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30 Aug 2012

Las Vegas in Europe, a dream or a nightmare?

EurovegassiTwelve hotel resorts, four casinos, nine theaters, four golf courses, huge convention centers and even museums, restaurants, luxury shops: an entertainment offer unique in Europe. It will need many years to build it, and we must wait for the twenties (those of the twenty-first century!) because it will be at its maximum speed. And before the ‘when’, there is a big ‘if’, about the announced project of the Las Vegas Sands to build a real Eurovegas in Spain.

It is sure that if everyone talks about it, and rather the echo resounded throughout Europe, it is because we are not talking about hot air. There is the real will of the American giant of casinos, headed by Sheldon Adelson, a nearly eighty years old man, to strongly invest in the Iberian Peninsula. In fact numerous inspections have already been made in the two locations that are contending the award of the project (Catalonia and the autonomous community of Madrid), and in this hot summer season the final inspections should be made, so the board can take its decision. The political formal or informal discussions with the authorities of the two Generalitat have been several (and confidential ones), especially as Adelson made very heavy conditions to invest in Spain. He calls for a reduction of the present tax regulations, of the one about the social legislation, and also of the very strict rules that forbid smoking in public places, everything obviously received a shower of criticism from city planners, environmentalists, trade unions, indignados, from the Society for Epidemiology, from the Church …. the list would continue, but in short we mention only the other Spanish operators, first of all Cirsa, who said that “with these favorable conditions, there would be some Spanish people ready to build a Eurovegas on their own.”

Moreover, for a Country with a shaky economy and with the very high (“dredful”, using the term used by Francesc Homs, spokesman of the Catalan government) unemployment rate, it is hard to say ‘no’ to a project that is worth 17 billion euros and that already in its first phase, which arrives until 2016, provides for an investment of 6 billion euros and the creation of 16 thousand jobs.
We must use the conditional mood, however, as it is a big project, almost a colossal and unfeasible one and that the ‘final choice’ between Catalonia and Madrid must have been done in May, but it has been postponed a lot of times.
This is not a useless wait, on the contrary it heralds business opportunities for the crowd of Spanish lawyers recruited by Adelson to submit to him an overview of the normative situation, and also for architects, geologists and local engineers is the same. The design itself is a very expensive work, and Las Vegas Sands is regardless of expense, nor his experts have reason to make a discount to one of the richest and most influential groups in the United States, that drew a check of 10 million dollars without turning a hair at the Republican Mitt Romney, the challenger of Barak Obama for the White House.

What is certain is that the existing casino operators (their 2011 was bad with a decrease of 14 percent in takings) are concerned about the impending of Eurovegas. Whether it was made in Barcelona or in Madrid, the closest casinos would probably destined to close, but also to the more geographically distant ones would stealed ambitions and the ability to become a center of attraction for international events. These problems are shared with accommodation, restoration and entertainment facilities that are springing up in the tourist Spain, which can not be considered a depressed area, and where therefore a competitor of the size of Las Vegas Sands would have an impact on the existing activities.
It is also true, however, that it is difficult to have double standards for Eurovegas and the other casinos, so while they are waiting for the end of the mega project, could benefit from a lighter regulative treatment than at present. And who knows if some land now occupied by some casinos can be expropriated at a very high price, to give place to Eurovegas, not to mention that among the several laborers that the project would need, reducing the current unemployment lists, we would surely have also some managerial jobs that could be drawn into the rich market of existing casinos.

Scordato (Gccb): “Casino Resort, it is difficult to export the American model in Europe”
“To express a personal opinion about the Eurovegas proposal – affirms the general manager of the Gran Casino Costa Brava in Lloret de Mar, a town in Catalonia – would be an act of clear arrogance and conceit …According to the kind of investors and the results obtained from the Las Vegas Sands Corp. during last times, I think it is more prudent to recognize that data, information, strategies, network capability of leaders of this project are beyond our reach. A project of 17 billion euros, in an unfavourable global economic situation like the present one, must necessarily find a justification outside our most common reference criteria…
So no judgments… but opinions, as how many opinions have been collected during these months. I think that the most strange aspect of the whole matter Eurovegas is the little, indeed very little “official” information we have at disposal. Practically there is no certainty about all the most important issues. If we consider that, for admission of the promoters, the gaming revenue will be only a minority part of the total revenue (conferences – F&B – Shopping – Shows – Golf – etc.), then the comparison with the various representations of the field is practically of no use.

But what we really mean with ‘American Casino Resort’? This model will work in Europe? The concept is now widely known in its offer, much less as a business model. The American model of a Casino Resort can be summarized in a simple concept – like for many other business Made in USA – of ‘Volume’ (ie: Quantity! Quantity! Quantity!)…I think that special concessions on lands, buildings, special taxations and more are fully negotiable (today this happens with other multinational companies now landing in Spain, so there is no reason to don’t treat or don’t equalize the importance of this project). But what is incredible is the huge amount of (low cost – one believes with a good reason) job out of the U.S. kind that, through the ‘compulsory’ tips self-regulates service, request, efficiency, availability, just can not be fitted. In the experience – in Las Vegas – of the arrival of a player to the casino, there is one person to receive the customer while another one opens the taxi door, two more persons will collect his luggages and another one will point him to the reception and the various hotel facilities …everything even before entering in the casino.

Obviously, everyone is involved in the tips distribution chain and receives a minimum wage per hour. Imagine now for our casinos what would represent a similar number of staff in front of a door to welcome customers, taking into account the job standard conditions and the undertaking cost: it is practically unreliazable.
Somebody says very little is missing to confirm (or not) the project and to the final announcement of the probable residence… Meanwhile, many operators also doped by the new online gold rush, remain in a state of hopeful mistrust of the Eurovegas project (in any case we don’t have the resources to take remedial actions) or, even more incredibly but comforted, that if it is Eurovegas… then all we would enjoy some advantages: first of all the removal of the no smoking for Spanish casinos… this is a poor consolation. Once again, we will continue to talk about smoking.”

Antoja (Facomare and Euromat): “80 percent of chance that it will be made”
“During last five years – Eduardo Antoja, president of Facomare Association and honorary President of Euromat says – we saw three projects for a big resort in Spain.The first one was the Caesar’s project that wanted build a Ciudad Real the “Reino de Don Quijote”. It was based on a huge residential development project that was killed because of the lack of financial resources, both from Spain and USA. The second project was the Aragon’s Gran Scala. A “smoking” project from the very first moment. The third one is the Sand’s Eurovegas: It is a real,solid project and my evaluation is that it has 80% of chance of being made. It’s a long term investment project. Adelson and his wife (“cherchez la femme!”) are committed on it, and they can obtain the required financial resources. The only reason why it won’t go ahead could be the Spanish/European monetary crisis”.

For Antoja, as a chance to get the project, “Barcelona is a little bit favoured. But in these projects, negotiations may have a fundamental importance. Who knows? However there is no doubt, everyone will get the project, including the existing operators, can benefit of it. With or without Sands, with the existing rules, not just taxes, but the entire gaming regulations, this industry can not survive. In this sense, we welcome the Sands project, which will trouble the rules. I support the project, provided that the same relaxed rules that Sands will enjoy are applied to the existing operators, who have invested, created jobs and that during last thirty years have been big taxpayers”.


30 Aug 2012

Bowling makes a spectacle of itself

BowlingOver fifty exhibitors are expected for the twelfth edition of the Bowl Trade Show in Frankfurt, the fair dedicated to the industry, with increasing sales, at the service of a sport more and more popular across Europe. What Jeff Bridges, the couple Terence Hill & Bud Spencer, the Flintstones by Hanna Barbera have in common? Apparently nothing, but the keen of movies will recognize that is bowling that unites them. If the final punch up of “I due superpiedi quasi piatti” was filmed in a bowling alley, even Dudo, played by the handsome Jeff and protagonist of ‘The Big Lebowski’ of the Coen brothers, is a big fan of bowling, and so the successful series of cartoons drew a lot from a very popular sport in the United States and that, together with many other trends, it was soon imported also in Europe.
But not only the film spotlights light up on the fascinating and fun world of bowling. Even those of the Bowl Trade Show in Frankfurt, the bowling fair with the largest number of exhibitors in Germany and that, now arrived at its twelfth edition, will take place on 1 and 2 September 2012, representing one of the most significant worldwide exhibitions for the industry at the service of this sport.

“Bowling – Volker Kien, president of the Bowl Trade Show explains – is very popular in Germany. Especially the companies use it for communication and to build a trust atmosphere within their working team. The number of players is more and more increasing and also the advertising industry (TV-spots or print magazines) found out that bowling in Germany is fun, sports and entertainment not only for young people. In Germany bowling seems to be ‘in’ more and more.”
So a fair dedicated to it where companies show their products and present the latest novelties after the Bowl Expo in Reno is well accepted. “Our fair – still explains Kien – doesn’t have a big expositive space, but several small ones. So visitors can see many products “in action” and they don’t have to read boring flyers. For example: last year one exhibitor of light/laser equipments flooded the whole room with smoke and showed a great lasershow. This is what the Bowl Trade Show visitors expect: they want to see and feel what they buy! Main products come from the bowling capital equipment area, from the accessories range and from the food&beverage sector. Areas of insurance, decoration and lifestyle will also be part of the fair”

In the last year edition, over fifty exhibitors took part to the German fair dedicated to bowling. Is important to reach and possibly exceed these figures in 2012. And Among these we must also pay attention to Italy: among the participants there are in fact companies with their branch offices in our nation, as Steltronic and Qubica.

30 Aug 2012

Italy turns its attention to the web

online-gamblingIn the general problems of trying to predict the trends that can revolutionize the human life, everyone seem to agree on one thing: the future is in the web. And this argument has a biggest number of supporters when it is applied to the “gaming” matter: it seems unavoidable to arrive, in a next future, to a gaming offer (or, rather, to a request) almost exclusively through the online channel.
Gaming, once again, is the proof for the evaluation of other aspects related to its development, highlighting – watching the Italian case – the backwardness of technological facilities that characterizes our country compared to the most ‘advanced’ ones and which certainly limits a lot the technological evolution especially for online gaming. We only have to think to the high speed internet network, still far to fully cover the entire Peninsula. But providers and concessionaires of public gaming don’t be discouraged by this competitive defect compared to other countries, embarking on the adventure of Italian online gaming and of its regulations, taking advantage of the opportunities created by the legislator in 2008 and creating a network that does not will be the most advanced in the world, but that can boast of very respectable figures, even more important ones if you think that they are supported by a safety standard higher than the other foreign markets. At least because of the system of licences that allows players to compare themselves with operators that represent the state even before private companies. Already in 2009 the market reached the 800 million euros, with an increase of 88,6 percent thanks to the explosion of online poker, started in the last quarter of 2008, registering record growth rates, with over 600 thousand ‘gaming accounts’ opened in one year and also bringing a turnover in the players of the market, with the admittance of new realities characterized by companies that came into the online gaming for the first time though they was present in the ‘off-line’ gaming, but also by creating real start-up focused on the new digital market.

But the real ‘extraordinary exploit’ that characterizes this strong dynamism of the field must be ascribed to the increase of gaming offer that allowed the emersion of some raising made on unauthorized sites (the so-called ‘dot com’) to operate in Italy through a licence granted by AAMS. A passage that has been completed and increased with the next ‘phase two’ of the online market, characterized by the approval of the Community Act 2008 which introduced cash poker and casino games proposing the allocation of 200 new licenses and changing the regulation of online gaming in Italy, marking the debut of new gaming manners (with some exceptions) in July 2011, exactly one year ago (in the end of June, the list of AAMS about the new online licences had 49 companies). And now we are reaping the harvest.

In the first five months of 2012 the online gaming – largely thanks to the introduction of cash poker and casino games – has had an increase in collection of 24.8 percent compared with the same period of last year, although if the real expense of players grew of only 0.2 percent. This is because the card games organized in a form that is not the tournament and games of chance with fixed amount (poker cash and casino games) have a very high payout (between 97 and 98 percent). So because of it, despite they helped the total collection with 5.613 billion euros, they have returned to players 5,456 billion euros of winnings. For a real expense of players of just 157 million euros. A very important datum if we analyze it from the “political” point of view rather than the economic one; this is a right observation in an historical time like the present one where there are a lot of detractors of public gaming and, in particular, who points his finger against the online gaming, considered more ‘dangerous’ because it is a most accessible and perhaps less controllable field. The figures show that online gaming has been regulated not only for a lucrative purpose since, otherwise, we have had quite different margins and an higher collection for the revenue and into the chain. On the contrary the legislative ratio was of pursuing the request, allowing to the several Italian players already accustomed to gaming through internet who played on foreign and potentially out of control sites, to play in a protected contest regulated by the State, relying on smaller winnings but on a protection and a guarantee of national institutions. We won also this experiment, if we think that the Italian model of online gaming regulation is now taken as a reference by other European countries and the satisfaction of the public continues to grow.

30 Aug 2012

Seneca Casinos deploy Bally Mobile and Bally Business Intelligence Solutions

bally-technologies-logoBally Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: BYI), a leader in slots, video machines, casino-management, interactive applications, and networked and server-based systems for the global gaming industry, announced that three Seneca Gaming Corp. casinos in New York will continue their partnership with Bally Technologies by implementing Bally’s award-winning Business Intelligence, Power Promotions™ and custom mobile applications.

Seneca Gaming Corp’s three New York-based casinos, Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel in Niagara Falls; Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino in Buffalo; and Seneca Allegany Casino & Hotel in Salamanca; will have Bally Business Intelligence and Power Promotions connected to more than 6,500 gaming machines. Additionally, Bally Mobile will provide each casino with a customer-facing mobile website and mobile apps.

“We are thrilled to continue this partnership with Bally Technologies,” said Seneca Gaming Corp. Chief Executive Officer Cathy Walker. “The ability to combine world-class casino- management systems, unique bonusing offerings, and state-of-the-art mobile technology makes Bally a perfect fit to help lead Seneca casinos into the future.”

Bally Business Intelligence is an advanced application that allows casino operators to analyze and visualize the extensive data gathered throughout their properties.

Bally Power Promotions gives the casino the ability to extend electronic incentive cash offers to its players at the point of play. With Bally Power Promotions, slot club members can use their slot club cards to convert their valuable accumulated points and promotional dollars into playable credits without visiting the slot club booth.

The Bally solutions will provide additional capabilities for the Seneca casinos to serve patrons better both inside the casino, and also through innovative marketing programs and campaigns.

Bally Technologies’ award-winning Bally Mobile apps enable Seneca Casinos’ fans and customers to perform a variety of tasks from their mobile devices, including:

– Purchase tickets to events, or book a suite at a special price – right from the app.

– Get detailed information about table games, learn about player-loyalty programs, and find poker and slot tournaments.

– Enjoy location-specific content and unlock offers once they are within a few miles of the property.

– Browse menus or make reservations at restaurants.

– Access overhead custom GPS maps or view detailed property maps of the casino.

– Use the embedded smart-search bar to find content by keyword.

– Contact reservations, room service, and other property personnel instantly.

“It is an honor for Bally Technologies to continue our great partnership with the Seneca Nation by providing both additional systems solutions and mobile apps to these properties,” said Bally Technologies’ President and Chief Operating Officer Ramesh Srinivasan. “Our ability to provide traditional and mobile products speaks volumes about our powerful, multi-channel business-to-business solutions that provide casinos with a single view of the player whether they are at the casino, at home, or on the move.”

29 Aug 2012

Another international games developer confirms return to ICE

Tony BoultonProject, which has earned a reputation for being one of the industry’s most innovative games developers, has confirmed that it will be returning to ICE Totally Gaming in 2013 after an absence of three years. Project is the latest influential name to return to the ICE show floor and the news follows earlier announcements of support from both TCS John Huxley and Aruze.

Tony Boulton, Project’s Managing Director, explained: “We are active in our UK home market as well as in strategic international jurisdictions. We will be using the exhibition to market our successful Instant Lottery System software which has been adopted by a number of governments as their lottery system of choice.”

He added: “ICE has a reach which is unique within the lottery/gaming space and represents the only single business event at which we can engage with the calibre of industry and political decision-makers that we need in order to market this particular product. The only alternative approach is to try and secure individual high-level meetings in every one of our target jurisdictions, which is a huge and costly logistical task. I am looking forward to seeing the new ICE at ExCeL and hope to benefit from its reputation for being the meeting place for the international industry.”

Kate Chambers, ICE Portfolio Director, said: “Innovation is at the heart of gaming and I’m delighted that the big thinkers in the business, the companies and individuals which drive change, continue to support it. Attracting a company like Project, which has a reputation for thinking big, is an important coup and another key reason for attending ICE Totally Gaming in February at its new ExCeL London home. The move to ExCeL has been very well received by our stakeholders and we are looking forward to welcoming attendees from throughout the world to what is the heart of London.”

29 Aug 2012

New slots and VLTs: over 410 thousand machines into circulation and 45 thousand videolotteries

newslot sala410,181 new slots are authorized by the State Monopolies for wager’s collection in the country while the ones actually operating at the beginning of the current week were less than 378 thousand (377,969 to be precise). According to the latest updating released by Aams about the ‘numbers’ of the field of the amusement machines, the network of new slots is supported by the one of the videolotteries which, at present, has more than 45 thousand active terminals that collect wagers (45,016 to be precise, on August 27, 2012), which correspond to 79 percent of the total market, by virtue of the about 57 thousand rights at the concessionaires’ disposal.

29 Aug 2012

Omi Gaming delivers certified mobile video slots to Alderney Operators

cellulariOmi Gaming is thrilled to announce that the three mobile games; Benny The Panda, Princess Fortune and Jungle Fruits has been “approved in principle” by the AGCC. The games have been tested, evaluated and certified by SQS India, an independent provider of Software testing authorized by the AGCC.

Benny The Panda is thirty paylines video slot with two progressive jackpots, freespins and wilds. The wild symbol does not only substitutes all symbols except scatters it also doubles all the wins in the combinations it appears on. The player can win up to 59 400 coins in one spin beside the progressive jackpots.

Princess Fortune welcomes the players to a world of fantasy were finding the right prince will make you win big. The game has twenty paylines, wilds, freespins, scatter wins and a bonus feature where a little kiss can make you rich.

Jungle fruit is a ten paylines, fast paced, frequently winning game. As the reels spins the players have the chance to hit the jungle jackpot and scatter wins which multiplies by the number of paylines.

“Omi Gaming is committed to create high end, triple-A, mobile casino games entertainment that generates revenues to our partners, so quality assurance is a natural part of our day to day business. We are absolutely thrilled that we now can begin to offer our mobile games to operators and platform providers on Alderney.”

25 Aug 2012

Spanish heavyweights Grup Perelada and Grupo Orenes bring more value to players with systems solutions

casino antiguaNew deployments for SPIELO International’s next generation systems are underway at properties belonging to Grupo Orenes and Grup Perelada, the biggest casino groups in Spain, to add value to the player experience and stay ahead of the game.

Grup Perelada

The Grup Perelada’s Barcelona casino is migrating to the new, more powerful™ next generation floor platform. enhances the player experience with its interactive touch-screen interface for multi-media player communications and services. It opens up a world of opportunities for exciting new player applications and directed marketing messages.

SPIELO International’s relationship with Perelada started in 1999 when the gaming supplier installed Perelada’s first casino system. The Barcelona, Perelada, and Tarragona Perelada Group casinos in Catalonia have all moved to SPIELO International’s qpon cash™ ticketing solution on a total of 524 slot machines. They also use the Star MARKETING™ player tracking module of GALAXIS™, as well as Star JACKPOTS™ for progressives.

Mr. Josep Mª Roig, Slot Director, Grup Perelada, said, “We found the new interactive player interface very interesting and look forward to making it available to our players in Catalonia starting with Barcelona, with our other casinos to follow. We want to provide players with the best casino experience.”

Grupo Orenes

SPIELO International congratulates Grupo Orenes for the new Gran Casino Antigua – Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) that opened in July with the GALAXIS™ suite of casino systems, including Star SLOTS™ for all 41 of their slot machines, and the first Star DISPLAY™ installation in Spain, which provides a versatile and powerful multimedia system for jackpot celebrations and player advertising.

Star SLOTS is a powerful slot management system for accounting, reporting, monitoring, and maintenance across the slot floor. They are also using the qpon cash ticketing solution. Grupo Orenes has been using the GALAXIS solutions since 2005, starting with Gran Casino Costa Meloneras.

Mr. Gregorio Hernández, Slots Director for Group Orenes, commented, “We are delighted to continue our long-standing collaboration with SPIELO International for key casino systems management operations in our new Gran Casino Antigua – Fuerteventura.”

23 Aug 2012

Galaxis™ incorporates gameViz™ software for deeper understanding of real-time casino floor dynamics

accordoSpielo International has announced a partnership with Bis², a world leader in advanced analytical software, for Bis²’s gameViz product, a state-of-the-art data visualization software solution for strategic, operational, and analytical users of gaming data.

Bis² is supplying and supporting the gameViz software, which is a seamless part of Spielo International’s Galaxis™ gaming management system portfolio, thereby making sophisticated business intelligence more accessible and affordable for casino operators worldwide. gameViz can be installed within a rapid timeframe, and can provide a return on investment of less than one year through a sophisticated understanding of the casino’s real-time floor dynamics.

“We are very excited to be introducing this next generation, advanced gameViz technology to casino operators worldwide,” said Marc Attal, Managing Director of the Casino Systems division of Spielo International.

“We have a growing number of customers in over 50 countries and see great opportunities to bring this proven world-leading gaming analytics technology to them. It entirely complements our wide portfolio of powerful and diverse gaming systems solutions with a new way to visualise advanced business intelligence, integrated into our Galaxis datastore and product portfolio. The visualisation of advanced data will really help operators to understand slot machine performance and customer preferences at a whole new level.”

The technology handles a range of casino operator needs, from simply monitoring the live activity on the gaming floor, to advanced analysis of multi-game data, deployment of a mini-casino strategy, War Room analytics and comprehending the machine and customer effects of game changes on the casino floor. This is all done with ease using Bis²’s Super Graphics. Unlike classical Business Intelligence tools, the BIS² solution is focused on innovative visualizations using hyper-advanced graphics (called “Super Graphics”) that help operators make the right business decisions.

“We are delighted to have Spielo International’s Casino Systems division partner with us to offer Bis²’s multi-award winning technology to casino operators,” said Mukesh Gordhan, Ceo of Bis2. “The ability to better understand data is a challenge that exists for all casino operators around the world. The power of visual query is something we do exceptionally well at Bis², and I am pleased that we can offer our technology to Spielo International’s casino operator customers. I have been very impressed with the Casino Systems division team, and our solutions are a good fit in their impressive systems portfolio.”

From 18-20 September at the Slot Summit in Paris, Marc Attal will be making a presentation about the newest trends in the gaming systems market worldwide, as well as the evolution of gaming regulations in France. He will be joined by Andrew Cardno, Bis² Cto, who will demonstrate the increasing importance of understanding player behaviour, and the factors that influence customer preferences in order to optimise revenue on the casino floor.

21 Aug 2012

Mermaid’s Spell™ enchants South Africa

mermaidIt was a splashy affair at this year’s Wild Coast Winter Games as Atomic Gaming showcased SPIELO International’s most innovative products yet. The Atomic Gaming stand was abuzz as Mermaid’s Spell™, the latest innovative progressive link from SPIELO International, was introduced to the South African Gaming industry. With eight progressive levels, Mermaid’s Spell is yet another addition to SPIELO International’s successful library of multi-level progressive links. No need to wait for any bonus features – this 8-level progressive link enables players to win one of the progressive levels at any time. By enchanting your favourite progressive symbol players can “hunt” for their desired progressive level!

Three brand new suites of the top-performing diversity™ multi-game were also unveiled on the Atomic Gaming stand. These included Gambling Green™, Absolute Azure™ and Magic Maroon™.

diversity Absolute Azure offers players the choice of five core game titles in addition to 1 top-performing, stand-alone CASH FEVER™ progressive title and 2 classic, low-line games. One extremely volatile version of the top-performing game, Master Roulette™, rounds out Absolute Azure.

diversity Magic Maroon offers players the choice of five core game titles in addition to two top-performing, stand-alone titles from the successful Doggie Cash™ progressive link, as well as two classic, low-line games. One extremely volatile version of a top-performing game rounds off this exciting diversity multi-game suite.

diversity Gambling Green offers players the choice of 4 core game titles in addition to the top-performing, stand-alone CASH FEVER™ progressive title, a Roulette title, and two classic, low-line games. Two extremely volatile versions of top-performing games round off the offering in this suite.

Also on the Atomic Gaming stand was HOT & WiLD™, another impressive progressive link from SPIELO International based on the successful CASH FEVER series.

All the SPIELO International games were displayed on the OXYGEN™ upright and slant top cabinets, featuring crisp graphics, a simplified button panel, 22-inch screens and the sensys EP™ platform that’s powerful and robust, yet easy to service.

“Thank you to all the customers and friends of Atomic Gaming that visited our stand at the Wild Coast Winter Games. We are very pleased with the feedback we received on the product and are looking forward to making next year even better!” said Cliff Lamberton, Managing Director: Atomic Gaming.