Casinos and games, who goes up and who goes down in january 2019

Casinos and games, who goes up and who goes down in january 2019 analyzes casino trends in the first month of the year: a positive sign both in Sanremo and in Saint Vincent.

A year in three. Or at least, it started with only three Italian gaming houses in business, hoping that the dramatic situation the Casino di Campione is experiencing will be solved as soon as possible, and with it the entire local community, following the closure of the casino, last July, the 27th, that is to say since the court of Como ruled the bankruptcy of its management company.
The usual analysis of data by starts, as usual, from the casino with the best performance last month.

SANREMO – Liguria is at the first place, even if by a nose from the Valle d’Aosta competitors. In January, the Casino di Sanremo collected €3,843,923, which represents a growth of 4.47 percent compared to the same month last year, and a good omen to start the year with a turnaround, compared to a 2018 which was lower than expected, as regards revenue. Slots contribute to the final result, collecting €3,026,825, or 6.73 percent more on an annual basis.
However, positive signs can also be recorded as regards the entries relating to several tables: French roulette, for example, with its €419.905, grows by 20.6 percent, while fair roulette collects €159.644, 110.1 percent more. Good also black jack, with €148.170, 16.55 percent more, while poker falls (tournament of 25.1 percent, for €16.386; cash of 51.2 percent, for €66.593) and punto banco the same: €18.398 in total, 88.48 percent less. In the twelve months from February 2018 to January 2019, the Sanremo gaming house collected €43,101,286, which is 6.54 percent less than the previous twelve months not coincident with the calendar year.

SAINT VINCENT – The Saint Vincent Resort & Casino is ending the extremely difficult agreement on the reduction of labor cost and ends a positive month, as regards revenue.
In fact, January ends with a gaming collection of €5,082,375, 4.45 percent more than in 2018 (plus €216.391) and with entries down on the same month of last year (minus 3.65 percent) .
Tables end the month as a whole with more than 19.46 percent (plus €322.042). Among the games with a negative sign there are chemin de fer (minus 21.46 percent), Poker Saint Vincent (minus 31.03 percent) and Poker Texas hold’em (minus 61.07 percent), trente et quarante (minus 223.66 percent), blackjack (minus 69.89 percent), craps (minus 26.44 percent) and American roulette (minus 7.22 percent). French roulette (plus 91.50 percent), poker ultimate (plus 0.30 percent), punto banco (plus 47.2 percent) and fair roulette (plus 54.71 percent) have had a positive sign. In the month, slot machines collect €3,105,416, 3.29 percent less compared to 2018 (minus €105.651). The result of January 2019 brings revenue in the last twelve months to €58.055.376, which means a growth of 1.66 percent, which we hope will be consolidated during the year just begun.

VENICE – After a sparkling 2018, the year begins with a setback, for the revenue of the Casino di Venezia, which is therefore at the third place and is the only one to end the month with the minus sign.
In January 2019, the Casino di Venezia collected €8,237,616, or 7.24 percent less than in the same month of the previous year. Also entrances slow down: 64.603, 3.67 percent less.

The past month, slot machines record revenue for €4,820,487, 7.94 percent less, and also fair roulette records a decline: with its €10.061.851, the sign is negative by 28.46 percent.

However, French roulette ends with a loss of €268,509: it really can be said that the players have cleaned out!

Finally, we must report the decline of chemin de fer: collection of €706,397, 2.79 percent less, and that of blackjack: €382,807, 20.32 percent less. Instead, a plus sign for punto banco, which grows by 37.77 percent and stops at €1,359,646, as well as for poker cash: plus 2.83 percent, for €174,936 collected.
In the twelve months prior to February 2019, the two venues of the gaming house in the lagoon have collected a total of €96,941,797, or an excellent 6.98 percent more than the previous non-solar year.