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04 May 2012

Women in gaming 2012 let the judging begin

WIG_LAUNCH_LOGOWOMEN IN GAMING (WiG) 2012 has announced that the judging process is about to begin. After receiving a high volume of notable nominees from across the global gaming sector, the Women in Gaming (WiG) prestigious judges are set to carefully assess who they think are leading, inspirational women in gaming. The glitzy gala of women who have dynamically stayed two-steps ahead of their male counterparts will have the chance to shine in their spotlight at the sophisticated Jumeirah Carlton Tower, Knightsbridge, London on the 27 June 2012. it’s a officiale Media Partner of hte event.

The conference will be at the heart of WiG, as prominent industry experts explore insightful topics such as how social media can be fully utilized within the business world and the evolution of technology, including how mobile optimization is integrating itself into the gaming world…topics that we can all apply within our industry. The leader panel discussion will also take a look at where gaming will be going next . The aim of the conference is to spark debate and discussion within an evolving gaming world. For more details about the conference, visit

The prestigious panel includes high-flyers such as Gloria Irwin, Founder of Gaming & Hospitability Industry Professionals Association, Lyndsey Barrett, Director of Operations from The Ritz Club, London, Sue Schneider, who is one of the world’s leading experts on the internet gaming industry and Tracy Cohen, marketing manager for TCSJOHNHUXLEY. These are just some of the high-caliber women joining Women in Gaming 2012. More information about the impressive line-up of judges can be found here:

The Women in Gaming Speakers include industry experts such as Anna Conley-Bingo/Ops Manager William Hill, Britt Boeskov COO of Unibet, Claire Tribert from Sportingbet, Daniela (Attard) Castillo – Poker Affiliates Manager, Betfair, Linda Lewis – Aspers Group, Stella Dalton from Gamcare and many more professionals. More details about the speakers can be found here:

The judges will carefully select deserving winners from the following competitive categories.

Hidden Talent of the Year
Star of the Future Award
Leader of the Year Award (iGaming)

Leader of the Year (Landbased)

Team of the Year Award (iGaming)

Team of the Year (Land based)
Industry Achiever of the Year

Inspiration of the Year
Affiliate Manager of the Year Award
Innovator of the Year Award

The Industry Pride of the Year Award
Man Championing Women in Business Award


More information can be viewed here:

Women in Gaming 2012 is supporting ‘Break Through Breast Cancer.’

Last year, attendees told us that “the calibre of the female influencers throughout the industry blew us away” and this year is set to be bigger and better with women being recognised again, for their wealth of knowledge, power and perseverance. Others described it as “one of the best conferences” that they have ever been to.



02 May 2012

Gioco News: the issue of May is online with a lot of scoop!

cover_maggio2012s“Healthy mind in healthy gaming’, states the claim on the cover of the May issue of our magazine Gioco News, that we are delivering during these days. We quoted (a little bit ‘revised!), the famous Latin saying, because the matter of responsible gaming is of great interest and even the government is getting down to work, within the ‘tasks’ that will be awarded by the tax enabling act, to dictate new rules to favor a correct approach to gaming. Everybody hopes not in the point of view of prohibitionism with uncertain results, but perhaps finally adding the gaming addiction between the diseases which are dependent on the National Health Service. In this issue of May we wanted to explore the therapeutic communities that deal with gambling and that, even waiting for national rules, are working in our country. Three excellent communities, which operate with great difficulties, three different approaches, but all aimed to recover some difficult situations that can be lead again on the right way for a healthy gaming.

Read our magazine online also!

But we have been also interested in a lot of other subjects: we gave space to politics, with the exclusive interview with the italian politician Paolo Ferrero, secretary of the Rifondazione Comunista party, but also to new technologies, with an interesting special about the mobile gaming and in particular to its (rosy) prospects in Italy. And then the first news about how the future new slots will appear and the cover story dedicated to Nazionale Elettronica, an analysis of the Betting Exchange, a new gaming manner that soon will make its debut in our Peninsula, to proceed with the analysis of quality models for the racecourses and of the possible privatization of the companies that manage the casinos. There are also the VLTs, the pinball competition, with the interview to the champion Daniel Acciari – the best italian palyers and third on pinball world rankings. And not to mention the big part dedicated to poker, with a report about the skin and a lot of reports from the major Italian and European gaming locations. Two, as usual, the “vip” interviews: Gianfranco D’Angelo and Massimo Dapporto talk about their relationship with gaming.
But we do not want to disclose too much, to not deprive you of the pleasure of glancing through our pages with curiosity andexpectations.

Who wants to already virtually find out more, can (free) register himself to the site, while those who want to subscribe to the ‘paper’ magazine only have to fill the ‘subscriptions’ form which is located on the home page. Happy reading!

02 May 2012

New Slots: today the day of truth for the new generation devices

slot_coin2Today is the day of truth for the operators of the field of new. From this morning’s meeting between the representatives of the chain – with the leaders of the Federazione di filiera Sistema Gioco Italia di Confindustria – and the State Monopolies, the proposals of technical changes for the AAMS new generation of new slots that must born starting from next year, will make known. That is to say those changes that anticipated during the past weeks and that today will be discussed in detail at Piazza Mastai, and the administration can even reveal the other novelties compared with the ones reported in these pages and welcome the comments of the workers of the field. As mentioned, there should be no changes on the gaming criteria, either from the point of view of the ‘coin in’ nor from that of the pay-out, with the exception of the change of the percentage of minimum winning, decreased from 75 to 74 percent of the stakes, already required by the regulations from next January 1, 2013. But the innovations provided by AAMS for the next generation of new slots will create a real new production, also abandoning the hypotesis of updating or conversion of existing 6a paragraph machines.

Among the most important novelties, we want to remember: the introduction of the health  insurance card reader that will allow the control of the age of players, in addition to the system ‘to encrypt’ the devices into the equipment with the aim of making them inviolable machines, or at least, raising the ‘armor’ level and discourage breaking. But it woun’t be the only novelties. On the contrary, the new slots will have more security systems that will radically change the production (at least two other important changes in the first draft of the AAMS document), with the obvious consequence that the updating of the old slots that  a lot of people supposed to make less expensive the generation change, won’t be feasible anymore. 
The shift to the ‘new slots 3’, however, will be probably like the previous one between the paragraph 6 and paragraph 6a machines, with a well defined timing for the ‘end’ of existing products, together with the introduction of the new machines on the market. Probably the new approvals will start from 1 January 2013, with the aim of taking place at the same time the arrival of new technologies with the introduction of new winning percentage already fixed by the previous decree. But everything depends on the bureaucratic course that will start in the coming days, with the decree of technical changes that will be examined by the European Commission for a period of stand still of at least 30 days, within which the Commission itself and the other Member States can present their possible objections.

THE TIME NEEDED FOR THE ARRIVAL OF NEW SLOTS – According to what some ministerial sources tell to, the draft of the decree would leave for Brussels in the first half of May: that is to say later that the Monopolies  will submit the not yet provisional text to the representatives of the chain,  with the general meeting about this specific subject set for the first few days of next month, when AAMS will receive a delegation of the Federazione della filiera Gioco Italia di Confindustria. At the moment there is only a first draft of the text, resulted from the various consultations between the State Monopolies, Sogei and police force that must control the field. And in a country where it seems that conciliation has been overcame by new political logics, we hope that it is not only an informative meeting but also a constructive one.

30 Apr 2012

Italian public gaming continues to rise: +29.6% in March thanks to Awps and Vlts

raccolta_marzo2012In March the gaming collection achieves 7,717 million euro. Winnings achieve 6.114 million euro, while the expenditure was of 1.603 million euro. As usual the amusement machines lead the market, reaching a collection of 4.240 million euro, and 1,810 are for VLTs. The card games organized in form that is not the tournament and games of chance with a fixed share remains also in March at the second place, with 1.117 million euro and 1.087 million euro for winnings.

Lotteries follows with 862 million euro, Lotto with 562 million euro, sport gaming with 383 million euro, superenalotto with 189 million euro, bingo with 149 million euro, skill games with 118 million euro, ending with the horse racing gaming with a collection of 97 million euro, which now decreases month after month.
Videolotteries dictate the rise trend of the field above all and it, thanks to the progressive enhancement of network,  rise from a collection of 2.2 to 5.6 billion euro (+154%) compared with the first quarter of 2011. We must record the very high winning percentage (at 97%) for poker cash and online casinos which are at the second place concerning  of collection with 1.12 billion euro but that gave back to the players about 1.087 billion euro, for a real expenditure of 30 million euro. Also the winnings in poker tournaments settle down on similar percentages (118 million euro invested, 105 of pay out) which recorded an expenditure of 13 million euro in March.

26 Apr 2012

Vlt: over 3400 rooms opened for almost 40 thousand terminals, and shortly new platforms on the market (exclusive of

vlt_igtThe Italian market of Videolotteries continues to rise and, at the end of April, it has a number of active terminals in all the Peninsula close to 40 thousand units (in the middle of April, the number of the terminals installed was already more than 39,400 terminals) for a market share that has now reached 70% of the possibility in virtue of the about 57 thousand rights acquired by the network concessionaires and the market expects to reach this number by the end of this year. From June, however, we will also have some novelties on the videlottery network with the launch of the new network concessionaires that now should be three, but we will have to wait for the official verdict of AAMS with the final allocation of the concessions, now only provisionally assigned. The most interesting datum about videolotteries, however, is the one of the number of dedicated rooms operating in Italy (because it has been not officially published, but GiocoNews.can anticipate it) that in the middle of Aprile has already exceeded the 3400 units . We have 700 rooms more than the previous updating provided last year on these pages.


But the market will undergo further changes during next weeks, because of new (and particularly awaited) entries of products. According to what can report, in fact, the american platform of Bally – dealing with a process of approval for almost a year and a half, through the SisalSlot concessionaire – would be close to be completed after finishing the first part of the approval and having started the testing phase, which (unless of course further complications) generally needs no more than one month to complete the file. Also the platform of the Cirsa concessionaire could be shortly ready. It, as now everybody knowns, is hologating a proprietary technology, that is to say coming from the Spanish mother house and not by technology suppliers as all other concessionaires do. The latest innovation in the market, then, could be the one of the videolot Lottomatica concessionaire, which is preparing the debut of IGT products on its own network.

(You can find a full report about italian Vlt market on netx issue of Gioco News paper review – May 2012: you can read it also online with our digital edition!)

26 Apr 2012

Leading gambling and players associations celebrate first year success of their joint betting education programmes

CompleannoThe gambling trade associations, the RGA, EGBA, and ESSA, along with EU Athletes and the Professional Players Federation celebrate today the first year anniversary of their joint betting education programmes. They call on the sports world to enter discussions about an agreed overarching set of principles for a sports betting integrity education programme that can be adapted to local circumstances.

Over the last 12 months, EU Athletes and the Professional Players Federation (PPF) education programmes have spanned 6 European sporting nations, (including England, Germany, France and Spain), 7 sports (including football) and reached around 9200 athletes. This campaign, which uses as a basis its common code of conduct, uses ex-players and top athletes to go into the dressing rooms and make the players aware of the dangers of corruption in sport, what it looks like, how to deal with it and the consequences of failing to do so.

Walter Palmer, General Secretary of EU Athletes, which runs the player education programme for the EGBA and ESSA and reached out to over 2700 athletes so far, commented:  “Our team visits show that there is still a substantial lack of knowledge of local rules on sports betting by players . It is the responsibility of all sports stakeholders to educate players and also to respect the basics principles of good governance. A single code of conduct for players across all sports disciplines would be a step in the right direction but the specificities of countries should be taken into account.”

Sigrid Ligné, Secretary General of the EGBA, added: “The prevention of match fixing is of the upmost priority for the licensed European sports betting industry. We are glad to see that sports regulators are following in the footsteps of our initiative with EU Athletes and making the education of players a priority.”

Clive Hawkswood, Chief Executive of the RGA, stated that: “After the EUA and PPF agreed a single educational code 12 months ago its benefit and reach has been considerable. The code can now be regarded as the template for sporting participants to follow and we were encouraged that SportAccord drew heavily on it when launching its global programme, earlier this year. We hope this marks an important step towards the establishment eventually of a single unified code of education in this area.”

Brendon Batson, MBE Chairman of the Professional Players Federation (PPF), which has developed and manages the player betting education programme funded by the RGA and three of its members (bet365, Betfair and Ladbrokes) said “The player education programmes in the UK, made possible by funding from the RGA and its members, are already showing real benefits. Player education about sports betting integrity is the first line of defence, particularly against illegal and unregulated betting. Our projects are helping players to play their part in protecting the integrity of British sport in 2012.”

The PPF funded project focussed the majority of resources in 2011/12 on football, cricket and rugby union with more than 3,660 professional and 1,940 academy players receiving face-to-face briefings on sports betting integrity and responsible gambling advice.

26 Apr 2012

Eldorado Hotel Casino excites players with Bally’s iView display manager and Elite

bally-technologies-logoBally Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: BYI), a leader in slots, video machines, casino-management, interactive applications, and networked and server-based systems for the global gaming industry, today announced that the  Eldorado Hotel Casino has implemented Bally’s award-winning iVIEW DM and Elite Bonusing Suite (EBS) solutions to engage and excite patrons at its Reno, Nev., property.

The Eldorado is using iVIEW DM with the Elite Bonusing Suite to enable interactive, floor-wide player-bonusing applications such as U-Spin BonusingTM, Lucky Match BonusingTM, Dynamic Random BonusingTM, DM TournamentsTM, and Virtual RacingTM events.

The Eldorado is hosting daily Virtual Racing events in which each player chooses a horse to wager on and watches the race unfold on the in-game screen and overhead CoolSign®-managed media displays.  Additionally, the casino introduced multi-tiered bonus wheel promotions on multiple manufacturers’ games for thrilling new ways to win.

“Since the field trial began, the iVIEW DM machines have experienced a 40 percent increase in play,” said Rob Mouchou, Vice President of Casino Operations at the Eldorado Casino Reno.  “The promotions have been very successful and we believe that will continue. Our players have had a great time with events like Virtual Racing. You can feel the excitement on the floor and that differentiates us from the competition.”

Mouchou added, “U-Spin Bonusing has added a new element to our casino floor.  Being the first casino in Nevada to feature the excitement of Bally’s Elite Bonusing Suite solutions helps us stand out. We’re confident Bally’s technology will continue to help us build player loyalty.”

The Eldorado plans to add additional features for players over the next few months.

“We are very proud the Eldorado Hotel Casino has implemented our trailblazing iVIEW DM and Elite Bonusing Suite systems solutions,” said Bally Technologies’ President and Chief Operating Officer Ramesh Srinivasan. “It is especially exciting that casino patrons can experience the fun and excitement of events like Virtual Racing and U-Spin Bonusing that offer second ways to win and increased anticipation during game play.”

24 Apr 2012

Merkur Dispenser 100 is the proven banknote recycler for all markets

Alexander_MoorThe Merkur Dispenser 100 is the proven banknote recycler in the market. There are over 65,000 units in daily operation. The Merkur Dispenser 100 was introduced to the German AWP market over six years ago. This extensive market experience coupled with the large number of units in operation makes this product stand out in this sector. The Merkur Dispenser 100 is a modular, intelligent banknote recycler. It has three dispensing units – thus can recycle three different denominations and each single one has a capacity of 34 notes. Note validity is not only checked and controlled upon note entry. Security is key – thus the note validity is also checked upon pay out. This gives operators the piece of mind that they have complete control of the information on notes both being paid in and out.

The Merkur Dispenser 100 offers four different note stackers of two differing note capacities (400 and 600). Customers can choose a stacker that is self-locking – in other words the stacker seals itself once it is removed so notes cannot be taken out unless the user has the key to the stacker. A choice of two banknote heads brings further choice to the market.

The Merkur Dispenser 100 originates from the Gauselmann Group which has not only been one of Europe’s most successful gaming machine manufacturers over more than fifty years but is also a major operator as well. It was Paul Gauselmann himself who foresaw the benefits of having a banknote recycler in AWPs. The Gauselmann Group developed the Merkur Dispenser 100 to perfectly fit the local requirements. The great success of the Merkur Dispenser 100 is testimony to the fact of how close the Gauselmann Group is to operator needs. Mr. Kai Buenger is responsible for international sales of the Merkur Dispenser 100. New market segments have been discovered and have grown to become of major importance, underlying the growth strategy of the group. One particular example is that the Merkur Dispenser 100 has become the preferred banknote recycler for change machine manufacturers in Italy.
The demand for the Merkur Dispenser 100 continues to rise. The reasons are clear – it has proven itself over six years in the market and the numbers sold speak for themselves. Furthermore, it has been developed and is manufactured in Germany – underlining the product quality. “Another major benefit is that we can recycle three denominations. Single or dual denomination often is not enough with the result that the recyclers empty the notes too quickly and have to be refilled more often”, explains Mr. Buenger. “Fitting the Merkur Dispenser means less service requirements, so enhancing machine uptime and so ensuring better machine profitability”.
The international team supporting the Merkur Dispenser 100 continues to grow. Alexander Moor has been appointed sales manager in this department. Mr. Moor is a native Russian who has been living in Germany since 1999. Having spent two years in Mexico, this means that Mr. Moor is fluent in three languages. “The whole team extends a warm welcome to Alexander”, notes Mr. Buenger. “Alexander is now supporting all Russian and Spanish speaking countries. We invite our customers here and all interested parties to contact Alexander directly”.

Mr. Alexander Moor can be contacted by email at or mobile phone via +49 151 29 26 21 25.
Kai Buenger has further exciting news. “We all know that the Merkur Dispenser 100 was originally developed for the German AWP market. Differing markets have differing requirements. Thus, I am pleased to announce that the Gauselmann Group is placing strong focus on the international expansion of the Merkur Dispenser 100. That means that we will soon be able to offer the Merkur Dispenser 100 in a whole world of varities and sizes. This will enable us to support all customers who wish to integrate banknote recycling into their machines, including AWPs, VLTs, change machines, parking machines, retail and payment machines. A world of opportunities awaits the Merkur Dispenser 100 as this proven, successful ‘made in Germany’ banknote recycler continues to be the preferred choice in the market”.

23 Apr 2012

Scarface, new Net Entertainment’ video slot

Net-EntertainmentNet Entertainment in cooperation with Universal©, brings a legendary film icon to the reels in its latest platinum offering – ScarfaceTM. There’s no shortage of excitement in this game. 3 Stacked Wilds on 3 different reels activate Nudge Spins, Free Spins, or a Bonus Game unlike any other.

Based on the “Say hello to my little friend” shootout sequence from the film, the Bonus Game players take the role of Tony during his last stand against waves of hit men, winning coins for every kill.
As intense, gritty and memorable as the story that inspired it; the Scarface video slot brings players into the life of the legendary Tony Montana where money is power.

20 Apr 2012

Victorious Touch™ and Flowers Touch™ added to NetEnt’s mobile portfolio

Net-EntertainmentNet Entertainment, the world’s leading provider of high quality casino games, is pleased to announce it is expanding its mobile games portfolio with two new additions: Victorious TouchTM and Flowers TouchTM. Both slots are already available on desktop and now on iOS devices.

At the end of 2011, Net Entertainment launched its first ever casino games designed specifically for mobile. The Net Entertainment TouchTM portfolio now consists of four slots: Gonzo’s QuestTM, Jack HammerTM, VictoriousTM and FlowersTM, as well as Blackjack. More mobile games will be launched during 2012 for both iOS and Android devices.


As with all the other NetEnt TouchTM games, Victorious and Flowers have unique sound support and the same high quality graphics as the desktop versions. Both games have been optimized for full screen and the simplified keypad and navigation ensures intuitive user interaction. NetEnt Touch games offer the same features, such as Quick Spin, Free Spins and Bonus games, that are found on desktop versions, ensuring a premium gaming experience.

Per Eriksson, Net Entertainment CEO, said: “We have seen a positive growth on our mobile games since its launch end of 2011,and we are committed to build up a solid portfolio of new games to be released to the market throughout the year. We take utmost care in ensuring that the top class gameplay and graphics, for which Net Entertainment games have always been known, are replicated on mobile, and we are now delighted to release two more games, which will further support our partners end to end portfolio offering to their players.”