Atrax, final preparations

Atrax, final preparations

Final preparations for Atrax, it will open its doors on 3-5 february with the motto of ‘We play big’.

As the rules of the game change across the world due to the global pandemic, ATRAX getting ready to welcome an accumulated potential with as a renewed exhibition with high quality standards. With its ever-growing audience every year, the exhibition had hosted 180 exhibitors from 38 countries and 18000 visitors and is expected to host 190000 visitors from 40 countries this year.
With its special motto of “We Play Big” for 2022, ATRAX now has taken on the mission of revitalizing the sector.

With the reviving Turkish and near countries attraction and recreations industry, there’s been a surge in the number of attraction and recreational projects recently. Municipalities, hotels, shopping malls and investors that want to bring their projects to life as soon as possible, are showing greater interest in this year’s ATRAX whereby the latest products and technologies will be showcased. This revival in the market attracts the attention of foreign companies to Turkish market as well. A large number of companies from the sector from different parts of the world ranging from Europe to Asia, continue to secure their places at ATRAX, which will be held in Istanbul between 3-5 February 2022
As a platform that acts as a guide for sector’s professionals and investors from both Turkey and from Middle East, Balkans, Africa, Russia, Turkic Republics and Europe, ATRAX will serve as an effective platform for new business partnerships this year as well.

ATRAX’ll be talking about the dynamics of the sector and parks
ATRAX Conference, which covers the dynamics of the sector as part of ATRAX Exhibition every year, will be bringing together this year as well, the leaders of the sector, academicians, society presidents, successful names and administrators of organizations and institutions.
Within the scope of the ATRAX 22 event program, two main panels will be held this year. The most important non-governmental organizations of the entertainment and recreation industry, REKCAD (Recreation Studies and Research Association) – TEPEA (Atraction, Park, Recreation Association) organization will hold a panel on ‘What Direction Is the World in the Entertainment Industry’ on Friday, February 3rd.

“The role of parks in the development of children” will be evaluated by academics and sector representatives at the panel to be held on Friday, February 4 under the leadership of IPAR-(Adventure and Playgrounds Association).