Eag Expo: amusement market between regulation and development

Eag Expo: amusement market between regulation and development

In the three days of London dedicated to the entertainment sector, two days of conferences and insights with a special focus on Italy: between restrictions and new developments.

Italy is the center of worldwide attention (also) as regards the so-called “Amusement” market: that is, that of “pure entertainment”, made up of video games, pinball machines and foosball that everyone knows, but that too many continue to ignore: as politicians systematically do, in the face of a sector essentially abandoned by the legislator, that despite the various problems and regulation attempts some time ago (those who have a good memory will remember the reform proposed by the then undersecretary for games Alberto Giorgetti, written and never implemented), is still remained in limbo, waiting for who knows what. Except, however, that not all politics has continued to ignore the sector: unfortunately for the professionals, a few years ago, some regional administrators adressed the matter and, instead of proposing a reorganization or regulation of the market, thought of introducing, on the contrary, some restrictions: pointing at some of these games for children as “dangerous”, because preparatory to cause gaming addictions. Following the theory, that according to many it must be considered bizarre, proposed at the time by a tv show and followed by some critics who pointed the finger, in particular, against ticket redemptions. Well, the affair didn’t end at the moment, as one of the many boutades that often locally are born and die, with various regions that, on the contrary, carried on the battle against the sector, going to forbid to minors games only designed for minors. Although these games are present in practically all the markets in the world.

THE “ITALIAN CASE” OF TICKET REDEMPTIONS – Professionals know well this story and they fight it for some time now, trying to establish a contact with politics, asking to protect their activities and trying to understand that the offer of pure entertainment should be encouraged and not opposed, just as an antidote to gambling, if we really want to worry about addictions. But the message still seems to be unheard.
However, these movements had already been brought to the attention of other European subjects last year, explaining that the “Italian case” of ticket redemptions should not be considered as a purely national thing, as a possible ban on ticket redemptions on our country could affect the entire international industry and, even worse, inspire other European countries and beyond. For this reason, the subject had been presented at the last edition of the Eag Expo in London, last January, in a debate organized by GiocoNews.it, which was attended by representatives of the Italian industry together with Jason frost, president of the European federation of operators. A meeting that, in addition to arousing considerable international attention, had also led to the subsequent partnership between Euromat and Sapar and Consorzio Fee, for an agreement and a common action aimed at protecting the sector, signed at the next fair Enada of Rimini.

THE CONFERENCE IN LONDON – But unfortunately the “Italy case” has not yet been solved and, indeed, the situation continues to be compromised. For this reason, also in the 2020 edition of the Eag fair in London, scheduled in January, 14-16, we will talk about the Italian market and its problems again, in a new edition of the conference entitled: “Ticket redemptions: the future is at stake”, scheduled for Wednesday, January, the 15th at 12 pm. Once again, the Euromat’s President Jason Frost, together with the Sapar Service’s President, Paolo Dalla Pria, the New Asgi Italia’s president, Vanni Ferro and the gaming expert lawyer, Cino Benelli, will attend the event. And a veteran of entertainment like David Snook, InterGame’s columnist, will moderate it.

A LOOK AT THE FUTURE AND ESPORTS – But luckily we don’t have only problems. For this reason, in addition to looking at problems from a regulatory point of view, the London fair will also be an opportunity (and above all) to look to the future and new trends that promise to change and revolution the offer of the arcades at an international level. Also looking at the opportunities provided by the emerging eSports phenomenon. The other conference is dedicated to that, organized by GiocoNews.it and scheduled for Tuesday, the 14th, January at 3 pm, entitled: “Competitive video games in a competitive market”. What are the possible links between eSports and Amusement and what are the business opportunities? We wonders in the debate. And again: how are videogame competitions linked to the world of arcades and FECs? How can the scenario change with the diffusion of AR/AI in retail gaming? Gioco News talks about it with the main international experts. Some of the leading experts in the field talk about it, such as: Robert-M. Fankhänel, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Hologate; Jan Goetgeluk, founder and CEO of Virtuix and Giovanni Antonioli Fantini, CEO of Sandbox Games, developer together with Tecnoplay of the now famous Race Craft driving simulator, that is emerging in arcades all over the world, thanks to the competitive mode. Ian Donegan, chief reporter at InterGame & InterFun, will moderate the debate. In short, we will have a great time in London, trying to interpret the future of the sector, in our country and beyond.