Casinos and games, who goes up and who goes down in June

Casinos and games, who goes up and who goes down in June analyzes the trend of casinos in the first half of 2020, characterized by a closure of the facilities that lasted for over three months.

The “usual” who goes up and who goes down returns, analyzing the trend of Italian casinos in the past month, during this year and the previous twelve months. But this is not the “usual” who goes up and who goes down, sometimes feared for the ranking of who has had the best performance and who finished last. In fact, all casinos went horribly wrong, with double-digit negative results. But the reason is clear and wipes out any statistical analysis: from March, the 8th and until June (the 15th for Saint Vincent, the 16th for Sanremo and the 19th for Venice), the casinos have remained closed because of the pandemic, and are now back in business with a thousand health precautions and in a totally different social and economic scenario.

That said, let’s analyze in alphabetical order how the casinos went, this time with the aim of quantifying the “costs” that the pandemic, a dramatic event that unfortunately is not yet behind us, had on the gaming locations in terms of receipts and entrances, and also of the financial reports of their management companies and those of the owners.

SANREMO – In June, the Casino di Sanremo collected €1,663,904, which is 48.25 percent less than a year ago. Considering that it has only been open for half a month, this is a result in line with that of 2019, and that has benefited (as for the other casinos) of the desire to return to normal and to have fun of people after the end of the lockdown, an enthusiasm which, thanks to the economic difficulties, could weaken (this observation is valid for everyone, too). As for the entrances, there were 5,304, or 62,34 percent less. Obviously, all the results of the individual games were negative: the slots were a little better, which with €1,386,174 decrease by 44.88 percent, and French roulette too, which collects €126,745 losing 16.07 percent, while for the others the sign is negative and very much, with the peak touched by fair roulette, which collects €7,950, 92.49 percent less.

In the first half of the year, the Sanremo gaming house collected €10,001,990, that is 54.17 percent less than in 2019. The result of the last twelve months ended in June 2020 reaches €32,581,820, 25.22 percent less than the previous not solar year.

SAINT VINCENT – First in order of time to open again after the lockdown, the Saint Vincent casino collected, in June, 15 – 30, €2,051,013, 51.91 percent less than in the same month of 2019. They have had 10,605 entrances, with a drop of 59.95 percent. Unlike the Casino di Sanremo, slots suffered a higher than average drop: they end the month with €1,427,332, 53.58 percent less. It should be noted that not all games have been reopened: so, French roulette collects €0, like the trente et quarante, the chemin de fer and the craps. American roulette is in sharp decline, albeit reopened, with a drop of 262.32 percent (€72,738). As for fair roulette, it collects €256,550 (minus 41.57 percent) and the punto banco, with €148,628, ends at only minus 9.73 percent. We say again, after this round of negative signs: the statistics report a situation of declines that are in no way attributable to the management of casinos and only over the months, perhaps, we will understand if and how the individual companies are reacting to the impact of this unprecedented crisis.

Coming back to the Valle d’Aosta casino, €13,298,900 were collected in the first six months of the year, 54.59 percent less, while in the twelve not solar months ended in June, the balance was of €44,641,896, 25.58 percent less.

VENICE – The Venice casino reopened on June, the 19th, four days after the Valle d’Aosta forerunner. Moreover, the reopening of the lagoon location was later and limited. In this context, it is not surprising that it was the gaming house that suffered the most marked drop both in terms of revenue (€2,267,342, 61.94 percent less) and of entrances (13,823, 71.83 percent less). Slots have had an above average performance, which limited the loss, compared to June 2019, to minus 53.30 percent (€1,635,778). The lack of chemin de fer is strong (0 euro), but French roulette also loses 99.27 percent and collects only €1,870. Absolutely unpredictable numbers last year, but after all nothing of what happened in this first half of 2020 had the characteristics of the “predictable”. Punto banco is among the games that had the best performance in Venice, which still collects €300,543, limiting the loss to 30.74 percent (a good result considering that it was in operation much less than half a month, compared to June 2019).

The half-year accounts are obviously poor in Venice too: total revenue was of €18,420,069, for a decrease of 60.05 percent, while in the time from July 2019 to June 2020 the revenue is of €65.111.205, or 31.66 percent less.