Playgon games appoints Steve Baker as chief operating officer

Playgon games appoints Steve Baker as chief operating officer

Playgon games adds to its management team with the appointment of Steve Baker as chief operating officer.

Playgon Games Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Steve Baker as Chief Operating Officer of Playgon. The addition of Mr. Baker will position the company for success in its aggressive growth strategy.

Mr. Baker is a former Vp Operations for Shaw Communications, he was directly involved in a number of major growth projects including video streaming; home entertainment; sales revenue from $300 million to $2.8 billion and employee growth from 350 to 13,000 as well as new product rollouts and various M&A activities.


Mr. Baker has broad experience and a proven record in the development and implementation of cost effective and efficient growth strategies transitioning businesses from development to operations. He is an excellent administrator and talent manager who continually engages with teams to empower them towards their objectives, ensuring all work processes are timely and efficient.

“We are delighted that Steve has agreed to join our team” states Darcy Krogh, President and Ceo of Playgon. “He has a proven track record of experience in both managing business operations and growth while ensuring all budgetary resources are being allocated efficiently. Steve is a seasoned executive and will be a great addition to the Playgon management team.”


“I am delighted to be joining the Playgon team at this opportune time. The online gaming business is currently experiencing dramatic growth and Playgon, with its suite of truly innovative products, is well positioned to capture a significant share of the market.” says Mr. Baker. “The Playgon team has invested years of work and millions of dollars in product development and I look forward to supporting this talented group as we transition into the go-live phase and beyond.”


The Company has granted Mr. Baker an aggregate of 2,000,000 stock options under the Company’s stock option plan (the “Plan”). These options expire in 5 years from when the options commence to vest under the Company’s Plan and are issued at $0.365 per share.