plenty of sparkle to gaming floors!” said Mr Greig.

Rolling out at the beginning of October are Persian Prize™ and Pixie Riches™, part of Aristocrat’s magical Winning Wishes™ bonus bank library.

With a triple progressive jackpot bonus feature, three common symbol driven features and unique free games features with video bonusing elements, the genie is sure out of the bottle, Mr Greig said of the Winning Wishes series.

He continued, “Of all five new hybrid releases, the most eagerly awaited is ZORRO™ The Legend Returns, a licensed character game where swordplay meets slot play and a theme which has already proven highly popular amongst European players.”

In addition to Active Reel Technology and an optional Nteractiv™ dynamic LCD button deck, ZORRO™ The Legend Returns sports a 32-inch LCD feature top box, interactive edge lighting and a sleek design.

“As a defender of masterful play, ZORRO is a cut above with three standalone progressive jackpots, symbol-triggered progressive jackpot feature and four additional random bonus features. So if your floor is ready for epic action, this game is ready to ride again,” concluded Mr Greig.

14 Sep 2012

International gaming investors praise inaugural casino investors congress Batumi

roulettenuovaA total of 120 investors representing over 70 gaming, leisure and tourism organisations attended the first ever Casino Investors Congress, which took place at the five-star Batumi Sheraton last week. The investors, who travelled from 25 countries including the US, Russia, Macau, Austria, France, India, Portugal, Armenia and the United Kingdom, received senior level presentations outlining the government’s overall short- and long-term vision for the development of gaming and tourism in Ajara, and Georgia as a whole.

Topics presented at the Congress included the current and future framework of gambling legislation and regulation, the development of tourism, as well as practical information on how to go about doing business in Georgia. Joining Levan Varshalomidze, Chairman of the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Ajara, as key speakers at the Congress were Jambul Ebanoidze, Deputy Minister of Finance and head of the Georgian Revenue Service; Nino Sharashenidze, head of Service Department, Georgian Revenue Service; Keti Bochorishvili, Vice Minister of the Economy and Sustainable Development, Georgia; Kakha Baindurashvili, Director, Georgian Chamber of Commerce; Giorgi Pertaia, First Deputy Director, Georgia National Investment Agency, and David Kikava, head of the Ajaran Department of Tourism and Resorts.

The presentations were supported by case studies from leading hospitality and gaming companies already operating successfully, or in advanced stages of development in Batumi, including Liberty Gaming, Peace Casino and Groupe Partouche. Delegates also had the opportunity for one-to-one contact with all the speakers during networking events staged throughout the Congress.

Congress Director John Sullivan, Director of publishing and events company GB Media, which developed the Congress, said: “The response to the inaugural Casino Investors Congress was fantastic. To have so many chief executives and owners of such major international businesses travel to Batumi is a great testament to the appeal of this wonderful and inspiring city, and the investment opportunities it holds. “The Congress represents a unique opportunity to be able to discuss and help shape the future of gaming in this part of the world,” he added. Irakli Goradze, Ajara’s Director, International Affairs, commented: “On behalf of Mr. Levan Varshalomidze, the Chairman of the Government of the Ajara Autonomous Republic, I would like to thank everyone who participated in the Casino Investors Congress Batumi. “We were delighted to host so many key gaming influencers in Batumi, and believe that the Congress provided a great opportunity to introduce both our on-going and our future projects, to supply information about our investor friendly regulatory framework and to establish initial contacts with local business and government representatives.”

14 Sep 2012

Vne brings change machines into a new world

Valentina Santarelli and Lorenzo Verona at the last ENADA exhibition back in Rimini early this yearOn the occasion of Enada Roma 2012 VNE will propose something new yet again regarding both the Italian and European market: a commercial innovation and a product revolution. It is difficult to establish what is the more important aspect. Mr. Lorenzo Verona, Commercial Director of the leading Italian money change machine manufacturer, starts by explaining the most ambitious commercial project ever faced by an Italian company – known as ‘The Rent Project’: “We think that in this particular economic period it is important not just to offer products but several services: from maintenance of peripherals to online connection of machines for a remote control of money inside the cashbox”.

By renting a VNE change machine it is possible to have all those services being completely aware of the money spent every month and consequently, we offer the customer the opportunity to accurately plan investments. Moreover, the fiscal advantage for the companies renting machines will be very strong as the entire expense is deductible including the sales tax / value-added tax. Furthermore, VNE is offering the opportunity to have high performing change machines at a reasonable cost, connected to a powerful network able to control and handle them, with fixed expenses and a programmed maintenance that even brings about the potential for fiscal advantages.

“As those machines are connected to our server, customers will visualise not just accounting, refilling, door opening, every kind of operations but they will even visualise machines on google maps. This will allow them to find out the device in the case it is illegally removed”, explains Mr. Verona.

Finally, all the VNE machines could be equipped with TV screens which, still connected to the VNE server, can provide personalised advertising or customers can even sell advertising to a third party.

The Italian market recognises VNE as the ‘Ferrari’ of money change machines as they have never been defrauded. VNE is synonymous with innovation, technology, originality, reliability and honesty but from today everyone has to know that VNE is even synonymous with convenience. VNE offers convenience by providing excellent products and services, maintaining utmost quality.

The second but not less important revolution VNE will propose in Rome is a new model of Change. A new cabinet, which has been planned to be even more secure and reliable: namely the VIKING. It has a modular structure so that it can be used or just as a normal single change machine or as a double change machine. To realize this new change machine, VNE signed an agreement with MDS, allowing VNE to use very high quality peripherals, as the for new 2 banknotes Bill to Bill or the 1 denomination Bill recycler that are particular suited for bars and smaller premises.

On the VIKING, each refilling is monitored and registered for a higher security even in the case of a simple change. Inside, the machine is divided in different sections: in this way it will not be possible to have access to hoppers or to the bill cashbox without having keys or without being authorised. Coins are divided into two hoppers for high capacity alongside a cashbox for the overflow coins or for those coins which are not to be recycled. Thus, with just one cabinet several configurations are possible.

In conclusion, VNE will be presenting a new retail machine – in cooperation with Cogetech – for paying bills, fines, charge up mobile phones and so on. It is the device that can really make the difference and offer additional possibilities. Thus, this new machine offers the dual advantage of being a change machine and retail machine providing several services.

13 Sep 2012

Spielo International to launch new slot titles at G2E

spielo topCasino operators, get ready to soil your plants. Spielo International is announcing the launch of four new exclusive licensed slot titles based on some of the world’s most popular casual video games. Spielo International and PopCap Games, a division of Electronic Arts, have entered into a licensing agreement and have developed slot games based on three internationally recognized PopCap franchises – Plants vs. Zombies™, Zuma™, and Bejeweled™.

Four slot games based on the brands – including Plants vs. Zombies™ Gargantuar™ and Plants vs. Zombies™ Backyard Showdown™ – will be unveiled at Booth 1265 at G2E Las Vegas on Oct. 2, 2012. Don’t miss the morning launch as the rivalry between the plants and the zombies spills out onto the show floor.

“Spielo International immediately recognized the strength behind PopCap’s casual games, which are known for their creativity, humor, and attention to detail. They’re played by billions of people worldwide, and appeal equally to both men and women,” said Spielo International President and Ceo Walter Bugno.

“We know our customers want compelling and entertaining content that will intrigue current players while also growing the player base, so we’ve worked closely with PopCap to stay true to the spirit of their brands and create terrifically fun and engaging new slot gaming experiences.”

Plants vs. Zombies Gargantuar and Plants vs. Zombies Backyard Showdown feature the Graveyard Bonus, where players pick tombstones, collecting suns to win one of three progressives and avoiding the brain-craving zombies. Plants vs. Zombies Gargantuar offers a plant/zombie scatter pay and random wilds in the base game, with the Vase Breaker Pick-a-Prize and Gargantuar Free Spins bonuses. Meanwhile, Plants vs. Zombies Backyard Showdown has a base game where plant symbols have special powers – just like the casual game! In the Who Will Win the Spin bonus, players win extra credits for guessing three correct spins in a row.

Based on PopCap’s hugely popular ball-blasting game, Zuma features the familiar Zuma frog shooting at an innovative moving ball track. The ball track increments progressives and triggers one of five unique Power Frogs, which places wilds on the base game. Among four bonuses, there are two-tiered Boss Battles and optional skill elements – players can choose to Be the Frog by timing ball shots to defeat the bosses.

With a copy of Bejeweled, PopCap’s flagship title, purchased somewhere in the world every 4.7 seconds, players will instantly recognize this global bestseller in its slot game form. Spielo International has adapted the original game mechanics to the slot adaptation, with a cascading matrix, buyable game boosts, and seven linked non-hierarchical progressives. Players can select between three skilled and three random-outcome bonuses. Experienced Bejeweled casual game players will recognize the similarities in the slot adaptation, while players new to the game will quickly learn why the brand has been so successful.

Visit Booth 1265 at G2E 2012 to see how PopCap’s universally beloved casual game brands are translating into Spielo International’s most entertaining titles to date.

13 Sep 2012

Vne at G2E: Queen Change and new Ticket Tender on display at Coin Mechanisms stand

Vne queenVNE – the number one manufacturer in the largest and most competitive market for change machines – namely in Italy – will be displaying two key solutions on the stand of their American partner – Coin Mechanism.

Italy is the most important market in Europe for video lottery terminals (VLTs). VNE has amassed great experience in change requirements for this market.

Queen Change machine is a change specifically designed for the VLT market. It has a PC platform, a thermal printer, one ticket and banknote acceptor and one Fujitsu dispenser banknote (5 cassettes for 5 different denomination of notes for a total capacity of 2,500 banknotes). Three coin hoppers ensure that there is ample capacity for paying out different coin denominations. All VNE change machines can be remotely monitored – so operators have 24/7 real-time information of the money in and out. Furthermore, remote servicing ensures long-term customer satisfaction. Naturally the strong, solid and secure cabinet plays a major role in the VNE design. The Queen Change can be fixed securely in place either on a wall (by using the Blindo from VNE) or in any position by Heavy from VNE.

VNE will also be presenting a brand new product – especially designed for the American market. The Ticket Tender (TT) allows operators to simply and easily pay players with winning tickets. Operators have an electronic key to access the TT. VNE provides five levels of operator ID so individual levels of access can be programmed. The upper console has an integrated display so that operators immediately see the amount to be paid out which they then confirm by pressing a further button. The buttons are arranged in a user-friendly way – thus combining security with speed of payout. This upper console can be removed from the TT body – for example the operator can place it on a desk to even more user-friendliness. The TT is equipped with a Fujitsu F53 banknote dispensing system that consists of three separate note dispensing units. Therefore, three separate note denominations, each of 500 notes, are available for payout. A sneak preview can be seen by video on

Mr. Lorenzo Verona, Commercial Director at VNE, commented, “We have ideal solutions for the American market. Queen Change is perfect for the VLT market and the new TT has been particularly created for the US market. Our partner Coin Mechanisms looks forward to greeting visitors at the forthcoming G2E in Las Vegas”.

12 Sep 2012 report a new breed of social gamer, the online gaming consultants, are warning that traditional online gaming companies are missing out by failing to recognise a new profile of target customers.

Phil Shaw, of states that a new breed of social gamer has emerged. He says: “More and more, we are seeing a different profile of person taking part in social games simply for entertainment. Instead of playing in online casinos for cash prizes, this new type of gamer is playing purely for “gamification” – rewards and status – and is likely to be someone who is just starting to experiment.

Facebook’s announcement this week to allow real cash play on its platform is another sign of how gaming companies will need to embrace changing customer behaviour.”

10 Sep 2012

Gerhard Burda retained as strategic advisor to Inspired Gaming

Gerhard BurdaInspired Gaming Group announces today the appointment of Gerhard Burda as Non Executive Strategic Advisor. Mr Burda will be working with Inspired’s global leadership team to develop the company’s product offering and market penetration in strategic gaming regions. “Gerhard is a hugely respected and insightful industry leader, and we welcome his joining our team. His impressive gaming heritage, combined with his strategic insight, make him a valuable new member of our team”, said Luke Alvarez, CEO of Inspired Gaming Group.
Alvarez added: “Inspired is in a decisive phase of expansion and experienced thinkers from within the industry – of whom Gerhard is one of the smartest – are crucial to the company’s success.”
Following his eight years as a Managing Director and CEO of the German Atronic Group, Mr Burda spent three years as Senior Vice President at Gtech of Lottomatica. During this time the company entered new markets, such as the Italian AWP and VLT markets, and launched major new international products. Since leaving Lottomatica Mr Burda founded a think tank, called Escapes, focusing on new trends in gaming and the convergence of gaming spaces.
Gerhard Burda states: “During my whole career in the gaming industry I always considered Inspired Gaming one of the high potentials for growth in a rapidly changing and converging gaming landscape. Now, in my new life as a private entrepreneur, I am specifically pleased about having been offered the opportunity to contribute my experience to this outstanding company and team of people.”

08 Sep 2012

Atrax 2012: continuous efforts for the most entertaining fair of Turkey

AtraxA new fair on international amusement world: taht’s Atrax fair, and makes tremendous impact in its first year. Atrax 2012 is being organised in a strategical period when new searchs in entertainment business reachs the peak with generic projects and major investments. Atrax Fair to meet its esteemed visitors between the dates of Dec 6 – Dec 9 2012. Atrax, as the one and only expertise fair in its segment will give a new impulse to the amusement business.
Atrax 2012 so far has reached a record breaking participation level in international firms as well as preparing to host more international companies than national participants. Among approved participants are leading companies from Italy, Netherlands, Canada, Philippines, Spain, Egypt, Germany, United States, China, Korea, Taiwan, France, Hong Kong and the UK.
 While the international interest raises, local participants from amusement point of Turkey such as İstanbul, İzmir, Bursa, Antalya, Muğla and Ankara are on their way to Atrax 2012.
The biggest exhibition stand in Atrax 2012 has been leased by the succeeded company “Balo Game Consoles” being followed by various international firms such as  Sega, Namco, Dreampark, Polin, Vekoma, Spibox, Theme Builders, Embed, Techway, Pax, Eurocoin, Simulator Entertainment ,  Amf Bowling, Brunswick, Profab and  Water Tech, and more.

06 Sep 2012

Spielo International to show more entertaining games than ever at G2E 2012

dealornodealSpielo International is showing more entertaining games than ever before at the 2012 Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas. For the North American market, they include four exciting new licensed titles that casual gamers know and love, and that will be unveiled before the show.

In addition, hot on the heels of the success of Deal or no deal™ Join’N Play®, Spielo International has amped up the deals and the excitement with Deal or no deal™ Join’N Play™ 2. The successor has all the features that players love – the time-based bonus, the player-friendly community aspect, the use of strategy, and the broad appeal to both entertainment-seekers and gamblers.

In Deal or no deal Join’N Play 2, the game is now quicker, bigger, and better. The guaranteed bonus hits more frequently, every eight minutes, for even more excitement. It keeps the same stress-free eligibility and easy bonus qualification that thrilled players in the original. Mystery bonuses occur more frequently as well, including brand new free spins that sweeten the deal. Occasionally, the community bonus becomes a Super Bonus, where the top briefcases have their values doubled, leading to much larger banker’s offers and wins. This sequel is truly Spielo International’s biggest deal yet!

Spielo International’s innovative new core games include 1421 Voyages of Zheng He™, where lucky eights are all around in this Asian-themed game. Featuring beautiful scenery and big win potential, this culturally-true 88 line game offers huge wins from stacked coin wild symbols and lots of player interaction and control through a player-selectable bonus feature. The gambler-friendly “all or nothing” feature offers the player a 1-in-3 chance of winning triple the ordinary bonus win.

In Hawaiian Treasures™, players visit the Big Island to uncover unrivaled wonders and 243 Ways to Win. A volatile base game offers big win potential, and a Player’s Choice approach in the Free Games Bonus adds tension and excitement.

Let the gypsy weave her intoxicating spell in Gypsy Moon™, where three or more Astro Sign symbols trigger the Gypsy Moon Free Game Bonus, awarding up to 600 Free Games with multipliers. Stacked Wilds and 243 Ways to Win, as well as the evolution of a proven player-friendly math model, offer magical win potential.

But that’s only the beginning of Spielo International’s exciting content-driven solutions. Visit Booth 1265 at G2E 2012 to see much more, and find out how Spielo International speaks entertainment.