Casinos and games, who goes up and who goes down in 2019

Casinos and games, who goes up and who goes down in 2019 analyzes the trend of Italian casinos last year: St. Vincent and Sanremo are good, Venice is decreasing, but it grows in December.

Italian casinos, two out of three, end 2019 with growing revenues, although the overall balance, due to the ongoing closure of that of Campione d’Italia, remains strongly negative compared to a 2018 in which, until July, the 27th, there were four.
The usual analysis of starts from the one with the best trend in December, namely that of Venice, even if for the whole year Saint Vincent recorded the most significant growth.

VENICE – The Casino di Venezia has reason to celebrate the year that has just ended. After a long and troubled process, in fact, an agreement was reached on the new company employment contract, the expansion and improvement works were started on the mainland office of Ca ‘Noghera and the serious risks that would have been avoided if in the referendum for the separation of Mestre from Venice the “yes” had won: actually, the quorum was not even reached.
Coming to the data, December was a positive month for the Casino: revenue was in fact of €8,179,999, i.e. a good 7.2 percent more than in the same month of 2018, when it had instead suffered a decrease of 9.48 percent over the previous year. Slots are also doing well, collecting €5,099,499, 6.03 percent more, and the boom for the chemin de fer which, with its €226,075, even grows by 676.82 percent. As regards the roulette, French roulette decreases by 34.48 percent (€137.168) but the fair roulette grows by 50.86 percent and stops at €1,338,751. Among other games, poker cash decreases by 30 percent (€117,060), blackjack by 5.65 percent (€475,285) and punto banco by 23.23 percent (€786,168).
Finally, the entrances: they fell by 7.67 percent and there were 60,967.

The good result in December eased the decline of other months, although it didn’t bring the final positive sign. So, here is the 2019 figure: collections were of €92,800,744 and the decrease, compared to 2018, was of 4.9 percent.

SANREMO – The Casino di Sanremo has experienced a year of great changes, albeit in the name of continuity and substantial stability. The mandate of the old Board of Directors has expired and, after an extension, the re-elected mayor Alberto Biancheri has appointed a new one, where Gian Carlo Ghinamo is back and who sees Adriano Battistotti as president. Third member, Barbara Biale. The members of the Board of Directors have been assigned important powers, so as to postpone, at least for the moment, the idea of ​​appointing a new general manager to replace Giancarlo Prestinoni.
Coming to the data, December was not too lucky a month and it ended with a revenue of €3,843,208, 8.5 percent less than in the same month of 2018, when there was a 3.34 percent growth. However, it is also time to take stock of the year just ended and for the Sanremo gaming house it is positive: with €44,431,092 collected, there is in fact a growth of 3.64 percent, and the entrances have also grown: 191,715 or 1.61 percent more. Online gaming collected a total of €1,810,726.

Coming back to the December data, entrances were 16,982, 3.96 percent less. As regards games, slots decreased by 3.22 percent and stopped at €3,143,909, while French roulette decreased by 58.1 percent (€190,081) and the fair roulette of 45.36 percent (€91,814). Also punto banco decreases, collecting 138,961, 18.14 percent less.
However, other games are positive: tournament poker grows by 57.54 percent (€42,166), and cash by 89.04 percent (€85,341). Also blackjack is good, with €149,007, 68.15 percent more. Sic and bo, recently introduced, collects €1,927.

SAINT VINCENT – The Saint Vincent Resort & Casino ended the year in a much better way than it had started, having concluded the concordatory path in the court over the months and thus having avoided, at least for now, the risk of the bankruptcy of the management company. Moreover, even if the last few months have been lower than the expectations resulting from the performance of the fist ones, revenue has registered a good recovery after a long time.
The month of December ends, at the Saint Vincent Resort & Casino, with a gaming revenue of €5,310,615, 10.54 percent less than in 2018 (minus €625,527) and with entrances of 38,462, growing on the same month of 2018 (plus 1.91 percent).
Analyzing the data in detail, tables end the month as a whole with a negative result of 26.39 percent (minus €650,168). Among the games, fairoulette (minus 65.92 percent), trente et quarante (minus 122.43 percent), poker ultimate (minus 31.42 percent), American roulette (minus 10.38 percent), craps (minus 6.84 percent) and punto banco (minus 42.96 percent) have a negative sign. With a positive sign, French roulette (plus 21.47 percent), chemin de fer (plus 28.13 percent), poker Saint Vincent (plus 507.87 percent), blackjack (plus 26.12 percent). Slot machines collect in the month €3,497,549 (plus 0.71 percent), compared to the same month of 2018, in absolute terms, €24.641 euros more.

Collections on an annual basis are equal to €60,630,878 (plus 4.83 percent) compared to 2018 (57,838,968). Revenue of the tables amounts to €23,731,189 (plus 2.84 percent) and for slots amounts to €36,899,689 (plus 6.15 percent). Entrances are 348,643 (minus 0.58 percent).