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23 Jul 2012

Sports Pinball: Krisztián Szalai won in Marmore, but it is a joy for the Italian pinball world and not only for it

marmore premiazioniMarmore – Krisztián Szalai wins the Marmore Pinball Tournament – Pinball at the Waterfalls, that took place last weekend in the beautiful setting of the Marmore Waterfall next to Terni, in Umbria. For the Hungarian player, number 26 in the international ranking, this is a very important victory in their personal prizewinners because it could bring him in the top 20 of the ranking. This time Daniel Acciari, our Italian super champion, didn’t win and he only ends in the third position, after has been defeated in the semifinal match by Cesare D’Atri, the revelation of the Marmore tournament, who ended in the second position, giving up only under the undisputed supremacy of Szalai that during these two days dedicated to the sports pinball never lost a match, qualifying himself in the first qualifying session on Saturday with an en plein, winning all the nine games.

On the first day of the tournament, moreover, added to the qualifying games of the main tournament, also a classic tournament took place, that is to say a second tournament held on the so-called ‘classical’ pinball machines, the electro-mechanical ones, of the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s . Also in this case the Hungarian Krisztián Szalai distinguish himself, but he ended at the fourth position after the compatriot Istvan Szabo, and Super Mario Anzini, coming from Verona, won the tournament, failing the qualification for the main tournament, despite according to the forecasts, he was the favourite for both the competitions. Marino Milan, the other player coming from Veneto, arrived at the second position in the classic tournament.

acciari premiazione ifpaitaliaAt the end of the weekend in Marmore all the players come satisfied at home, thanks to a very successful two days in the middle of nature and carachterized by the sports pinball, where we have been moments of great competitive spirit, but above all, where we have been a lot of fun. And the Marmore tournament also gave the opportunity to celebrate  Daniel Acciari, the World Champion in office, and number one of international rankings, with a prize given to the national Italian player of sports pinball by Ifpa Italia, to thank him for the extraordinary performances that make the Italian pinball world pride. “I’m incredibly happy for the results I obtained in these 5 years of competitions that caused to me many sacrifices – the champion said receiving the award – and I must thank IFPA Italia and the Tecnoplay sponsor who supported me in this extraordinary journey. But now I have a request, directed especially to the players: I wish that many more of them would follow me in the tournaments abroad, because often I went to win some points in competitions outside of Italy leaving alone or at maximum in two persons for these journeys. It would be the time to start believing in this sport and in our chances also among the other players because I am sure that in this way we can further strengthen the role of Italy at the international level “.

Today the Italian sports pinball can count on another important event that is added between the leading appointments of our country – the IFPA Italia association writes in an official statement – given the great success of the Marmore Pinball Tournament also at an international level, it becomes a duty to repeat the event also next year considering the edition of this weekend, then, as the number one edition and as the beginning of a new way. Sincere thanks, as well as players who came to Marmore from various parts of Europe, to Casa Lina, the local cultural association that co-organized the event, and to the companies and the individuals who offered their machines and their time: to Tecnoplay – historical partner of IFPA Italia and of the national sports pinball –  to Italgiochi2001 in Rieti, to Automatic Service in Terni and to the collectors Claudio Mortini, Dino Merluzzi and Daniele Verrocchio“.

20 Jul 2012

Cjeu concerns on compliance of polish and latvian gambling law with eu rules

corteueEGBA welcomes two separate judgments from the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) today; on the Polish failure to notify draft gambling legislation and the Latvian restrictions to the freedom to provide gambling services;    

The first ruling in the joined Fortuna case (C-213/11, C-214/11, C-217/11) looked at the key question “whether the provisions of that Law may be relied upon against an individual when they were not notified to the Commission under the procedure prescribed by Directive 98/34”(see below, and paragraph 20 of the ruling). The ruling casts serious doubts on the respect by Polish authorities of important procedural EU rules when adopting the 2010 Gambling Act.

The CJEU confirms that:

  • The provisions at stake “are capable of constituting ‘technical regulations’…drafts of which must be the subject of communication” (paragraph 40) in line with Directive 98/34
  • It is to the national judge to establish “those provisions constitute conditions which can significantly influence the nature or the marketing of the product” (paragraph 40)

The European Parliament was alerted in 2010 to the Polish Gambling Act regarding issues of compliance with EU law, including the lack of notification; consequently the Petition Committee questioned the European Commission and issued a report in 2011.(1)   

The second ruling regards the Latvian Garkalns case (C-470/11), questioning whether the gambling law, which allows Latvian authorities to restrict the market on the particularly broad grounds of ‘substantial impairment of the interests of the State and of the residents of the administrative area concerned’, is compatible with the Treaty.

This specific case gave the CJEU the opportunity to recall that:

  • such restrictions; “must be based on objective, non-discriminatory criteria known in advance, in such a way as to circumscribe the exercise by the authorities of their discretion so that it is not used arbitrarily” (paragraph 42)
  • “it is also necessary for the competent authorities to base each of their decisions on reasoning which is accessible to the public, stating precisely the reasons for which, as the case may be, authorisation has been refused” (paragraph 43)
  • For the national courts to ensure … that legislation genuinely meets the concern to reduce opportunities for gambling and to limit activities in that domain in a consistent and systematic manner.” (paragraph 44)
  • “it is therefore for the national court to verify, in particular, that the State strictly supervises the activities related to betting and gaming; that the refusal of the local authorities to authorise the opening of new establishments of that type genuinely pursues the declared objective of protecting consumers; and that the criterion of ‘substantial impairment of the interests of the State and of the residents of the administrative area concerned’ is applied without discrimination.” (paragraph 47)

EGBA Secretary General Sigrid Ligné comments: “The Court has reconfirmed that Member States are required to notify draft gambling legislation. If they fail to do so, the legislation can´t be enforced against operators. Likewise, we are satisfied that the Court firmly recalls that restrictions to the market can only be justifiable subject to strict conditions.”

Ligné added: “What is worrying is that these are well known and longstanding requirements that Member States should, but many do not comply with. As recently confirmed by Commissioner Barnier, Member States’ compliance with European rules is essential. The Commission has acknowledged that in addition to the 9 pending infringement procedures, 28 complaints against 12 Member States will now be investigated. We are confident that the Commission will take appropriate legal action.” 

12 Jul 2012

The Hippodrome Casino in Leicester square will be officially opening its doors

HippodromeThe new Hippodrome Casino in Leicester Square, London, will launch in July 2012, after a 30-month rebuild and renovation of the former Hippodrome Theatre and adjacent Cranbourn Mansions. Following a £40 million investment by father and son team Jimmy and Simon Thomas, it will mark an important new era for gaming in the UK as its first truly international-style casino and comprises: three floors of gaming; a 180 seat cabaret theatre – The Matcham Room; a 150 cover restaurant – Heliot; 4 private dining rooms; five bars; a two-level smoking terrace; and events spaces throughout (

And this year, EASITRAX Soft Count will make its European debut when the Hippodrome Casino in London opens exclusively with CASHFLOW SC note acceptors. Since its release in 2008, EASITRAX has been installed in nearly 80,000 games worldwide – a number that continues to grow as more operators join MEI in the global movement towards optimised cash management.

“We have sought out the latest, most state-of-the-art technologies to multiply returns while also providing the best service to our patrons,” explains John Strydom, Manager of Slots at the Hippodrome. “We chose EASITRAX and CASHFLOW SC because of MEI’s strong reputation for value and performance. The global feedback for the marriage of these two products is exemplary, and we’re eager to be the first European casino to take advantage of it.”

“This is a proud moment for MEI,” says James Boje, MEI VP of Gaming and Retail – EMEA. “It is both an honour and a responsibility that we enthusiastically embrace, striving to provide both products and service that maximise expectations. Together with the Hippodrome, we are raising the bar for satisfied players and superior cash management in Europe.”

First introduced in 2002, CASHFLOW SC redefined the role of note acceptors in operator profitability and customer satisfaction with improvements made to acceptance, jam rate, security and cost of ownership. 1.3 million units have been installed globally, with a ship share of more than 70% for three consecutive years in the US and wins in the Asia-Pacific Region, including Singapore and Macau.  

The addition of EASITRAX Soft Count to CASHFLOW SC creates a comprehensive software/hardware cash management system designed to improve operational efficiencies from the slot floor to the soft count room. It works by gathering data from multiple note acceptors and funnelling that information into a single remote location, where it can be securely accessed to manage assets. Because cashboxes no longer need to be tied to specific slot machines, EASITRAX typically saves 20-30 seconds per cash drop.

“By opening with EASITRAX, the Hippodrome Casino will leverage the industry’s best cash management solution from day one,” adds Boje. “We expect this is the start of cash management systems, like EASITRAX, being installed in gaming operations across Europe – and with convenient retrofit kits, current MEI CASHFLOW SC customers will enjoy easy installations while getting the most from their previous investments.”

11 Jul 2012

7 Cedars Casino Launches Bally Mobile Applications

bally-technologies-logoBally Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: BYI), a leader in slots, video machines, casino-management, mobile and interactive applications, and networked systems for the global gaming industry, today announced that the Apple® and Android™ mobile applications it created for 7 Cedars Casino in Sequim, Wash. are now available, along with a new mobile website also created by Bally Technologies.

“We make a continuous effort to provide our guests with the highest level of service possible,” said Judy Walz, Marketing Director at 7 Cedars Casino. “That effort includes offering them the best tools and technology on and off our property to enhance their experience at 7 Cedars. Our new apps deliver convenience, information, and entertainment through a host of easy-to-use features that we can’t wait for our guests to use and enjoy.”

Anyone can download the apps, which are available in the Apple iTunes® store and in Google Play®. They enable users to:

– See the hottest slots and table games and view current promotions in just a few clicks.

– Access the Totem Rewards Club to check point balances.

– Enjoy Bally’s popular Vegas Hits™ free-to-play slot game for iPhone® and iPad® users.

– Get info about the Cedars at Dungeness golf course such as the latest weather conditions, view the live webcam, check tournament results, or contact the Pro Shop.

– Find out what’s being offered at the Longhouse Market and take a photo tour.

– View dining menus instantly and discover what nightlife and events are happening around the property.

– Access overhead custom GPS maps or view detailed property maps of the casino, golf course, and surrounding area.

– Use the embedded smart-search bar to find content by keyword.

– Bookmark information and create your own itinerary with My 7 Cedars.

– Easily reach key contacts like group sales and the casino staff.

– Check out 7 Cedars’ live Twitter feed or Facebook wall directly from the app.

“We are so pleased to partner with 7 Cedars Casino and provide them with this custom mobile solution,” said Bally’s Vice President of Regional Sales Mike Walsh. “The 7 Cedars apps will be an incredible customer-service tool and a powerful new way to interact with and entertain their patrons.”

05 Jul 2012

Spielo International to work with Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission

spielo topSpielo International has announced that it has been selected by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) in Canada to work toward a Player Experience solution through Spielo International’s Value-Added Player Services Manager Application for its Intelligen™ video lottery terminal (VLT) central system. The solution was selected as part of a competitive procurement process.

“We’re pleased to have the opportunity to work with AGLC to enhance the functionality of their Intelligen Central System with our Player Experience solution. Our goal is to provide Aglc with future capabilities for a two-way communication conduit between the operator and the player, and significantly enhance the program’s entertainment value,” said Spielo International President and Ceo Walter Bugno.

“Spielo International’s groundbreaking open-standards-based technology for distributed gaming customers means that this solution could eventually be available from every gaming machine in AGLC’s VLT program, so that all Alberta players can enjoy a more customized and personalized gaming experience.”

The Player Experience solution provides technology that enables two-way communication between the operator and the player through a portion of the screen of a VLT, without affecting the appearance or functionality of the base game. With the Player Experience solution, AGLC would over time be able to enhance the value of its existing gaming program and allow the player to customize his or her game experience.

Because the Player Experience solution is based on industry open standard protocols and is designed to operate using the Game to System® (G2S®) protocol, it can be integrated with any G2S compliant VLT acquired by AGLC from any manufacturer.

As announced in July 2011, Spielo International signed a five-year contract with AGLC to provide the Intelligen Central System following a separate competitive procurement process. In December 2011, Spielo International also announced that AGLC had selected Spielo International’s Distributed Game Management application for the Intelligen Central System.

Following a second public competitive procurement process, Spielo International signed a multi-year contract on November 8, 2011 to provide AGLC with new VLTs and a set of compelling VLT games.

02 Jul 2012

Vlt: the network continues to grow with 3900 active rooms and 39 thiusand terminals net to 380 thousand Awps

vlt igtThe Italian network of videolotteries continues to grow – even if in a milder way than the previous months – and it prepares to cross, in the coming days, the finishing line of 3900 rooms operating in our country, with about 41 thousand terminals that already collect bets. The datum related to the rooms has not yet released by AAMS but can anticipate it, together with the one of the real distribution of new slots, while official data are of last March.

At the end of June 2012 the number of licences issued by the Administration is of about 410 thousand while the number of active machines (Awp) is of about 380 thousand: these figures that show a rationalization of the market compared to the ones released since the last update of AAMS.

28 Jun 2012

Spielo International introduces new and improved Casino Systems solutions

SPIELO-International original CYMK-300x60Spielo International’s Casino Systems division continues to bring innovation to the market with easy-to-add applications that provide real value to casino management. Its latest products and product upgrades help operators reach customers beyond the casino floor to cement loyalty and enhance the player experience.

myPromo is a new application from Spielo International for the GALAXIS™ Star MARKETING module for player management and marketing. It’s a unique promotional marketing tool designed to draw players into the casino, wherever they are, via their mobile phone, smartphone or pc with targeted promotions sent by email or SMS (text messages). Once in the casino, the player can use his or her promotion directly at the slot machine without queuing at a reception desk.

Designed to boost gaming for lapsed players and attract new players, myPromo offers targeted player marketing using any combination of demographic, geographic or player gaming behaviour criteria. For example, using demographic data, women players could be invited with a promotion limited to a particular day of the week for a “Ladies’ Night.” Using gaming behaviour data, promotions could target players who have been absent for a period of over six weeks, or, if desired, non-resident players could be targeted by country of residence.

Spielo International is also releasing a dynamic new look for the player interface with an engaging, customisable, player-optimised design and powerful new features. More than a player interface, is the powerful next generation online platform, which integrates with the wide range of GALAXIS modules for casino operators.

The new design features a scrolling player menu on the touch-screen for dynamic, interactive player communications. It opens up exciting applications and value-added information at the touch of an icon.

The background can be customised to reinforce the casino’s identity, and adjustable menu icons add to the casino’s own multimedia animations. The jackpot hit animation can also be customised with a series of different animations for different jackpots.

The casino can also tailor screen backgrounds for each player level where, for instance, higher-level players would see a background that highlights their player status to increase the player’s feeling of recognition.

27 Jun 2012

Barnier (European Commissioner): “Online Gambling in Europe, from Consultation to Action”

barnier bruxellesThe Commissioner Michel Barnier, spoke this evening at the EP conference on online betting and gambling in Europe: “How to Regulate Betting and Gambling in Europe – Track record and future perspectives” on Bruxelles. He Said: “We have had the consultation and the ensuing discussion. Now is the time for action”. Here the full text of the Commissioner discours.

“First of all, thank the European Parliament for organising this conference.
Could I also commend the efforts of all the MEPs who have worked on this matter: Christel Schaldemose and Jürgen Creutzman, authors of reports on this subject which have attracted a great deal of attention, and also – to mention just a few – Heide Ruhle, Damien Abad, Cornelis De Jong and Ashley Fox.
The resolution of 15 November 2011 demonstrated that, broadly speaking, Parliament shares the Commission’s view. Parliament calls in the resolution for specific measures at European level, whilst respecting the principle of subsidiarity.
The public consultation was a great success; we can be pleased that the debate was calm and dispassionate, and that today’s discussion is focusing on analysing the facts and the issues rather than on emotional reactions.
We have had the consultation and the ensuing discussion. Now is the time for action.
I promised to do just that when I spoke at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.
What can we, what must we do at European level? Help the Member States to effectively regulate online gaming, in line with their own national traditions but also in compliance with the Treaty.
Why? To effectively protect consumers and all citizens, whilst responding to the legitimate expectations of online betting and gambling operators. It should be remembered that the latter are responding to a demand for these new services.
Is there European added value in protecting our citizens, whilst respecting the principle of subsidiarity? Yes, because no Member State can deal alone with all the risks associated with this activity.
However, this added value can take different forms:
more effectively clamping down on the many illegal websites, often hosted in offshore havens;
developing – where this is allowed – a legal alternative which is attractive enough to permanently undermine any clandestine and therefore unregulated offers;
it can – and must – also take the form of support measures to prevent any undesirable drift that could stem from an uncontrolled development of online betting and gambling.
We need to tackle these challenges together. This is why I will be proposing to the Commission in the autumn that we adopt a plan of action to effectively regulate and supervise online betting and gambling.
This plan should offer detailed responses to challenges identified and a methodology for action

27 Jun 2012

Bally launches U.S. iGaming platform with Golden Nugget Properties

Internet Gaming Devices with GlobeBally Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: BYI), a leader in slots, video machines, casino-management, interactive applications, and networked and server-based systems for the global gaming industry, today announced that its first iGaming platform is now live and powering a free-play poker website in partnership with Golden Nugget casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, N.J.

The website, which can be accessed by visiting, is one of the first free-play poker sites in the United States driven by a licensed gaming manufacturer.

“This is a very monumental time for the Golden Nugget as we launch a play-for-free site and introduce our loyal patrons to a new way to enjoy gaming entertainment when they can’t be on property,” said Golden Nugget Chairman and Owner Tilman J. Fertitta. “We believe that online gaming is inevitable in the United States, and that our free-play site will enable the Golden Nugget to be well positioned to compete when U.S. laws allow for online gaming.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with the Golden Nugget as they leverage their free-play site to attract new players and drive existing players back to their land-based casinos,” said Richard Haddrill, Bally Technologies’ Chief Executive Officer. “This partnership will demonstrate the advantages of having an open iGaming platform, which allows for best-in-class content.”

The progression of Bally’s iGaming platform in the coming months will enable the Golden Nugget to have an integrated solution within their Bally mobile, online, and traditional system offerings. A “single view of the player” will be realized as Golden Nugget patrons utilize various gaming devices across multiple distribution channels.

Nevada and New Jersey are two of the leading jurisdictions exploring legalized online gaming. Bally Technologies’ proprietary iGaming platform is able to provide free play across the globe – and it will also provide online gaming where legal.

Bally Technologies’ iGaming platform offers casino operators a number of benefits. The platform is open, which enables operators to choose from best-of-breed content from a multitude of providers. The Company’s iGaming platform is also designed for mobile integration and is ready to accommodate online wagering beyond poker, such as casino table games, video slots, and sports betting.

“The integration to Bally’s CMP™ player-tracking system and Elite Bonusing Suite™ will enable casino operators to track and bonus players seamlessly through the traditional and virtual casino environments,” said John Connelly, Vice President of Business Development at Bally Technologies. “We are licensed as a gaming manufacturer in hundreds of jurisdictions around the world and will work with casinos to provide one view of their patrons across online, mobile, and traditional platforms.”

Bally Technologies received the first online gaming license in the United States last week when the Nevada Gaming Commission awarded Bally an interactive gaming supplier license.

22 Jun 2012

Bally Technologies receives first online gaming license in Usa

Bally-Technologies-Building-June-2011Bally Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: BYI), a leader in slots, video machines, casino-management, interactive applications, and networked and server-based systems for the global gaming industry, today became the first company to receive an interactive gaming supplier license from the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB).

Nevada is the first state to adopt a statute allowing interactive gaming and the first state to adopt regulations for online gaming of any kind. “We are grateful to the State of Nevada for this opportunity,” said Bally Technologies’ Chief Executive Officer Richard Haddrill. “We look forward to Bally expanding its leadership role in this exciting new arena of online gaming.”

At the NGCB’s meeting today, board members unanimously approved Bally Technologies for a license to act as an interactive gaming system manufacturer and service provider. This enables Bally to provide business-to-business iGaming solutions for the state’s casino operators, including wager-based online poker.

Bally Technologies is offering its iGaming platform technology and content to casino operators. The Company’s iGaming platform features an open architecture, which enables operators to choose from best-of-breed content from a multitude of providers. The iGaming platform is also designed for mobile integration and is ready to accommodate online wagering beyond poker, such as casino table games, video slots, bingo, social, and sports wagering when authorized.

Bally expects to make incremental investments in its interactive division during fiscal 2013 and beyond to ensure leadership in business-to-business iGaming support for the casino industry.