Casino, € 103 million of collection lost in 2020

Casino, € 103 million of collection lost in 2020

Tragic financial report of Italian casinos: overall, over €103 million of collection have been lost, compared to 2019.

The double lockdown, the second one still ongoing, at least until January, the 15th, and the limitations imposed to face the pandemic even in the months of activity, present a very high price to Italian casinos and, consequently, to their properties. In 2020, gaming collection (excluding online) of the Saint Vincent Resort & Casino amounted to €29,677,628, that of Venice (always excluded online) to €41,564,560 and that of Sanremo (the same) to €23,569 .891, for a total of €94,782,844.

But the comparison with the 2019 data is what matters most, and which gives an idea of how much the pandemic is damaging the Italian economy, specifically the casino industry: the Casino di Saint Vincent collected 30,953,258 million less, that of Venice 51,236,184 less, and Sanremo 20,890,437 less, for a total of €103,079,879 less collected, compared to 2019.

All the percentages are heavy, and more or less the same: minus 51.05 per cent in Saint Vincent, minus 55.21 per cent in Venice, minus 47.02 per cent in Sanremo, for a decrease in Italy of 52.10 percent.

There was also a sharp decline in visits: 57.35 percent less nationwide.


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