Casinos and games, who goes up and who goes down in November

Casinos and games, who goes up and who goes down in November analyzes the trend of Italian Casinos in the past month: collections decreasing in all of them.

Difficult November, for all three Italian casinos, which in fact end it with decreased collections compared to the same month last year. However, the usual analysis of starts from the Casino with the best trend, however a negative one, that is to say that of Saint Vincent.
SAINT VINCENT – The month of November 2019 ends, at the Saint Vincent Resort & Casino, with a gaming revenue of €4,975,681, 2.97 percent less than in 2018 (minus €152,088). However, we must remember that November 2018 had been a record month for the Valle d’Aosta’s gaming house, with revenue up by 33,14 percent.
Entrances in November 2019 amounted to 28,418, growing on the same month in 2018 (plus 5.53 percent).
Analyzing the data in detail, tables end the month as a whole with a negative result of 14.47 percent (minus €342,488). Among the games, French roulette (minus 50.30 percent), trente et quarante (minus 136.10 percent), Saint Vincent poker (minus 128.39 percent), the American roulette (minus 63.57 percent), blackjack (minus 54.08 percent) and craps (minus 32.73 percent) have a negative sign. Fairoulette (plus 10.92 percent), chemin de fer (plus 23.90 percent), ultimate poker (plus 37.28 percent) and punto banco (plus 146.70 percent) have a positive sign. In the month, slot machines collect €2,951,055 (plus 6.90 percent), compared with the same month in 2018, in absolute terms, €190,400 more.

Revenue on an annual basis is of €55,320,263 (plus 6.58 percent) compared to the first eleven months of 2018, and this gives us hope that the annual balance (now only the December data are missing) can be positive. In the year which doesn’t coincide with the calendar year and ended in November 2019, revenue rises to €61.256.413, that is 5.53 percent more than the twelve previous months.
SANREMO – The Casino di Sanremo is at the second place, collecting €2,890,658, which represents a negative variation of 3.47 percent compared to the same month of 2018, which had also suffered a drop of 1, 96 percent compared to 2017. 10,904 entrances were counted, only 97, or 0.88 percent, less than a year ago.
Analyzing the data in detail, slots record a decrease higher than the overall average: they collect €2,201,344, 5.47 percent less. Bad also for French roulette, which ends at €139,910, 55.22 percent less, while the fair roulette grews by 42.4 percent and arrives at €91,132. As for poker, cash increases by 103.06 percent (€75.350), and tournaments by 40.24 percent (€24.131). Also black jack is very good, with €84.293, 22.43 percent more. Finally, the punto banco, which records an increase of even 179.07 and which ends November at €173.863.

A month, like a swallow, doesn’t make neither a summer nor a winter: there are many elements that can set a positive sign or a decrease. The real “gauge” of the state of health of the Casino di Sanremo, like all the others, is therefore the annual revenue: in the first eleven months revenue reaches €40,587,884, 4.96 percent more, while in the non-solar year ended the past month €44,788,273 were collected, 4.81 percent more. There is therefore in this case a reason to be confident that the final sign of the 2019 casino revenue may be positive.

VENICE – The Casino di Venezia is at the third place, collecting in November (excluding tips) €7,105,176, which represents a negative change of 14.4 percent, compared to the same month in 2018. However, it should be said that the high water that hit the lagoon city in mid-November involved heavy problems also at the Ca ‘Vendramin site, and that November 2018 had been a particularly positive month for the gaming house.
Analyzing the data in detail, slots decrease, ending the month with €4,109,278, 6.4 percent less. French roulette collects €46.413, 94.3 percent less, while fairoulette, with €956,921, falls by 24.3 percent. Another negative sign is that of black jack: minus 28.9 percent, with revenue of €536.226.
However, there are also games that are growing despite the adverse weather conditions: the chemin grows by 6.8 percent and collects €330.965, poker cash by 25.1 percent (€169.602) and the punto banco scores an excellent result: €955,770, an increase of 51.58 percent.
Finally, the entrances: they were 56.621 in November, 1.81 percent less than a year ago.
Talking about the annual revenue, from January to November 2019 the Casino, with its two lagoon and mainland locations, collected €84,620,744, 5.93 percent less than a year ago, while from December 2018 to November 2019 the balance is of €92,251,436, 6.23 percent less.