Online gaming: April confirms March growth but without boom

Online gaming: April confirms March growth but without boom

Online gaming grows in April too, confirming the percentages of March and compared to the same months of 2019.

Online gaming with the plus sign in April 2020 too. Lockdown growth confirmed with increases of 120-100% for online poker, compared to February 2020 and with even greater percentages compared to 2019. Online gaming in April overall raised €3.3 billion for an expense of €130.5 million, which is the share that goes to the tax authorities and operators.

As analyzed and anticipated by many operators and analysts in the Digital Panels and also on our news pages from abroad, the increases seem physiological and there is no boom.

In any case, for online poker tournaments the increase of mtt is 28.85% month on month on turnover, while for cash game there is an increase of 15.46%. Therefore, growth is confirmed, but the extra days of the lockdown must also be calculated, which in April for many areas of Italy was complete while in March many regions closed after 8-9 March.

Good numbers, but they shouldn’t cause a scandal. Italians are playing online but, as confirmed by the operators, they are doing it intelligently and preferring games that are certainly more entertaining.

Hence the growth, but a minimal one, of casino games which rose by about 7%, compared to March, always talking about turnover. Last month expense (ie collection, €2,694,089,040, less the winnings, € 2,595,831,076), amounted to €98,257,963, compared to € 67.5 million in April 2019. In percentages, the growth is of 45 percent year on year, attributed to the now “usual” positive trend of casino games, but accentuated by the at least temporary shift to online gaming, due to the stop of land-based activities, because of Covid-19. Compared to March, expense growth is 6.96 percent.