Casinos and games, who goes up and who goes down in July

Casinos and games, who goes up and who goes down in July analyzes the performance of the four gaming houses last month: results conditioned by the closure of the Casino di Campione d’Italia.

Turning point, and the second half for Italian casinos begins with the month of July. Before analyzing the data in more detail it is necessary to focus once again on the Casino di Campione. Here we have partial data, if compared with the other three casinos, just to remind that the casino on the lake has developed five days less during July 2018 and this because of the forced closure.
VENICE – Very positive turning point in the lagoon. One more month with the plus sign and with €7,618,461 of total income. This further positive result, which is gradually consolidating, shows that the path taken is leading to good results in terms of growing revenue and appreciation in tables. In fact, these ended with a substantial positive sign, especially in both French and Fair Roulette. Chemin de Fer remains unchanged from last July. Slight decline for Black Jack and a little more marked decline for Punto Banco. In total, tables amounted to about 2.8 million which, with the excellent result of €4,786,000 of slots (plus 11,54 percent), is still at the top of the overall ranking. In this last period slots seem to have strenghtened compared to the years when they were in constant decline. This shows that the ability to make the “machines” productive, innovating and increasingly intercepting the wishes of customers, overcomes the fears and perhaps, the clichés of state competition in terms of electronic gaming systems scattered throughout the country.

The slots/tables ratio is of 62.8 percent as it encouraged a good distribution of games offer in favor of customer demand.
CAMPIONE – As mentioned above, a separate analysis is made for Campione who has been forced to close the month five days in advance and that took from the Campione’s takings a revenue of about one million and perhaps more.
It ends this troubled July 2018 with the absolute value of €5,000.699. By necessity, percentage signs are mostly negative, except for poker, which ends the month with a plus 79.13, with €276,748 and an excellent Punto Banco with €518,186 equal to 20.30 percent. Of this early closure, the very appreciated French roulette has managed to obtain a revenue of about €300 thousand, while slots, even these very appreciated by customers, stopped at €3.433.210.
Even if the figure is partial of 26/31, the slot/tables ratio is of 68 percent.

Brief comment for Campione: In any case, in the development and the average calculated in the first six months of the year the Casino di Campione settled on an average of about 6.75 monthly million. The five days of total closure and the month of July, which was also characterized by tensions due to the situation we are seeing, generated a revenue of €5,000,699. This difference (in absolute terms) of 1.75 million shows that, despite everything, the gambling house has the potential to quickly and adequately relocate to the market, even in the short term thanks to the catchment area, the professionalism of workers and a modern and comfortable venue.
SAINT VINCENT – With a collection of €4,780,370 and a negative sign of 6.35 percent, the Casino de la Vallée is reconfirmed as the third strongest player in terms of revenue.

The good performance of fair roulette, with over half a million euros goes to fill in part the large winnings that have occurred to the classic roulette, that brought only €62 thousand to the casino. Black Jack is good, with a good plus 55 percent collects €370 thousand in revenue. A slight decline of Punto Banco, which collects just over €400,000, leaving a minus 13.5 percent in this month. About slots, we can say that the revenue is the same as in July 2017, with a slight difference of about €20,000 less and however €2,791,677 is the result of electronic games.
The slot/tables ratio is of 58 percent. Even for Saint Vincent, the percentage shows a good balance between tables and slots.

SANREMO – Sanremo ends the month with a revenue of €3,548,465, which means a percentage of minus 5.98 compared to July 2017.
Poker and punto banco are positive. The other games see a slight decline and this also based on the gaming volume generated. French roulette, that usually has a good appeal and good income, for the past month shows a collection of €376,750 and with minus €80,835 compared to July ’17, which means a percentage of minus 17.67 percent.
Slots decrease of almost 6 percent less, but the final result of these machines is 2,786,582.
The slots/tables ratio is of 78 percent.
As usual, the Casino di Sanremo has a substantial offer of machines, almost as if to prove that despite the national presence of the competitors in dedicated rooms and/or in public places and casinos just across the border, those in our casinos can make the difference not only in quality and innovation, but especially for winnings, with much higher percentages in favor of the customer.

THE LAST TWELVE MONTHS – The annual projection in the 365 days just passed (August 2017-July 2018) sees Venice with a total revenue of €94,482,394 (the only one in progression) followed by Campione d’Italia with €83,371,982, while Saint Vincent stands at €56,231,328. Sanremo, with excellent financial statements, ends at €44,021,358. On the other hand, the first seven months of the year produce a plus 7.46 percent for Venice with €56,034,312 collected. For the other three, the negative percentage sign remains, with Sanremo declining by 3.02 percent and €24.667.626 of collection, Saint Vincent with a similar percentage to the casino of the Riviera with less 3.37 percent and 31.925.817 of total collection and Campione closes, producing revenue in the first seven months of the year for €45,460,976 and decreasing by 14.61 percentage points, which don’t correspond to the real potential of the gaming house of the Lugano lake.
That decreases.

ENTRANCES – Although with a considerable decrease of over 20 percent, the Casino di Venezia, with its 54,323 customers holds the record in this area of entrances. In the face of around 14,000 entrances less, it has managed to increase the revenue by 8 percentage points and this shows that the quality of the client is coming back to the Venetian gaming house. Campione follows with 32,739 visitors in the 26 days of activity, leaving to about 21,000 customers the choice of going to neighboring and competing casinos. The number of entrances for Saint Vincent was substantially the same, as it welcomed 29,234 customers in its rooms, 173 less than in July 2017. The Casinò di Sanremo ends with 15.398 entry cards, which in this sector decreases by 9.27 percent.