Casinos and games, who goes up and who goes down in February

Casinos and games, who goes up and who goes down in February analyzes the trend of gaming houses in the past month: very well Saint Vincent, Sanremo stable and Venice in decline.

February 2019, another month “in three” for Italian casinos, given the ongoing closure of the one of Campione d’Italia, with the dramatic consequences that this situation is having on the entire community, which has been going on since July, the 27th, 2018.
A month also characterized by the excellent performance of the Casino di Saint Vincent, from which the usual analysis of starts, with the one that had the best result.

SAINT VINCENT – Increase in revenues for the Casino de la Vallee in February, which ends the second month of 2019 with a total result of over €4.7 million, which means an increase of 13.55% over the same period of the the previous year, with an increase of 1,68% for entrances.
A result that gives some optimism, in a month that led to the achievement of the agreement between the company and trade unions on the reduction of labor costs, but an agreement that is certainly not painless for both the remaining employees and, above all, for those who early left the company.

Talking about the February revenue, the total increase was about €570 thousand. This is mainly due to table games, which recorded an increase of 10.96 percent (equal to about €215 thousand more). While chemin de fer (minus 38.47 percent), Poker Saint Vincent (minus 98 percent) and Texas hold’em poker (minus 60.31 percent), trente et quarante (minus 85.65 percent), blackjack (minus 9 percent) and American roulette (minus 24.20 percent) are among games with a negative sign. On the other hand, Poker Ultimate is essentially stable (plus 0.30 percent), while the sign is positive for French roulette (plus 70.93 percent), punto banco (plus 16.36 percent), fair roulette (plus 11, 84 percent) and craps (plus 239.99 percent).
Slot machines are also good, with over 2.5 million collected in February, recording a plus 15.82 percent than in 2018, with an increase of over €350 thousand.
Collections on an annual basis amounted to just over 9.8 million, corresponding to a good plus 8.66 percent than the first two months of 2018. If, on the contrary, the non-solar year is taken as “base”, revenue increases to €58,623,734, or 3 percent more compared to what the gaming house in Valle d’Aosta has collected in the period March 2017 – February 2018.

SANREMO – Despite some problems on the political front, as it is almost usual in view of the approaching of local elections, where a member of the current board of directors, Olmo Romeo, who is also president of Federgioco, could take the field, revenue of the Casinò di Sanremo is stable. The Sanremo gaming house collected €3,581,244, the same result (the decline is of 0.11 percent) to that obtained in the same month last year. On the contrary, entrances, equal to 16,145, increased by 2.93 percent.
Going into the details of games, slots, which end at €2,703,449, record a decrease of 4.91 percent, while tables have a better trend. In particular, French roulette collects €547,880 and grows by 40.36 percent, while fair roulette, with its €101.022, has a positive sign of 112.28 percent. Punto banco is good too, decreasing by 21.07 percent (€96.260).

Ont he contrary, setback for punto banco: the sign is negative of 21.07 and revenue is of €96.260. Poker cash decreases of 56.91 percent (€52.619) and tournament poker of 24.34 percent (€52.619).
Revenue for the two-month period rises to €7,425,167, 2.21% more than the first two months of 2018, while in the twelve months not coinciding with the calendar year revenue was of €43,097,283, with a negative difference of 2.34 percent compared to the previous twelve months

VENICE – The Casino di Venezia is at the third place. It doesn’t seem to be able to find (but only for now!) the sprint that led it to obtain results on results in the past year. In February 2019, the Casino di Venezia collected €6,973,404, 931,824 less, or 11.79 percent less, compared to the same month of 2018, when, we should remember, recorded a plus sign of 18,15 percent.
Instead, entrances are good: they amounted to 57.016, that is to say 1.35% more.
Analyzing the data in detail, slots lose 8.51 percent and end February with €3.759.374, a negative result that is added to that of French roulette (€575.334, 43.65 percent less) and of fair roulette (€867,481, minus 34.08 percent).
Other games have a positive trend, that don’t “save” the final result: chemin increases by 9.75 percent (€440.002), poker cash of 2.45 percent (€172.505), blackjack of 72,36 percent (€589.907) and punto banco ends at plus 3.92 percent, with its €568,799 collected.
Let me come on to the result of the two-month period: as we said, January also had a decline, and the overall balance of collections is of €15,211,020, 9.38 percent less than in January/February 2018. In the twelve months before March 2019, the two offices of the casino collected a total of 96,009,972, with a positive sign of 4.55 percent.