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22 Jan 2021

Clarion Gaming management team sets out philosophy, commitment and objectives

Clarion Gaming has announced changes to its senior team with Alex Pratt, who helped pioneer the development of the i-Gaming Business brand, becoming Group Managing Director, and long-time Clarion executive, Stuart Hunter assuming the role of Managing Director with direct responsibility for all of Clarion’s market-leading industry events and brands.


19 Jan 2021

SUZOHAPP and the new focus on gaming with separation of Cash Handling Business

SUZOHAPP announced the separation of its gaming and amusement business from its cash handling business, effective immediately.

The new cash handling business will be called PayComplete. SUZOHAPP will focus solely on its core gaming, amusement, and sports betting business.

“As our offerings grew in number and complexity, it became apparent that we could operate more efficiently and serve our customers more effectively by separating into two independent entities,” said Sim Bielak, Global President of SUZOHAPP. “The increased focus we can now bring to our Gaming & Amusement business will bring us closer to the customer as we align our offerings more directly with their needs.”

With its 60-year history of serving the gaming and amusement industry, SUZOHAPP is returning to its roots. This renewed focus on its core business will bring value to both the business and its customers.

“Moving forward, our customers can expect much greater attention to be given to understanding and meeting their needs quickly, efficiently and cost effectively,” continued Bielak. “Our optimized operations will allow for increased innovation, improved response times and greater customer service. 2021 will be a great year for SUZOHAPP and its customers.”

19 Jan 2021

The interview: why invest in Food & Beverage also on gaming

To understand more in detail the contents of this survey, the objectives, expectations and opportunities for professionals, we talk about it with Angela Borghi, TradeLab Key Account Manager & Partner, who dealt with the research work.

What are the objectives of the Report carried out by TradeLab for Gioco News and why do you think it is important for a gaming operator?
“With this analysis, we wanted to explore, on the one hand, the current Food & Beverage offer in venues with the possibility of play and any reasons for not joining it and, on the other hand, to understand how the customers judged it where present or how much they wanted it if not present. The study was carried out before the pandemic and therefore we can say that it is a precious picture of the state that can give useful information now that we find ourselves rethinking the future”.

What role does the F&B play and what role can it play within gaming venues, in your opinion as an expert?
“The out-of-home consumption of Food & Beverage (excluding its more functional dimension), as well as being a recognized attraction to our country, is characterized by the fact that it gives the consumer an experience. Where present and enhanced in gaming rooms, it can therefore contribute to create an even more complete experience for the consumer. We have seen how over the years the contribution of out-of-home food consumption in Italy has considerably grown, reaching 34 percent of the total in 2019 (it was 29 percent in 2000) and growing by +72 percent in value over the last 20 years. This is the result of socio-demographic changes and lifestyles (more single, fewer families, greater female employment, more intense rhythms, less time to devote to cooking, greater purchase of services than goods…), but above all because eating away from home is an integral part of recreational and experiential activities linked to free time (tourism and sports-shows-entertainment-shopping,…) and moments of socializing, meeting, celebration. Food & Beverage can therefore bring a new and more complete experience to gaming venues and perhaps clear the image of places for a few enthusiasts, by bringing them closer to wider targets, as indeed happens abroad”.

What impact has the pandemic had and is it having on out-of-home consumption? Do you think this can/should affect the retail gaming offer?
“The pandemic has had a very heavy impact on the world of away from home. It is expected to close the year at around 53 billion, -37 percent compared to the 2019 market value of 85 billion. Furthermore, from our analyzes this impact will also bring a structural change to the business model of the Horeca consumption points. Just think, for example, of digitization, entered at the time of ordering and payment, but also in the greater communication via website, social, e-mail etc. to its customers. In this period, the issue of safety has become very important. These hot topics seen in the away-from-home market may also be reflected in other worlds. For example, also for retail gaming, the ability to assure safety for its customers will become one of the elements to be told and highlighted in one’s value proposition, as well as an enhancement of digital tools. Another important aspect for the managers of the Away from home is to recover gratification to their customers by mitigating their fear; in fact, we found from our analyzes that Italians have returned to consume outside the home but are less gratified by this experience than in the past. For retail gaming, the inclusion of Food & Beverage could be a way to improve or recover gratification in customers”.

What idea did you have of this sector and what amazed you the most by studying it in these months?
“It is a sector that I didn’t know very well before this analysis and in which a process of change is underway. We know that a part of the gaming activity now takes place online, so the activity in the physical point may in the future have a greater connotation of a meeting and contact place: the presence of Food & Beverage can therefore become an important asset to create attraction and satisfy customers. I was amazed by the share of female customers that are still not very high but important (about 10 percent) and young people (about 20 percent), the good cultural level (7 percent have university education and 51 percent have a higher average). In general, gaming retail is a sector with certainly interesting turnovers and a good Food & Beverage offer could help to further increase the turnover of the managers, but above all the managers who have already introduced this type of offer have no intention of eliminating or reducing it”.

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14 Jan 2021

A toast to retail gaming: the first report about Food, beverage and gaming in Italy

A new game in the new normal: this is the goal of the industry emerging from the pandemic. The survey carried out by TradeLab for Gioco News on gaming retail with a view to Food & Beverage and more, helps the operators for the creation of the new retail offer.

The reconstruction of public gaming after the pandemic proposes new scenarios and new challenges in the retail for the creation of safe, welcoming spaces, in line with the new – health and technological – needs of consumers. In this “new normal” of gaming we can see several opportunities, which it’s worth deepening, to create new spaces to host the usual public of these locations, but not only. Trying to extend the horizons towards a general public, perhaps even among those who are not a player. Or rather, it is not yet.
For a challenge in the challenge that the insiders are preparing to face in this restart year, in which we will also have to use imagination to dare something more and try – why not – even to anticipate some trends, as well to support those already in place. But without relegating development to unpreparedness: on the contrary, relying on scientific analysis and evidence of data. In this sense, the survey carried out by TradeLab for Gioco News on the potential of Food & Beverage in gaming is a valuable tool for retail gaming operators. A research work developed over the last eighteen months, which we talked about some time ago, when the project was being defined, and which has just been completed, giving life to a very complete and detailed report, in which we can find a series of interesting ideas on the reality of Italian gaming and – above all – on the wishes of the users attending the rooms and all the places where gaming products are located.
In fact, in this long and in-depth survey, created to explore the possibilities of creating or developing a serving offer within gaming venues, other aspects have also emerged that interest consumers, also in comparison with what they can already find. Providing very important ideas for those who are called to rethink the layout and organization of their gaming locations. In this sense, therefore, the research has taken on a new and further meaning with the explosion of the pandemic, which changed – in part – the timing of implementation, but without compromising the results. Indeed, providing further food for thought, that today become even more precious. If, as we have also seen in previous issues of the magazine, consumers today have new needs, following the spread of the virus and the new containment rules that have radically changed the offer of retail stores of any kind, these new trends intersect with those already detected during the TradeLab survey among the players, thus allowing to analyze the new needs and find the offer to be considered “ideal” for the consumers of the new normal.
Moreover, even before the arrival of the new coronavirus, retail gaming was facing a series of challenges, dictated in that case by the evolution of legislation and by local restrictions which, in addition to pushing towards a new geography of public gaming, due to the so-called “diastimeters” applied by many municipalities, required the creation of more welcoming spaces that were able to appear safer and more welcoming than they already were, to counteract and subvert the negative image that still has today public opinion of the sector. Well, among the merits of this survey, there is also that of proposing the world of gaming in a new way, also combining it with a sector – on the contrary – with a strong trend, such as that of the so-called Food & Beverage or “away from home”. In fact, already today we are increasingly dealing with ultra-technological and innovative locations, welcoming environments, often with an offer of administration or even catering. Indeed, the latter seems to be the hottest trend right now, confirming the fact that the industry is increasingly worrying about the user experience, trying to make it more complete and attractive, instead of limiting it to just the gaming offer.
In fact, the money that is spent with greater satisfaction by users is precisely those for entertainment, in the broadest sense of the term: which includes the whole world of “away from home”, from gaming to catering. Two of the most prosperous economies in our country, that don’t seem to be experiencing a crisis. So why not combine them and exploit this enormous potential, making it even more effective?


Food & beverage & gaming

The data indicate that over 34 percent of the adult population is used trying their luck in Italy, that is over 17 million people. And whatever people say, the vast majority of citizens have a calm relationship with gaming, albeit in cultural and territorial diversity. Indeed, we must also take into account gaming without cash winning, often ignored in the statistics, which instead represents a kind of entertainment widespread among young people and families and in shopping centers, Fecs (Family Entertainment Center) and tourist resorts. In these last locations, not by chance, there is already an F&B offer, often also of a high level. But the same can be found in many locations also dedicated to (commonly called) “gambling”. More in detail, there are approximately 225,000 gaming venues in Italy and over 4,800 of these are skilled points offering a mix of gaming and entertainment. Some are proposed as points of complete offer (“One stop shop”), ranging on various forms of entertainment (games, restaurants, cultural events and entertainment). It is therefore more than evident that the F&B offer in gaming places is increasingly important and that it will create new business opportunities for operators in the supply chain.

For this reason, Gioco News wanted to bring to value its experience on the gaming retail market and on the world of consumption in general, creating (and spreading) an analysis to understand the role, potential and development of the F&B offer in gaming places, both from the point of view of the manager and the visitors. This is the first survey of this kind carried out on the sector (indeed, between the two sectors), which starts from the assumption of exploiting and enhancing the fact that consumption outside home is an important, growing market that has not been affected by the crisis. As reported by Trade Lab, a company skilled in surveys on retail channels and in the world of consumption, which was entrusted with the survey. Not only. According to the data proposed by the same company, in the most commercially developed countries, such as the United Kingdom and the United States or more similar to ours such as Spain, the incidence of consumption outside home is greater: and this means that there is still room to grow. Socio-demographic trends and changes in consumption habits and lifestyles also support the growth of the global F&B and catering market. So, it’s time to study, also taking into account the change of scenery that the gaming will have to face anyway, due to the political and environmental factors that affect the evolution of the business. And maybe this could be the most consumer-oriented format of various kinds that can assure the survival of the gaming premises. For a 2.0 and finally sustainable gaming retail. The survey, launched at the end of 2019, thanks to the support of Sisal, Snaitech and Sks365, was completed in recent months and will be shortly presented to the gaming world, through an ad hoc event. Also looking for a further synergy between the two sectors and also giving to the gaming world a visibility outside the traditional contexts, which certainly is not bad. Also presenting the gaming world as a form of excellence, from a retail point of view.

(The full article about this report is published on Gioco News January 21 magazine, available also on digital version, here)

07 Jan 2021

New dates for EAG Online 2021 after latest government regulations

With the UK and much of Europe now in lockdown, EAG Online will be pushed back with the intention to review the date in the coming weeks.

Originally scheduled for 27-28 January, EAG Online has been designed to continue EAG International’s support for the entertainment attractions and gaming industries by facilitating product sales and networking during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Speaking about the temporary delay, bacta chief executive John White confirmed that this was a decision to help the event’s participants to focus on pressing current issues within their businesses: “This was a tough decision, but the right one. Members, both exhibitors and potential visitors, are closed with staff on furlough. With the current uncertainty around as to when the sector will get going again, they wanted to focus on a show at a time when they could see current public policy measures and the roll out of the vaccines giving a clearer line of sight to re-opening. Hopefully, that will not be too far away, and we can get a date in the diary for an EAG Show that will kick start the revivification of this great industry,” explained John.

EAG International chairman Martin Burlin was also keen to stress that the postponement should be viewed in a positive light: “Our preparations are almost complete, and we’ve had great support from exhibitors, as well as assembling a full seminar schedule. The Online show was conceived to help EAG’s customers during these difficult days. The recent government announcements have changed the situation, meaning that the January dates would be more of a hindrance than a help to our customers.