LuckyStreak, Greenfeld: ‘Ready for the Italian casino games market’

LuckyStreak, Greenfeld: ‘Ready for the Italian casino games market’

Chen Greenfeld, director of marketing for LuckyStreak, explains the casino games provider’s strategies and strengths.

Keep this name in mind, in case you don’t know it yet. It is in fact that of one of the fastest developing software suppliers for casino games and which looks with greater attention to the Italian market, studying more customized solutions for it. We talk about it with Chen Greenfeld, marketing director of LuckyStreak.

What are the main characteristics of your company and offer?

“There are 2 main benefits that we believe differentiate us greatly from our competitors, chief among them is our game presenters, and their absolute dedication to providing the most entertaining casino experience to each and every one of our players. We put great effort into training our game presenters to casually chat with players and create a welcome, fun and professional environment that makes players enjoy the time they spend gaming with LuckyStreak even more. Most of the LuckyStreak game presenters are multilingual (many speak Italian!), and we encourage them to welcome and chat with players in their native language, further amplifying the welcoming and friendly environment we strive to create for players.

The 2nd Characteristic that puts LuckyStreak Live games above the fold is our ever expanding tool-set of promotional capabilities that are aimed at increasing player engagement and retention by adding additional layers of gamification to the experience. The first of the latest additions to said toolset is the LuckyStreak Jackpot Tournament capability, which empowers operators to create and customize tournaments for their Live players, pitting players against each other for a spot at the top of leaderboard. Operators are able to pick and choose from a variety of tournament types, different ways for players to win points and different prize models. For example, an operator can choose to reward players who make a side bet (which are vastly profitable for the operator) with 5 points, and a regular bet 2 points – and in that way encourage the players to take greater risks. We’ve seen substantial improvements in the number and volume of bets made by players when an operator chooses to create a tournament for it’s players.
The 2nd addition, is what we call our ‘Customized Welcome Announcements’, which allow our operators to edit the message players see when they log into our games which empowers them to either cross-sell their other services and offers, such as their sportsbook and to up-sell existing services by letting players know of upcoming promotions, or any other announcement the operator wants the let players know about”.

How is your live casino organized in detail and what games does it offer?

“Our current main studio is a 1,250 square meters of gaming excellence located in Riga, Latvia. In it we operate roughly 30 different gaming tables that are streamed to over 1,000 operators worldwide. Our Latvian Studio operates for 24/7 utilising state-of-the-art equipment and offers ‘the 3 kings of the casino’ – Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat with 99.9% uptime”.
How important is the Italian online gaming market for you and what projects do you have about it?
“The Italian market is one that is very important for us, it is one of our first regulated markets and as such our efforts are focused heavily on it. We are currently working on several upgrades to our operation relating to exactly that, further improving the localization of our studio and games for Italian speaking players and actively working on creating new and exciting partnerships with established Italian operators.
We feel that our Italian speaking presenters and technical experience puts us at a position to provide the Italian market with exactly what it needs, and have the ability to quickly scale up specifically in that market. Our latest appearance in SBC’s Digital Italia event is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our plans for the Italian Market”.

Which titles do you think will have a greater appeal in the Italian public?

“We believe that our Blackjack and Roulette games are a sure winner for the Italian market. Like I mentioned above, it’s our game presenters that add the magic touch to the experience of playing our games, and our many Italian speaking presenters will surely create a fun and welcoming experience for our Italian players.
In addition to our cornerstone Roulette tables, we are planning on releasing several variations to the classic Roulette by the end of this year’s Q4. That, along with our ability to easily recruit additional Italian speaking presenters situates us at a prime position to supply dedicated environments to Italian customers”.

What are the other markets in which you operate and which you aim for?

“Currently, LuckyStreak’s strongest markets are the CIS, Turkey and SEA where our games are extremely popular and can be found in over hundreds of operators. Our games can be found on major retailers and aggregators found in these markets, and as a part of the company’s natural progression we are starting to tend to more and more regulated markets.
Regarding plans for the near future, we plan on greatly increasing our Italian presence, and are actively working to acquire more licenses, such as an upcoming MGA license, who’s application is underway”.

During the pandemic, online gaming has had a considerable development. Do you think there will be a reshaping with the reopening of land-based gaming locations?

“The most obvious trend that we are seeing right now regarding the pandemic and its effect on Land-based locations is that Land-based are slowly but surely coming to grasp with the fact that they absolutely must diversify their sources of income and player procurement, and that the risk of “putting all your eggs in one basket” from staying solely Land-based, and not taking their tables online, is simply too great.
Even when things do go back to normal, it’s going to be a new normal. People have learned that most things can be done remotely. Many players who have experienced how simple, easy and fun playing Land-based tables online aren’t planning on coming back to Land-based locations.
A Land-based operation that takes it’s tables online not only benefits from a much larger audience of new players, but also enjoys the potential of turning his ‘Weekend warriors’ to ‘365 Warriors’ – giving their players the ability to pick up their phones and play at any time, any place. We believe we will be seeing more and more Land-based locations taking the jump and investing in a Land-based streaming installation, and coming up on top for it”.