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10 Oct 2012

Net Entertainment Casino launched with Boylesports

NETENT LOGONet Entertainment is happy to announce that Boylesports, Ireland’s largest independent bookmaker, has launched the Net Entertainment casino games to its online player base. Per Eriksson, CEO at Net Entertainment comments; “I am very pleased with the launch of Boylesports, a recognized operator both in terms of quality and size. The addition of Boylesports will strengthen Net Entertainment’s position in the UK & Ireland and I look forward to our continued partnership”.

08 Oct 2012

Quixant exhibiting its class-leading gaming platform range at Enada Rome 2012

quixantQuixant Italia Srl. will be showcasing its extensive range of gaming platforms at Enada Roma 2012 (booth 005). The show runs from 17–19 October 2012 at the Roma New Exhibition Center (Nuova Fiera di Roma).

Taking centre stage will be the QXi-106, Quixant’s all-in-one platform designed for compliance with Italian “Comma 6a” regulations. Featuring a high performance, low power AMD 64-bit CPU, integrated ATI Radeon X1250 GPU and support for dual independent DVI screens (with optional support for analogue VGA if required), the QXi-106 offers strong processing and graphics capabilities, but nonetheless has a compact physical footprint.

Features required to achieve Comma 6a compliance are embedded onto the logic board, including AAMS smart card socket and serial port, cctalk interface, SATA Disk-on-Module support and anti-tamper monitoring. The QXi-106 is powered by a standard JAMMA connector and no additional power supply is required.

The latest additions to Quixant’s range of gaming platforms will also be on display at the show, including the all-new QXi-4000 and QX-40 which are based on the ground breaking AMD R-Series APU. We will also be demonstrating a number of other accessories which Quixant has designed to work with its gaming platforms as part of its objective of being able to offer its customers complete, coherent solutions, including Quixant’s new range of DisplayPort monitors which uniquely support daisy-chaining of displays through the use of the innovative DisplayPort 1.2 multi-stream transport (MST) technology.

Nick Jarmany, Managing Director of Quixant, said “Quixant offers unique, dedicated hardware to provide compliance with Article 110, Comma 6a of T.U.L.P.S. Quixant is also officially accredited by AAMS (Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato) for the production of gaming platforms for the Italian market. This makes the creation of 6A games much faster and the approval process smoother, quicker, and more efficient for our customers so they can focus on what they do it best: making superb games. Quixant is also actively contributing to the proposed Comma 6a+ regulations.”

05 Oct 2012

Online slots, Net Entertainment gets ready to its debut in December

NETENT LOGO“At Net Entertainment we are very excited about the debut of online slots in Italy, which should have a positive impact on further growth in the Italian market. When cash poker and non-slot casino games were launched in Italy last year, we could see a healthy growth, and we expect to see a similar trend once online slots are introduced”.

Per Eriksson, president and ceo of the Swedish company, explains: “When we first entered the Italian regulated market there was a great deal of work for us to perform in order to achieve necessary compliance approvals and we have learned a lot during that process. Our local Italian business has been growing according to plan with our current portfolio offering, so when Aams announced the scheduled go live date for slots in December 2012 this was very good news for us and our partners. We were one of the first casino suppliers to enter the Italian market and we believe we are in a strong position to take advantage of the new opportunities with online slots to be launched”.

To Erisson believes that “From a regulatory perspective, the ongoing legalisation of online gaming, both within and outside Europe, presents great opportunities for Net Entertainment. We follow regulatory developments very closely and we always evaluate each market from a strategic and financial perspective. Our experience as one of the first suppliers in Italy gave us very good insights and allowed us to improve our go to market efficiency when adapting our systems for Denmark earlier this year. Regulations can be difficult, it takes time to make sure you are compliant in every way, but the more experience you get the more synergies we will see between one regulated market to another”.

In reference to the products “one of our main priorities is to make our current and future product offerings available to all of the regulated markets we support. We have launched a number of games this year, including Scarface, Jack Hammer 2 and Zombies, but we are continuously developing new games and products, as well as introducing new technologies and targeting new channels. We will launch our initial Live Casino offering later on this year and we are also building up our NetEnt Touch mobile games portfolio. The games are now available on both IOS and Android, which gives our partners the possibility to reach an even larger player base”.

05 Oct 2012

All the best of Spielo International at Enada Rome

Spielo International will be showing more entertaining games than ever at the 40th annual Enada Rome gaming trade show from October 17-19, 2012 at Fiera di Roma, in Rome.

As part of Lottomatica booth, Spielo International will be featuring its latest Awp and Vlt games and cabinets tailored to Italian and European players.

spielo topAmong the hot new awp titles on display, Secrets of Babylon™ is an action-packed four-reel slot game where a mystery bonus and the Babylon Re-spin conjure excitement! The unique Babylon Re-spin locks the trigger symbols while the remaining positions keep spinning for six re-spins, or until all positions are locked. each additional locked symbol increases the bonus win amount.

Magic Pharaoh™ features the Superplay 243 Ways to Win feature, and top symbols act as horizontal expanding wilds that could lead to big wins. this version of the popular international game features lower volatility for players who want more time on this egyptian-themed thriller. Based on the much-loved ‘Phantom of the opera’ theme, mystery features maximum player entertainment with interactive bonuses.

Spielo International’s top-performing Awp products, presented on the Italy Awp Delite™ cabinet will be also on display on the booth of our exclusive distribution partner in Italy, Marim.

For Vlt environments, Spielo International has a full suite of proven and new core game titles. Rickety Cricket™ is generating a buzz with fun critters and full-reel stacked wilds in this five-reel, forty pay-line game.  

Decadence™ indulges players in a rich and satisfying game experience, where they’ll crave the 5-reel, 25-payline chocolate-themed interactive game, while the hidden chocolate bonus is a sweet treat!

The ancient art of alchemy conjures fun and excitement in Lead to gold™. Players transform their luck in this 5-reel, 15-payline game, featuring an enchanting multi-level pick-a-prize and randomly triggered mini-games.

Visitors to the show will also enjoy soon-to-come titles including Gypsy Moon™ , a 5-reel, Superplay 243 ways to win to win game that allows players to choose their own destiny in the mystical free games bonus; trouble in the Henhouse™, where players must outwit, outplay, and outfox the roosters as they guard valuable eggs; Poseidon™ where players can choose their risk by selecting win one way or win two ways play-mode, in addition to the super play mode, for a total of four selectable play modes; and many more.

Visit the Lottomatica booth at Enada Rome 2012 and find out how Spielo International speaks gaming.

05 Oct 2012

Gaming & smoking, in Europe the party of moderates wins

sigaretteSwitzerland says no to the complete no smoking prohibition in public places, and in the meantime Spain, also due to the multimillionaire investments promised by the casino baron Sheldon Adelson, wants to revise the very strict law in force.

A “useless and extreme” initiative, which would “expose jobs to a risk” and would reduce “taxes paid by casinos to AVS and to the Cantons”. Christophe Darballay, president of the Swiss Federation of casinos, was clear branding the popular initiative ‘Protection from passive smoking’ that about fifty associations, leaded by the helvetic pulmonary Association, finally managed to put to the vote. And last 23 of September, with a high rate of abstentionism, Swiss citizens rejected the measures to completely ban smoking in public places, providing for a worsening in comparison of what the law came into force in May 2010 ordered and that required considerable investments from the companies, in order te be in accordance with the law.

Apparently, the smoking argument is still capable to inflame minds, even if it seems strange in Italy which, though it is contentious on many other spheres, willingly accepted the Sirchia’s law that from January 10, 2005 banned cigars and cigarettes in public places, including of course those dedicated to gaming. There was a period of adjustment, especially in the gaming locations where a person spends a lot of time, and where the couple slot-cigarette or cigarette-roulette was almost a tradition, but then managers and customers, willingly or not, adapted themselves.

But obviously one thing is to ban smoking, but allow it in dedicated areas equipped with technological devices ad hoc, another matter is to forbid it without further explanations. They wanted to do that in Switzerland, but 66 percent of voters was against it. On the contrary in Spain casinos, bingo and slot rooms since last year must deal with the severe restrictions imposed by the new law, that once it got his hands on the ticklish question, wanted to do it in a very drastic way.

We wonder if the result of the Swiss vote is not a further weapon in the hands of those in Spain who would like to debate the existing prohibitions. Of course now also Sheldon Adelson, the american baron of Las Vegas Sands, supports this battle, and finally he announced his final choice about the location of Eurovegas, of which we are talking about for months: the Independent Community of Madrid, Alcorcon to be precise (but a final decision has not yet made). Among the various conditions made, (as they seem to the outside observer, although the Spanish government quickly pointed out that any favour won’t be made to Adelson, rather that they are creating better conditions to attract foreign investments), there is the one to allow smoking in the casinos of the rising Eurovegas. The Ministry of Health ensured that (still) there wasn’t any request for changing the law and, in case, certainly would be interesting to know the terms. The other Spanish casinos, who certainly are not favourable to the arrival of a hardened competitor as Lvs, hopes in fact that at least the ‘conditions’ of Adelson will be in force for everyone. And therefore everyone can smokes in all the casinos, at least in dedicated areas (especially because it will take years before the first casinos of Eurovegas can open the doors) and certainly not just in the ones of the rich baron.

The fact is that at least for the moment, the health-fanatics at all costs was defeated, and it was peraphs an even more stinging defeat because it has been obtained in the healthy Switzerland: “The victory of No – Luca Antonini, director of the Lugano casino affirms – shows that the arguments of the opponents to the initiative (including casinos) have been understood by the majority of voters, who in this way avoided a further penalisalition for Swiss companies active in the fields of food and entertainment, in a period of severe economic crisis”

05 Oct 2012

Italy proud of sport pinball

flipper cupOver 15 thousand players from 36 countries in the world. This is the new, incredible record globally achieved by sport pinball. And Italy is proving to be the country of reference for this sport at the European level.

The sport pinball reached a new important record at international level: the ranking of the World Pinball Player Rankings (Wppr) exceeded, during past few weeks, the threshold of 15 thousand players, belonging to 36 different countries. Last summer, in July 2011, the International flipper pinball association announced with satisfaction of having reached the number of 10 thousand players, but the race of the game-sport subject never stopped and, indeed, overcame a new aim.

But the number of players continues to grow because the number of tournaments prganized around the world by various organizations related to the american IFPA who runs the rankings continues to grow. The average of tournament is currently 71 events per month in the current year, while in 2011 it reached the top of 64 tournaments per month, an increase of 10 percent. The average number of players participating in each tournament was of 28 in 2011 and during the current year it exceeded the threshold of 30 players. Italy, as it is known to everybody now, is one of the greatest interpreters of this subject, helping with a very big importance during last three years to this incredible development.

Surely the impulse coming from the title of World Champion won twice in three years by the champion Daniel Acciari from Rome, pushed this growth in our country. Following the great enthusiasm with which our player was welcomed at home, IFPA Italia started an extensive promotional activity of the subject inventing new formats for everyone. First the tournament valid for the international ranking within the fair ENADA, that this year, in Rome (17-19 October) celebrates its third edition, and that continues to attract players from all over Europe. Then the start of the ‘Launch Party’, the travelling event to present each new model of Stern’s pinball, organized with the support of Tecnoplay, the distributor of Stern in Italy, which is bringing people to embrace pinball in the amusement arcades like we didn’t see since a lot of time.

02 Oct 2012

Gauselmann expands in Great Britain

regnounitoThe Gauselmann Group, with headquarters in eastern Westphalia in Germany, has further substantially increased its business activities in Great Britain. This follows on from the initial British market comeback in 2008 with Blueprint Gaming which has grown to become very successful. As communicated by the publicly listed Marwyn Management Partners plc (MMP) on 1st October 2012, the Espelkamp family-owned enterprise has purchased Marwyn Gaming Limited for a price of approx. 100 million euros. The well-known arcade chain Praesepe belongs to this company. The purchase price thus corresponds to just less than half of the sum that the Gauselmann Group has invested in recent years annually into the German side of the business.

“The acquisition of Marwyn Gaming is the largest so far in the history of the Gauselmann Group and will decisively inspire our business success in Great Britain. We are now able to offer our self-developed games and gaming machines as well in over 170 of our own entertainment centres and bingo clubs. This will create excellent synergy effects”, explains Paul Gauselmann, Chairman, the benefits of this transaction. “I would personally like to welcome the entire team of over 1,500 to the games maker. Together we will create a first-class range of gaming solutions for players in Great Britain”, continues Paul Gauselmann. The number of employees at the family-managed group of companies now amounts to approx. 8,000.

The Gauselmann Group has been internationally active since 1993. Approx. 40 percent of the business volume of 1.7 billion euros was generated outside of Germany in 2011. The future global focus will further gain in importance, emphasizes Paul Gauselmann: “As responsible entrepreneur, it is my duty to structure my group of companies so that they can be successful in the long-term, in particular given the dangers facing the commercial gaming market in Germany with the new arcade laws there. Thus, the purchase of Marwyn Gaming is central to this strategy in a proven long-term legally stable market”.

Furthermore, the acquisition by the newly founded Merkur Casino UK Ltd also encompasses the companies Restcare Limited, Baleday Limited and Beacon Bingo Limited that are also active in the entertainment sector. Ulrich Wüseke, CFO and Deputy Chairman of the Gauselmann Group, adds, “We are pursuing a visionary strategy that is unique in Great Britain. We are offering a broad range of gaming solutions together with Blueprint Gaming UK and the pioneering technologies of the Gauselmann Group. In this way we are excellently delivering on our commitment to offer gaming fun with stakes and prizes at any time, anywhere”, explains Mr. Wüseke. Praesepe founder Nick Harding will remain at the company and continue to lead it as CEO. “I am very pleased that the Gauselmann Group that is internally renown for its high quality standards in the gaming machine industry has invested in our company and thus also in the British gaming and amusement industry”, notes Mr. Harding.

02 Oct 2012

Gauselmann boosts UK gaming activities with Praesepe purchase

NickHardingOne of the most significant acquisitions in UK low-stake gaming has been completed with the Gauselmann Group acquiring 100 percent of Marwyn Gaming from MMP, owners of Praesepe plc. The purchase, which was announced to the City on Monday 1st October 2012, comprises a market-leading 159 Adult Gaming Centres, nine Bingo Clubs, five Family Entertainment Centres as well as the Internet business, Beacon Bingo Online. A new company, Merkur Casino UK Ltd, has been formed and will be chaired by Ulrich Wuseke, Chief Financial Officer of the Gauselmann Group. Praesepe founder Nick Harding will serve as Chief Executive Officer of the new company.

Commenting on the acquisition Ulrich Wuseke said: “We are very pleased to be able to announce the purchase of Praesepe which has been completed after a long period of research and negotiations. The company enjoys a very strong reputation across the markets it serves and offers good high street coverage throughout Britain. As well as buying the physical business, which includes of course Europe’s biggest Bingo Club and the internationally famous Crystal Rooms in London’s Leicester Square, we are also investing in a progressive philosophy, an energy and an approach to entertainment retailing which, we believe is unique in the UK. Together with Blueprint Gaming, another UK subsidiary that develops games and devices, we now have a complete range for the UK market – true to our self-conception to offer entertainment and gaming fun with stakes and prizes anywhere at any time. We want to nurture and encourage this approach and provide the financial investment necessary to help turn visions into reality.”

Nick Harding, who took Praesepe from a standing start to a total of 173 operating sites in just five years said: “The Gauselmann story, which saw Paul Gauselmann launch his business in 1957 and grow it to an internationally acclaimed 1.7bn Euro enterprise, is one of the most inspiring in gaming and one which I genuinely admire. I am delighted that an organisation of this calibre has made such an investment in our business and, for that matter, in UK gaming. Even against the backdrop of the double dip recession and the handbrake of limited investment, my team has registered a series of very significant successes, which have cemented our position as operators of the most successful gaming brands on Britain’s high streets. The financial confidence that we now have will allow us to drive forwards and implement the progressive initiatives which I believe will transform the sectors that we operate in.”

01 Oct 2012

Spielo International’s Intelligen™ central system first ever to recevice game to system product certification

SPIELO-International original CYMK-300x60SPIELO International has announced that its INTELLIGEN™ Central System, Distributed Game Management application, and iLink™ site controller are the first products to ever receive the Gaming Standards Association™ (GSA™) Game to System® (G2S®) certification as part of the GSA’s Certification Program.

The GSA, the world’s foremost standards-setting organization for the gaming industry, issued the certification on Sept. 20, 2012. As a result, these SPIELO International products, developed for the distributed video lottery terminal (VLT) and venue markets, now proudly bear the GSA Certified mark.

The products successfully passed Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) testing to ensure that they use the protocol and interoperate with Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs) according to the GSA’s standards. GLI is a qualified ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory and is trusted throughout the international gaming industry to independently provide testing, inspection and certification services.

“This certification proves that SPIELO International walks the walk when it comes to open standards,” said SPIELO International Senior Vice President and COO Victor Duarte. “It means customers can be confident that the G2S protocol has been implemented on the INTELLIGEN system exactly the way the GSA intended. As a result, we can deploy the system in a multi-vendor environment quickly and efficiently, offering full interoperability with other suppliers’ GSA-enabled EGMs.

“We’re grateful to the GSA and to our customers for the work they’ve done to promote and support open standards in our industry.”

“This is a landmark day in the gaming industry,” said GSA President Peter DeRaedt. “This was a true coming together, as certification would not have been possible without the significant work completed by our committee members, all volunteers from the GSA member companies, without whose commitment, dedication, and perseverance, this outcome would not have been achieved. This was an incredible example of all facets of the industry working together and this will be another launching point for a new phase of our industry.”

SPIELO International is a Platinum Member of the GSA, with representation on a number of technical committees. In July 2010, the INTELLIGEN Central System was the first G2S-compatible system in the distributed VLT market to be deployed in the field. By 2013, 79 per cent of SPIELO International’s INTELLIGEN deployments around the world will be providing the benefits of G2S to its public gaming customers.

As part of its ongoing support of the GSA, SPIELO International’s Duarte will be the keynote speaker at the GSA’s Annual Meeting in the Bellini Room at the Sands Convention Centre in Las Vegas on Wednesday, Oct. 3 at 11 a.m. Duarte will be discussing how the GSA’s standards have translated into success in the global lottery market. The meeting is open to the public.

INTELLIGEN offers stable, secure command and control capabilities uniquely tailored to operators of distributed and venue VLT environments, based on more than 20 years of proven central system experience. It interoperates with a wide range of VLTs using multiple protocols, including the Game to System (G2S) open standard protocol.

GSA Certification ensures correct and consistent GSA protocol implementation. Based on the Internation¬al Standards Organization (ISO) 17025, the program consists of internationally recognized testing procedures with actual test requirements developed by GSA members.

01 Oct 2012

Second ECA Slot Summit – The streak of success continues!

ECA logoThe European Casino Association (ECA), in partnership with the Slot Academy, continued their streak of success with the concluding event of their second Slot Summit. Hosted by the renowned Lucien Barrière Casino and Hotel, 130 participants flocked to Enghien-les-Bains from as far as Finland, Spain, and even New Caledonia (a mere 28-hour flight) for the three-day slot training event and discussion forum. The program was packed with expert speakers sharing their practical knowledge as well as plenty of social events to encourage networking and casual discussions.

Each presentation focused on a specific topic related to improving the casino slot floor. These topics ranged from creative marketing strategies and player protection initiatives to slot machine comfort, floor planning and new product sneak previews. To ensure all delegates gained the maximum benefit from the event, a team of simultaneous interpreters was on hand throughout the entire three days. Participants were clearly impressed by the presentations, keen to discuss the innovations and eager to take the new ideas home to their own operations.

The ECA hosted a dinner and reception for all delegates on the first night of the event to demonstrate its appreciation for all those involved in the organization of the event and for all the delegates, whose presence and participation were integral to its success. ECA Chairman Ron Goudsmit spoke proudly at the event, adding “a special thank you to Lucien Barrière for the organization and, specifically, to Bruno Cagnon, the French ECA member, and his team, for making this event such a success!” Goudsmit also did not forget to mention that “the event owes equal praise to Lucien Wijsman of the Slot Academy for recruiting the excellent presenters and arranging an impressive program that is perfectly suited to its audience.

It is thanks to these combined efforts that the goal of bringing people together, meeting each other and working in cooperation was met.”

Organizer Lucien Wijsman was also clearly delighted with the event: “Thanks to the enthusiasm of the participants and the excellent teamwork between the organizing parties of the event, I am already looking forward to continuing this mutually beneficial partnership with the ECA at future Slot Summits. I am proud to announce that the dates for next year’s two-part ECA Slot Summit have already been set. The first part will take place at Casino Hohensyburg in Dortmund, German, from 23-25 April 2013, and the second will again be held here at Lucien Barrière Casino and Hotel from 19-21 November 2013.”

The ECA would also like to thank the event’s sponsors: AGEM, who sponsored a Dinner Cruise on the River Seine, as well as the leading slot manufacturers who provided prototypes of their games for participants to view and try out, including Ainsworth Game Technology, Austrian Gaming Industries,

Bally Technologies, Inspired Gaming, IGT, Gaming Support, SPIELO International, and WMS Gaming International.