Casinos and games, who goes up and who goes down in april

Casinos and games, who goes up and who goes down in april analyzes the casino trend last month: a strong positive sign for Saint Vincent.

Months pass, but the Casino Campione d’Italia remains closed, after its management company was declared bankrupt due to insolvency on 27 July last year, a sentence by the Como court subsequently set aside on a technicality by the Milan’s Court of Appeal, but which has not yet resulted in its reopening, on which several procedural and economic uncertainties hang over.

The usual analysis of on the trend of the Italian casinos focuses therefore on the three active casinos. And at the first place, as it is often happening this year, there is the Saint Vincent Resort & Casino, the only one to have a positive sign in April, by the way.

SAINT VINCENT – Excellent April for gaming revenue of the Saint Vincent Resort & Casino. In fact, the past month ends with a collection of €5,745,701, 21.26 percent more than in 2018 (plus €1,007,327) and with decreasing entrances on the same month in 2018 (minus 4.99 percent).

Analyzing the data in detail, tables end the month as a whole with more than 57.03 percent (plus €895,522). Among the games, chemin de fer (minus 22.07 percent), texas hold’em poker (minus 93.73 percent) and black jack (minus 33.30 percent) have a negative sign. Fair roulette (plus 18.29 percent), punto banco (plus 10.54 percent), French roulette (plus 1.533.52 percent), craps (plus 243.18 percent), ultimate poker (plus 24.85 percent), trente et quarante (plus 28.07 percent), Saint Vincent poker (plus 108.33 percent) and American roulette (plus 44.94 percent) have had a positive sign. Slot machines collect €3,279,845 (plus 3.53 percent) in the month, compared with 2018, in absolute terms, €111,805 more.

The excellent result of April strengthen even more the one that was being recorded in this first part of the year: from January to the past month, the Valle d’Aosta’s gaming house has collected €20,642,594, 10.68 percent more than the same period of last year. The twelve-month counter is also good, not coinciding with the calendar year, and which ended on April 2019: €59.831.018, 5.70 percent more. Of course, there is still a very long way to go for the company reorganization, given that the creditors of the management company will decide about the arrangement plan only next 9 July, but that of the recovery of receipts, obviously essential for the health of any company, seems cleared.

SANREMO – The Casino di Sanremo, which collected €3,803,055 in April, that is 0.96 percent less than in the same month of 2018, is at the second place. Entrances are very stable: a total of 16,489, only 2 less than in April 2018, for a percentage change of 0.01 percent.

Analyzing the data more in detail, there is a decline, though lower than the overall average, of the slots: they end the month at minus 0.33 percent, collecting €2,977,849. As regards tables, French roulette is very good, collecting €327.740, 10.56 percent more, but fari roulette doesn’t do the same: it collects €64,922, 61.29 percent less. Negative sign also for cash poker, which loses 12.54 percent (€120.788), while tournaments collect €23.764, 2.85 percent more.

Finally, it is worth noting the excellent performance of punto banco (€144.323, 159.69 percent more) and the decrease of black jack (€143.667 euros, 16.54 percent less).

Waiting for the May local elections, which will surely have consequences also regarding the choices that the future mayor will take on the important subsidiary company, here are the results obtained by the Sanremo gaming house: revenue of the first four months of 2019 amounts to €14.736.134, or 2.54 percent more, and also the revenue of the non-solar year is positive: 43.301.264, that is to say 1 percent more on the immediately preceding non-solar year.

VENICE – The Casino di Venezia is at the third place, still struggling with a very difficult negotiation to reach the new company work contract.

In April 2019, the Casino di Venezia collected €8,062,087, or 1.35 percent less than in the same month of 2018. As for attendances, there were 58.106, 6.32 percent less than a year ago.
Analyzing the data more in detail, we note the decrease in slots: minus 7.82 percent, for collections of €4,066,496.

Bad also French roulette, which ends with €274.302, 52.06 percent less, but fair roulette is very good and, with its €1,196,946, grows of 21.42 percent.

Positive sign also for chemin de fer, €642.345 (plus 48.54 percent), for cash poker, €167.903 (plus 10.97) and for punto banco, €1.325.275 (plus 64.38 percent), while black jack suffers a decline of 52.16 percent, ending with €388.818.

In the first four months the gambling house, with its two offices, collected a total of €32,062,948, which represents a decrease of 4.94 percent compared to the same period of 2018. Revenue from May 2018 to April 2019, strong of the excellent performance of the past year, is instead of 95.919.228: therefore, the sign remains positive, of 3.50 percent, compared to the twelve previous months.