DiWINity, the WorldMatch trip to Mount Olympus

DiWINity, the WorldMatch trip to Mount Olympus

WorldMatch presents DiWINity, the new online slot that takes players on a journey to Mount Olympus among the gods of ancient Greece.

The golden gates of the celestial fortress have opened, the gods of Greek mythology are ready to welcome you to Mount Olympus, and the lord of thunder Zeus and his favorite sons to open the doors of their temple covered with gold and marble. In addition to their wisdom and knowledge, the ancient Greek gods also have many pleasures to share with man, from Dionysus to Aphrodite.

This is the scenario that characterizes DiWINity, the new online slot by WorldMatch, which perfectly reproduces the theme of Greek opulence and the unbridled luxury in which the gods basked, available from today, 7 July.

The reels of the slot are filled with brightly colored letters decorated with Hellenic motifs. Players will see Zeus and his sons appear, each of them accompanied by what most distinguishes him: Artemis with the bow, Athena with the spear ready to fight, Apollo with the harp, Zeus with the thunder and Aphrodite in her shell, all accompanied by initially celestial music that gradually becomes more and more epic.

DiWINity is a 5×3 slot with 20 fixed paylines.

The Wild symbol is represented by both Poseidon and Dionysus and will increase the chances of winning. Poseidon will make the entrance of him flooding the reels between lightning and thunder.
The Bonus is instead represented by the jellyfish symbol: three jellyfish on the reels start the pre-bonus game, one of the three jellyfish must be selected to get the Bonus Game or a random number of Free Spins that can reach up to 15.

During the bonus game the player can multiply winnings up to 85 times.