Casinos and games, who goes up and … who goes up in January

Casinos and games, who goes up and … who goes up in January analyzes the trend of Italian casinos last month: positive sign for revenue for all of them.

What to say? We just have to wish them to keep it that way. Certainly, January 2020 was a positive month for Italian casinos, and all of them end it with revenue increasing compared to a year ago. All this while the fourth casino, that of Campione d’Italia, is still desolately closed, waiting for answers that however can only come from the central government, which has the delicate and complicated task of finding also legal solutions for its possible reopening.
In the meantime, the usual analysis of begins with the one that had the best performance, that of Saint Vincent.

SAINT VINCENT – The year begins in the best way at the Saint Vincent Resort & Casino, which is fully managing to achieve what was foreseen in the arrangement plan approved last year.
In fact, the month of January ends with a gaming collection of €6,274,683, 23.46 percent more than in 2019 (plus €1,192,308), with 35,495 entrances, increasing on the same month of 2019 (plus 10.51 percent), of which 4,109 new customers, 13.07 percent more than in 2019.
Analyzing the data in detail, tables end the month as a whole with a positive result of 33.03 percent (plus €653,085). Among games, fairoulette (minus 23.99 percent) and American roulette (minus 14.64 percent) are negative. With a positive sign, chemin de fer (plus 255 percent), French roulette (plus 22.98 percent), trente et quarante (plus 114.89 percent), poker Saint-Vincent (plus 3.33 percent). poker ultimate (plus 66.90 percent), blackjack (plus 1456.76 percent), craps (plus 158.46 percent) and punto banco (plus 15.78 percent). Slot machines collect in the month €3,644,640 (plus 17.36 percent), compared to the same month in 2019, in absolute terms, €539,223 more.
Annual revenue, of course, is written above, while in the twelve months not coinciding with the calendar year, the Valle d’Aosta’s gaming house collected €61,823,195, that is to say 6.49 percent more than the twelve months that ended in January 2019.

VENICE – If in Saint Vincent they look at the year that has just begun with optimism, we can see the same positive air is Venice, where, moreover, the restyling and extention of the mainland office, Ca ‘Noghera, is underway.
In fact, the gaming house ended January with revenue of €9,875,589, 19.88 percent more than in the same month last year. On the other hand, entrances decrease: 59,792, 7.45 percent less.
Analyzing the data in detail, the good performance of slots arises, which collect €4,953,934, 2.77 percent more, but also that of almost all the games. In fact, the exception is roulette, which ends at €201,334, 174.98 percent less, and punto banco, which loses 2.49 percent and stops at €1,325,790. But otherwise it is, as mentioned, a parade of plus signs: fair roulette €1,578,468 (plus 48.65 percent), chemin de fer €784,825 (plus 11.1 percent), poler cash €231,767 (plus 32, 55 percent), black jack €799,359 (plus 108.82 percent).
In the non-solar year that ended in January 2020, the two locations of the Casino collected € 94,438,717, 2.58 percent less than the previous non-solar year. But if we continue with this trend, we will quickly return to a positive percentage change.

SANREMO – Although in third position, therefore the last one, the Sanremo Casino also starts the year with the plus sign, therefore in the same way with which it ended 2019.
Last month, revenue of the gaming house reached €3,914,431, which represents a positive change of 1.83 percent compared to the same period of 2019. Entrances also increases, by 2.31 percent, a total of 15,748.
Looking at the list of games and their trend, the many “black” characters, that is positive, stand out: only the roulette far is decreasing, which ends at €48,017, 69.92 percent less, and black jack, with its €85,099, which is 38.41 percent less. All the remaining games have a positive sign, starting with the slots, which collect €3,144,951, 3.90 percent more, to continue with French roulette, which grows by 7.43 percent (€451,121). Poker was also good, both cash (€115,669, plus 73.69 percent) and tournaments (€25,783, plus 57.35 percent). Last but not least, the punto banco, which grows by 167.04 percent and stops at €43,790.
In the period of time from February 2019 to January 2020, the casino collected €44,472,365, 3.34 percent more than in the previous twelve months.