DT9 Affiliations: the new gaming marketing goes through affiliations

DT9 Affiliations: the new gaming marketing goes through affiliations

In a market strongly influenced by regulatory restrictions such as online gaming, new marketing systems emerge, taking advantage of affiliations and agencies.

After the entry into force of the ban on advertising ordered by the Dignity decree, only one thing is sure for online gaming operators: nothing will be as before. And, in fact, it is not already today, just a few months after the total interruption of all marketing campaigns, once the transition term envisaged by the legislator for sponsorships already underway at the date of entry into force of the rule ended. A new scenario and (let’s face it) decidedly unusual even at international level, given that such a situation had never occurred in any other market. Creating many problems for gaming companies, who have been struggling for months to find valid and effective solutions for their marketing activities, while remaining within the law.

Or, better yet, within the boundaries dictated by the Autorit√† garante delle comunciazioni (Agcom), through the publication of the Guidelines that have had the merit of setting some general indications to be followed. While not completely solving the problem and leaving many questions still open. However, in this scenario of uncertainty, there are aspects that are too clear: like the importance of the affiliation networks that today more than ever take on an even more strategic role. As clearly emerged from the recent Sigma fair in Malta, where the subject was explored in a very in-depth way, with the experts who all agree on the idea that, in the light of the ban and the indications of the authority, the affiliation remains one of the few possibility in the hands of insiders. This is why operators need to get ready at their best to take advantage of this opportunity, as they are partly already doing. DT9 Affiliations is obtaning a more than significant role on the Italian market, in this phase made even more complex by the regulatory “developments” (so to speak): it is a company skilled in this kind of activity, that has always been able to rely on networks and a specific affiliation strategy, which now becomes strategic in the light of legislative restrictions. Being able to rely on a real “army” of small affiliates able to involve players, even without having to resort to advertising tools. “What we did, several years ago, was to create a company skilled in affiliations purely focused on regulated markets, first of all Italy, proposing a new model based on a different approach more oriented towards the player”, Danilo Di Tota, Ceo of the company, explains. He, after a long time in the world of sports and media, seems to have found the key to success to take over players, managing to bring them into the networks of Italian operators. In a very simple way, it seems: “The secret is in the adoption of marketing techniques and loyalty systems similar to those used by big sports companies to create and manage fan communities. A winning approach even in gaming”, he adds.

Not by chance, Dt9 is producing surprising results that are increasingly linking it to the major players active on the Italian online market. Becoming even more strategic today in the light of the ban on advertising. “After the entry into force of the Dignity decree, we created and adopted a new affiliation model that we have been applying for months now and that is giving excellent results. We have based everything on the creation of a network of skilled and qualified subjects that create relationships with the audience. Interacting through unsocial networks and the various networking platforms and through the use of ‘multi-level’ marketing, which allows different forms of interaction”, explains the Dt9 Ceo. And now the next step is to strengthen the online front, in perfect compliance with the rules dictated by Agcom, launching a series of websites dedicated to comparing bookmaker’s odds and bonuses, for comparing poker bonuses and those of casino games. A new front to strengthen and further increase activities and assure to Italian concessionaires a continuous contact with the players’ people.

(The article is an extract of the full version published in the Gioco News magazine of December 2019, also available in digital version by clicking here)