Unity is strength: here the live streaming of European gaming congress

Unity is strength: here the live streaming of European gaming congress

The 2020 edition of the European gaming congress this year will be held on October, 6–7, as part of the Hipter festival.

In these “difficult” times, many events have moved online and joined forces to have even more appeal. This is the case of the European gaming congress, scheduled in virtual edition within the Hipter festival, a “container” of a week of conferences designed to bring together innovation and general regulations, through various talks and discussions in several sectors, scheduled in October, between the 5th and the 9th.

The European gaming congress, scheduled for October, 6-7, boasts a wide range of speakers: from consultants to associates to C-level executives, in the legal, operations, compliance, development sectors, all linked to the gaming industry.

“The panels will range from European markets to anti-money laundering laws, without forgetting the traditional Fireside chat and the focus on responsible gaming, to which two insights on innovation and the industry’s adaptation process to current times, and on the forecasts for 2021 will be added”, Alex Marginean, marketing specialist for European gaming media and events, reveals.
“In the foreseeable future we intend to host both live and virtual events, but nonetheless, we aim to successfully deliver another type of event, the Hybrid Conference, where during the live unfolding of the regular meetings, participants from all over the globe could attend both as speakers as well as delegates via virtual channels. More details on this, coming soon!”, the marketing specialist ends.


European Gaming Congress 2020 VE Live Stream

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