European Gaming Congress, Milan european game capital

European Gaming Congress, Milan european game capital

The Egc congress, scheduled for November 8th, devotes an entire day to gaming operators, software vendors, regulators, government officials and service providers.

Regulatory authorities, operators and service providers from all over Europe meet in Milan on November 8th to discuss mastering problems that some markets face when it comes to licensing and marketing compliance. The speaker is Zoltán Tűndik, founder and head of media and events at the European Gaming Congress.


Experts from the gaming industry in Europe will meet in Milan to discuss the game at 360 degrees, what can you announce about the second edition of Egc?

“Gaming industry experts will gather this year in Milan for one of the most important conferences to discuss compliance, marketing and other industry updates. The aim of the congress is to bring together industry leaders from across Europe and the mission to educate local industry shareholders on current compliance updates”.


Why did you decide to hold the congress in Milan?

“Milan was the most voted destination and given the numerous discussions on the Italian market in terms of compliance, advertising and operations, it was received very quickly by many shareholders in the sector. Not to mention the fact that Milan is the cosmopolitan city that best hosts our boutique-style conference”.



What will emerge from this day?

“We are counting on the support of local companies to address the right questions that will revolve around the sector. We have invited local authorities who need to listen to the questions and address industry issues in order to work together and make the sector safe for both actors and businesses. In addition to quality discussions, we are obviously certain that this will be a great opportunity for companies to reach new connections and start making new partnerships, and who knows, maybe Milan will be voted again as the destination of the next edition”.


Between Italy and the other states of Europe, what are the differences regarding the gaming sector?

“I’m not an expert on the subject but I wouldn’t say that there are many differences. As for the gaming industry, Italy could have one of the oldest gaming industries and it was certainly built around the five luxury land-based casinos”.


In your opinion, is the Italy case on gaming (advertising ban, distance meter and game time limits) a phenomenon to be analyzed at European level?

“Yes, many jurisdictions apply similar laws and it is certainly a phenomenon that is analyzed at European level. It is very important that the industry remains communicative and takes care of business-oriented measurements that have a direct impact on how they work on each occasion”.


In your opinion, can the Italian limitations in the gaming sector have negative consequences in the area of illegality and job reduction?

“Any limitation that has a direct impact on revenue and marketing will have a negative impact on lawlessness and reducing employment. The limitations are aimed at reducing gambling addiction and protecting players but going from unregulated marketing to a complete ban is too much. Furthermore, we analyzed the reports coming from different points of sale and gambling addiction does not come from its online sector, it is the offline sector that has the most cases. Online gaming in Italy represents only 7 percent of the total turnover of gambling in Italy”.


Is the Italian and European gaming industry healthy?

“On the basis of numerous sales and research points, the regulated gambling market in Italy has experienced a slowdown in growth in 2018 and growth should continue to slow in 2019 thanks to the new ban on gambling advertising and higher taxes for both land and online operators. However, the market has doubled in size over the last 10 years”.