Casinos and games, who goes up and who goes down in May

Casinos and games, who goes up and who goes down in May analyzes the trend of the three Italian casinos in the past month: strong growth in revenue for all of them.

An excellent May, at least in terms of revenue, for Italian casinos. Except, unfortunately, for that of Campione d’Italia, whose closure, last July, the 27th, caused a very serious situation to all the community and with a way out still far to be found.

The analysis of Gioco News starts, as usual, from the Casino with the best trend, but the sign for revenue is firmly positive for all of them.

SANREMO – In the month that saw the confirmation (in the first round and without the need for a run-off) of Alberto Biancheri as mayor of the Ligurian town and the goodbye of Giancarlo Prestinoni, whose mandate as general manager expired at the end of April, the Casino di Sanremo records a strong performance. Revenue, which amounted to €3,870,839, grew of 13.31 percent, while entrances, 19.001, had a positive balance of 40.48 percent: thank you poker!

All the games, except for French roulette (€76.274, minus 80.35 percent) and for trente et quarante (€0, while the past year collected €60.755) contribute to the final result. In particular, slots collect €2,961,049 and grow by 9.17 percent, while fair roulette ends with €151,155 (plus 4,89 percent). Good, very good, even poker cash (€203.457, plus 188.70 percent) and the tournaments grow by 608.18 percent (€312.684), thanks to the Italian Poker Open, which brought Sanremo back to the center of the national and international poker scene. Finally, a plus sign also for blackjack (€114,284, plus 68.60 percent) and for punto banco too (€51.933, plus 4.72 percent).

In the first five months of the year, the Sanremo gaming house collected €18,606,974, 4.61 percent more than in the same period of 2018, while in the twelve months not coinciding with the calendar year and ended in May 2018, it reached €43,755,975, 0.73 percent less.

VENICE – The Casino di Venezia is slow to find the solution on the new company work contract and indeed, at the end of May, the unions have also called for a strike at the end of the shift, to complain against what they define the lack of will of the company and property to reach an agreement. However, revenue doesn’t seem to be affected neither by the abstention of the workers nor by the trade union tension; in fact, the Venice gaming hous ends an excellent May, thus interrupting the dark period that had lasted for some months, and ends it with revenue of €8,089,924, that is, 9.64 percent more than in the same month of 2018. Entrances are substantially stable, only 0.28 percent less: a total of 56.257.

As for the individual games, the queens of the Casino, that is to say slots, lose 1.18 percent and stop at an amount of €4,404,356. The trend of French roulette is of a completely different nature, collecting €824,949 and recording a growth of even 460.95 percent, while fair roulette, which grows by 0.15 percent, ends at €1,337,799. Good poker cash too, with €141.225, 22.12 percent more, and even black jack, which collects €550.884, 5.08 percent more. Finally, a negative sign for chemin de fer: minus 31.35 percent (€268.055) as well as for the punto banco, minus 27.72 percent (€562.663).

Thanks to the May result, the balance of the collections made in this first part of 2018 rises to €40,152,873, 2.32 percent less than in the first five months of 2018. In the twelve non-solar months the revenue of Ca’ Vendramin and of Ca’ Noghera are instead of €96.630.196, 3.47 percent more.

SAINT-VINCENT – While the arrangement procedure continues, and will culminate on 9 July with the summoning of creditors, which must decide about the subject, the gaming house continues its recovery as regards revenue, demonstrating that the potential is there. In fact, it ends May with a gaming revenue of €4,380,030, 6.96 percent more than in 2018 (plus €284,921) and with substantially stable entries, compared to the same period of 2018 (minus 0.07 percent).

Tables end the month as a whole with revenue down of 0.67 percent (minus €11,645): chemin de fer (minus 91.15 percent), poker texas hold’em (minus 98,13 percent), black jack (minus 51.01 percent), French roulette (minus 3.48 percent), craps (minus 143.81 percent), American roulette (minus 83.77 percent) are the games with a negative sign. Fair roulette (plus 52.73 percent), punto banco (plus 15.22 percent), poker ultimate (plus 54.29 percent), trente et quarante (plus 250.41 percent) and poker Saint Vincent (plus 1237.85 percent) have had a positive sign. Slot machines collect €2,657,778 in the month (plus 12.56 percent), compared to 2018 (plus €296,565).

The Valle d’Aosta’s gaming house is having “good weather” since some months. In fact, the annual revenue rises to €25,022,626, 10.01 percent more, while over the period from June 2018 to May 2019 the total is €60,115,940, 6.15 percent more.