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30 Nov 2019

Castaldo (Microgame): “New market phase, strategic physical network”

Marco Castaldo, Ceo of Microgame, at the panel at Sigma in Malta, points out that land-based sales points are less compromised by the ban on gaming advertising.

Ta’Qali, Malta – “The ban on gaming advertising, which is the result of a bad policy and a wrong approach to the sector, is however to be considered as an unavoidable consequence of the irreverence of the operators who made too frequent and excessively aggressive communication campaigns that ended up to offend somebody”.
This is the opinion of Marco Castaldo, Ceo of Microgame, who spoke at the panel at the Sigma fair in Malta dedicated to the ban on advertising.
“However, the upside is that online gaming market has nevertheless maintained its growth trend, confirming the Italian sector as a land of great opportunities”, Castaldo continues.
The ban on advertising has therefore not compromised the business, even though it has certainly changed. “What we face today is a new market with new rules in terms of marketing and communication and within which the physical network plays a highly strategic role, with the land-based sales points that are less compromised by the ban and become fundamentals in terms of affiliations”.

Here the full video of the GiocoNews’ conference