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03 Jun 2020

Zaia (Veneto governor): ‘Ready guidelines to reopen casinos and gaming halls’

The governor of Veneto, Zaia, announces that the regional guidelines for reopening casinos and gaming halls are already ready, hoping for a call by the government.

“In fact, we decided all the guidelines, the entertainment venues, the discos, the casinos and the gaming halls. We are waiting for a call by the Government to understand what will be done with these guidelines.”

The governor of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia, said this today, June, the 1st, on the day when the new regional ordinance enters into force, which invalidates, among other things, the obligation to use the protective masks outdoors, but not in places indoors.

“As regards travels, I confirm that I am against asking or imposing limitations on those who come to Veneto. I think it is essential that there is free and responsible movement, in compliance with the rules”, Zaia explains.

A few hours ago, Zaia talked about the gaming issue, announcing the arrival of a second ordinance, by June, the 15th, to regulate the reopening of discos and casinos, and saying that he “talked during these days with his colleague Toti too. They have the Sanremo Casino, we have the one in Venice to be reopened”.

25 May 2020

A war on two fronts

Per Jaldung, president of the European Casino Association, highlights the effort that will have to be made to deal with the economic consequences for the industry.


20 May 2020

Artificial intelligence at the service of betting

Thanks to the partnership signed between DT9 Media and the Danish PowerMedia Group, the most performing shares and bonuses comparatorarrives in Italy, and in all regulated markets.

Gaming affiliate market goes to a higher level thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in new solutions specifically designed, created and developed for the betting and online gaming sectors.
DT9 Affiliations brings this type of technology to the Italian market being a leading company in the field of gaming affiliations, which through the exclusive partnership signed with the Danish group Power Media, is able to offer digital tools for shares and bonuses comparison – respectively for betting and poker/casino games segments- able to better meet the needs of the players, but at the same time, also to those of the gaming companies that want to be found. Allthis, in perfect compliance with the provisions provided by theLegislator in terms of gambling advertising and promotion, throughconsumer information services, which follow the rules of the AutoritàGarante delle Comunicazioni.

“We are proud to bring this new technology to the Italian market, sure ofits potential – DaniloDi Tota, CEO of Dt9 Media, comments – after months of development to integrate the solution onour systems, we are now ready to adopt the Power Media’s cutting-edgesoftware tools that will allow to further extend the field ofaffiliations and the ability to satisfy the requests of consumers”.

Morten Marcussen, Managing Director of Power Media Group, is satisfied too: “In the process of evaluating and integrating our services, DT9 has proven to be an open and intelligent organization that is committed to improving its services to createvalue for its partners: this further encouraged us to adapt our systems to their specific needs,” the manager explains. “Oursports product is highly advanced and the main element of the serviceoffered to customers is the ability to draw on data from differentsources and act on the output, so that it can be used on any platform. Whether it’s a national championship, a betting affiliateor an information portal, each skilled channel can have its owncomparator, in line with all specifications, through DT9”.Fora significant leap forward in the field of affiliations, the result of which is assured.

18 May 2020

The best pinball player at World, Raymond Davidson, joins at Sern Pinball

Stern Pinball, the first pinball productor in the World, announced today the appointment of Raymond Davidson as Game Development Software Engineer.

Raymond will be joining a talented programming team to help push more content and updates for released and future titles. Raymond most recently worked for Amazon, Ripl, and Smilebox. In addition to his many professional engineering accomplishments, Raymond is a passionate pinball enthusiast and world class player, currently the #1 ranked competitive pinball player in the world.

“Raymond’s pinball IQ is off the charts, which is clearly why he’s currently ranked #1 in the world! We are very excited to add his talents to our studio as we continue to grow our unique lifestyle entertainment brand and produce the most fun pinball machines on the planet,” said George Gomez, EVP and Chief Creative Officer.
So, Stern Pinball is committed and continuously working to update and improve software for our machines.

18 May 2020

Lockdown in Italy: bars reopen from May, the 18th, betting and bingo halls from June, the 15th

With the latest decree of the President of the Council of Ministers relating to the reopening of public places in Italy, further closure of arcades, bingo and betting activities is foreseen.

“The activities of gaming all, betting and bingo halls, discos and similar premises are suspended”, the provision issued by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte affirms, where the ways of the reopening that will take place today, Monday, May, the 18th, are written in detail, pursuant to the law decree approved by the Council of Ministers and published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale on Saturday , May, the 16th. The provisions of the Prime Ministerial Decree of May, the 17th, are valid until June, the 14th and, as anticipated by, confirm the closure of gaming locations. Although some of the games will in the meantime be able to start again in the bars. But not everywhere. The reopenings, in fact, have been entrusted to the individual Regions: therefore, up to 20 different criteria could be decided for each region. Indeed, not all Italian regions will start again from May, the 18th, but only a few. In addition, each Region can decide whether to further limit some activities: for example, some regions such as Piemonte have specified that the bars, which will open from May, the 25th, will not be able to turn on the slots. While in Trentino Alto Adige the slots are allowed and already active since today.