Casino and games, who goes up and who goes down in May

Casino and games, who goes up and who goes down in May analyzes the trend of the four gaming houses last month: positive sign for three out of four.

A fundamentally positive May for Italian casinos, except for that of Campione d’Italia. The usual analysis of starts, as usual, from the one with the best performance, and that has strongly reversed the overall result of five months of 2018, thanks to this result.
SANREMO – The Casino di Sanremo is at the first place, whose recent investments and news seem to have given the first results.
In May, revenue rose to €3,416,127, or 11.04 percent more than last year, and the result is even better for the queens of the Sanremo gaming house: slots grow of 12.38 percent, with their €2,712,444. Indeed, individual games have largely positive signs: the real boom of fair roulette should be pointed out (€144,113, or 625.83 percent more), but also the growth of French roulette, lowest but with higher absolute volumes: €388,255 of collections, or 14.41% more.
On the other hand, punto banco declines, losing 46.86 percent and stops at €49.595. Negative change also for entrances: 13,526, or 4.59 percent less.
So, revenue of the first five months of the year rises to €17,787,734, 3.84 percent less than in 2017, but it still strongly reduces the decline, while in the twelve months not coinciding with the calendar year the casino collected €44,079,472, or 3.07 percent less.

VENICE – Silver medal (but gold one for the result of the first five months) for the Casino di Venezia, ending May with collections of €7,378,957, that is to say 10.85 percent more than last year. Slots are good, recording a plus 3.98 percent and revenue of 4,456,842, and most of the other games. For example, fair roulette, which collects €1,335,737, 21.34 percent more, or even poker cash, which grows by 1294.99 percent, with collections of €115.645. We must highlight the trend of French roulette: it ends May with revenue decreasing of €222.390 (who said that the house always wins?!), but since in May 2017 it had been even more generous with the players, the sign is positive by 64.31 percent. Despite the good overall performance, entrances slow down: they were 56,413 in May, or 3.85 percent less than a year ago.
The May result strenghtens the result for the first five months of the current year: total collections amount to €41,107,905, 7.31 percent more and the only positive sign among the four gaming houses. In the non-calendar year ended in May 2018, revenue amounts to 93,394,048, or 1.13% more. This time, it is not the only positive sign, because there is also that of the Saint Vincent Resort & Casino to be recorded.

SAINT VINCENT – So, let’s go to Val d’Aosta, where the Saint Vincent gaming house ends May, the month in which they voted for the renewal of the Consiglio Valle, with revenue of €4,095,110, 0.62 percent more than a year ago. It should be noted that it is the only casino in Italy where even entrances are growing, of 0.32 percent (24.088).
Indeed, slots declines, ending May with revenue of €2,361,212, 1.63 percent less. Roulettes mainly define the good result of the month: French roulette collects €313,800, 152.28 percent more, while English roulette grows by 54.89 percent and stands at €396.878. Chemin de fer is also good, even if on lower gaming volumes: the sign is positive by 200.83 percent, while revenue is of €57.835.
The May result brings revenue of the first five months of the year to €22.745.672, that is 3.04 percent less than in the same period of 2017. In the period from June 2017 to May 2018 revenue stands at €56,631,332, or 0.81 percent more than in the previous twelve months, and doesn’t coincide with the calendar year.

CAMPIONE – The casino Campione d’Italia is at the fourth place and is the only casino ending May with a negative sign, still struggling with the file for bankruptcy from the Como Public Prosecutor’s Office, a complex affair where the positive element is the successful conclusion of the negotiations between the company and the trade unions on the reduction of labor cost, without using the 156 collective redundancies initially announced by the management company.
Revenue in May amounted to €6,262,704, 9.25 percent less over the year, and entrances are suffering a even more pronounced decline: minus 14.35 percent, for a total of 46.334 units. The positive trend of slots brings a sense of optimism: they collect €4.647.049, or 5.78 percent more. And poker is good too, both in tournaments (€169.927, 12.02 percent more) and cash (€304,003, 44.16 percent more). On the other hand, table games are clearly declining: roulette of 58.25 per cent (€221.311), fair roulette of 47.27 percent (€134.948), trente et quarante of 17.15 percent (€ 97.076), chemin de fer of 11.99 percent (110.460), black jack of 46.96 percent (€208.837) and punto banco of 46.86 percent (€208.837).
May data are added to those of other difficult four months: gaming house totally collected €34,324,331, 12.11 percent less than the same period last year. In the twelve non-solar months, the balance is of €86,419,416, 7.86 percent less.