Online gaming in Italy: casino games and poker continue to grow in October

Online gaming in Italy: casino games and poker continue to grow in October

The growth continues for the expendinture on ‘dot it’ casinos, which exceeds €103.5 million: but this time, poker is growing in double figures too.

Another month of growth for Italian online gaming, in October 2020, waiting to see the impact that the new lockdown imposed on lad-based gaming may have. But already in October, according to data-processing of the operators, the expenditure on fixed odds games and solitaire (i.e., to simplify, on casino games), amounted to €103,554,999, an amount that is obtained by subtracting €2,782,722,857 from the collection, the amount that was returned to the players in the form of a win, ie €2,679,167,857. This is a growing data, compared to that of September, when casino games had recorded a collection of 92,707,565, after winnings: the increase is 11.7 percent.

Growth is also very marked on an annual basis: in November 2019, expenditure amounted to €65,675,782, which brings the trend sign to a plus 57.6 percent.

During the month, there were 32,678,826 games.

MARKET SHARES – Analyzing the market shares, Reel Italy Ltd emerges, owning the PokerStars brand, a concessionaire which holds 11.86 percent. Sisal Entertainment Spa follows, with 8.11 percent and, again, Lottomatica Scommesse Srl with 7.65 percent. Snaitech Spa is a very short distance away, with 7.63 percent. The good performance of Oia Services, with 0.65 percent, is to be reported.

ONLINE POKER: TOURNAMENTS AND CASH GAME GROWING AGAIN BY 10% – It will be the autumn effect or the continuous Prime Ministerial decrees, that already in October have started to limit the exits and social life of Italian citizens to contain the spread of the Covid-19 contagion. The fact is that gaming volumes of the tournaments have risen by almost €10 million from 81.8 to 91.2, collected in October 2020 for over 10% more, while cash game records a net movement from €193.9, rising from 177.4 in September for over 9% more.

Hopefully, in the month of November, also thanks to many initiatives of the rooms, there will be a further increase in volumes, also because from today, November, the 6th, the lockdown in some regions (coinciding with those producing more gaming volumes, among others such as Lombardia and Piemonte but also Lazio and Campania, albeit in the yellow zone) is decidedly stricter and with the curfew, unfortunately, we come back to digital entertainment that grew exponentially during the first lockdown of March-April-May. The expenditure grew a lot from 6.8 million in mtt to 5.3 million in cash from 4.8, which had represented a decrease compared to August.

The numbers of April 2020, the real boom of online poker in lockdown, are very far away. For a reference, we remind you that online poker tournaments, according to the processing of of the data provided by the operators, went from a collection of €172.5 million to 222.3 million, while for cash game we saw a growth from €340.7 million to €393.3 million.