100 of these decades

100 of these decades

It is the moment of Social Media Week in Italy (too), that this year comes back with a double event to connect the two poles Rome and Milan.

And gaming is once again a key player with the eSports phenomenon.
The wild pace with which technological innovation takes hold within our world (and our lives) is a much-debated topic both in the business world and in society. But with the passionate intrigue of recent months, between the Cambridge Analityca scandals and the new privacy provisions dictated by the Gdpr, a series of – legitimate – questions have arisen about the impact these changes will have and are having on humanity. Apparently, the same technologies that inspire us to rethink the way we live our lives and our work can also confuse and even scare us. Because algorithms and “artificially intelligent” technologies increasingly dictate our experiences, it may sometimes seem that we are more and more moving away from the fundamental behaviors and experiences that traditionally make us human. The new reality concerning both our personal and professional life imposes a constant struggle between our desire to create a community and the constant drive towards hyper-individualism.
A series of topics – and challenges – which the Social Media Week is openly discussing: considered among the ten most innovative and revolutionary events in the world, with the aim of exploring social, cultural and economic impact of web, digital and social networks. The mission of Social Media Week is just to help people and organizations to connect through cooperation and sharing of ideas, experiences, knowledge and information; physically involving thousands of people in twenty-six cities in the world representing the five continents.

In Italy the event is organized by Business International, the events division of Fiera Milano Media, and this year, after the previous successful editions in Rome and Milan and to celebrate its tenth birthday, it comes in a new look that can put two appointments together in a single event, in an “itech marathon” between the two Italian cities, in the week between 12 – 16 June 2018. With over sixty training and networking slots inspired by the main theme of this year, enclosed in one word: “Closer“. Therefore, exploring that intensification of the conflict between community and individualism described above.
In a conversation that brings a variety of perspectives together to discuss the most productive ways to take advantage of these forces to drive innovation, improve consumer experiences and bring people together. Focusing on the influence of the three key trends in the contemporary world: business, culture and society.

With an important place also for gaming sector: with a panel about eSports.


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