Casinos and games, who goes up and who goes down in 2018

Casinos and games, who goes up and who goes down in 2018 analyzes the trend of the four gamign houses last year: positive sign for Venice and Saint Vincent.

Despite the drama of the current moment, given that the Casinò Campione d’Italia is still closed (waiting for the appointment of the special commissioner who will have to study ways to reopen it, also notwithstanding the provisions of the Madia law) and that of Saint Vincent has a file for bankruptcy (to be avoided through an agreement with creditors, that will be very heavy, above all for the workers), the year-end accounts of the Italian casinos are not so bad. In fact, two of them end 2018 with increasing revenues, in the case of Venice a significant increase and with positive budget data, at least in the lagoon, for a quiet future.

VENICE – Despite the December revenues have come to a halt, the annual figure, therefore purified from the various contingent events, that can define a monthly trend, is firmly positive. In fact, the two Casinos’ offices collects a total of €97,585,228, 7.72 percent more than last year, while the entrances stop at 720,650, 8.65 percent less.
Slot machines are growing, ending the year with €54.066.841, 5.29 percent more, but all the other games are growing, except for poker tournaments, not hosted, last year, in Venice. Here, then, French roulette collects €6,263,643, 39.23 percent more, outclassed by fairoulette, with its €15.109.328, 7.28 percent more. Black jack affects the final result too, which collects 7,051,394, 3.79 percent more.

SAINT VINCENT – Gaming revenue of the Saint Vincent Resort & Casino return to grow, albeit timidly and not in a way to solve the difficult economic and financial situation that is gripping the structure. But in fact, here we are focusing “only” on the numbers: revenue of €57,838,979, the past year, means a positive balance of 0.86 percent, which however, the decline in entrances matches. In this case, the collection stops at €350.678, 3.39 percent less. Slots have a positive and crucial impact on the final result, collecting €34,763,360, 7.55 percent more. French roulette grows to a lesser extent, considering lower volumes: 8.89 percent and collects €3.190.368. We also have to report the excellent trend of poker tournaments, despite the criticisms that have especially marked the assignment in management of them to a third company: the annual balance talks of €212,135, 276.09 percent more than in 2017. Other games, on the other hand, have a less positive result: fairoulette ends at minus 1.12 percent, with its revenue of €5,286,466, while chemin leaves on the field 44.75 percent of the 2017 revenue and stops at €1,220,063.

SANREMO – Despite the recovery in December, the Sanremo gaming house doesn’t celebrate the year that ends with positive results. Revenue, amounting to €42,870,176, decreases by 4.29 percent, and the decline in entrances is even more marked (minus 7.97 percent), stopping at 188.678. Slots were substantially stable, collecting €34.505.065, 0.03% less, but for all the other games the decrease is marked, with the exception of poker tournaments, collecting €396.580, 65.5% more. For example, French roulette loses 26.91 percent (€3,339,960), while fair roulette ends at €1,362,879, or 1.68 percent less. Also black jack suffers and ends the year to minus 16.59 percent, with revenue of €1.090.440.

CAMPIONE – Of course, it doesn’t make sense to compare the 2018 revenue to those of 2017, since the Casino Campione d’Italia is closed from last July, the 27th, after the failure of its management company.
However, here are the “accounts” of what the closure is costing, and of course what the political and managerial choices that caused it cost. In 2018 the gambling house collected €45.460.976, 45.689.300 less than in 2017. In percentage terms, the collections declined by 50.13 percent. Always compared to two years ago, there were 350,764 entries less (many of which will go into the Ticino gambling houses), and they “lost” €32.098.077 of revenue from the slots. One can only hope that the solution will be found as soon as possible to open again, bearing in mind, moreover, that all employees are officially dismissed from the end of 2018.