Online poker in August 2020 is holding up and growing in cash: the data of all the rooms

Online poker in August 2020 is holding up and growing in cash: the data of all the rooms

Online poker data for August 2020 for the Italian market and all the shares of expenditure of the rooms.

Online poker of August 2020 holds the numbers of the collection compared to the previous month, that of July, and with a growth compared to 2019. The theory that many experts had expressed on our pages, especially from the Politecnico di Milano’s Osservatorio dei giochi, seems to be confirmed: after the boom in March and April in full lockdown for the containment of Covid-19, a good percentage of the increase in gaming would have remained in the sector, as well as in all the digital of Italy, which exponentially grew in those months.

So, online poker tournaments collect €76.3 million, they distribute €70.1 and 6.2 million of expenditure. Collection falls from 80.9 million but spending loses very little compared to 6.149 million in July 2020.

Cash game moves €184.4 million, distributing €179.4 million with approximately 5 million of expenditure. There is an increase compared to July when 178.8 million were played and the expenditure is stable, even if it slightly grows by around €80 thousand. But the plus sign is still to be celebrated, as the month of August is usually the worst for poker rooms in Italy.

And compared to last year? Mtt poker had lost -4.9% in August 2019, with an expenditure of 5.3 million compared to 5.6 million in August 2018. The expenditure in 2020 is even higher than that of two years ago, a good sign even if the numbers have returned to the standard ones of the “unhappy” decrease that continued unstoppable before the lockdown.

Poker cash, on the other hand, had recorded a -4.5%, going from an expenditure of 4.8 million to 4.6. In total, in the first 8 months of 2019 this market recorded an expenditure of €629.7 million, with an increase of +12.9% compared to the 557.8 million spent from January to August 2018. Online casino is still increasing, which went from 458.8 million to 537.4 (+17.1%), while tournament poker (-4.6%) and poker cash (-9.5%) are decreasing.

Cash game:
PokerStars rises again with a share of expenditure (based on the processing of data that owns by the operators) of 47.13%, while Lottomatica reaches six percentage points, growing a little. Sisal grows and surpasses Snaitech, even if the two shares are stable, all things considered. Multi-gioco decreases a lot and E Play24 too. All the others follow, with few movements and fluctuations compared to last month.


In Mtt PokerStars grows from 51.1 to 52.73%. Snaitech falls by 0.20% and Sisal poker grows by the same amount. Eurobet is stable and Lottomatica decreases by 0.48%. 888Poker increases from 1.77 to 2.22 and Bgame is stable. Enjoybet and Betaland are stable too.

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