Casinos, a 2017 of decreasing revenue for all four of them

Casinos, a 2017 of decreasing revenue for all four of them analyzes the trend of casino revenue in 2017: we have a negative sign for everyone.

In January 2018, the usual monthly analysis of on the trend of the four Italian casinos duly gives way to that relating to 2017, a year that unfortunately records a generale minus sign. At the first place we can find a casino which, however, ends the year with decreased revenue, bearing in mind that the proceeds of online gaming haven’t been added to the following count.
SANREMO – The Casinò di Sanremo fails, even if by a little, to end 2017 with stable or growing revenue. The balance, also aided by the “stand by” of poker for a few months, stops at €44,790,433, that is to say 0.40 percent less than in 2016. The decline of entrances is definitely more pronounced, of 205.012, 9.96 percent less. However, some games record a good trend, in particular the trend of slots, ending 2017 with €34,515,991 of revenue, 0.43 percent more. Other data for black jack, with €1,307,377, growing of 19.96 percent, and very well also fair roulette, with €1.386.105, even 44.03 percent more. As we said, the sore point is poker, as admitted even by the gaming house, which has however developed a new strategy, already implemented: tournaments collected a total of €239,621, 60.51 percent less, while cash ends at €1,121,687, 16.06 percent less.

CAMPIONE – Casinò Campione d’Italia is at the second place, whose management and property companies have had a much more animated year than their colleagues in Sanremo, with the arrival of a new governance and, even before, of a new mayor. The overall result is negative and, perhaps, lower than expected, but the gaming house is at the first place in Italy, with its €91,150,276, and the decline remains contained in 1.8 percent. On the contrary, entrances suffered a more pronounced decline: of 672,351 units, decreasing by 5.49 percent. Analyzing the trend of individual games, we must necessarily start from the “queens”: slots end at €64,146,136, 3.37 percent less, but there are also promising signs. For example, French roulette, collecting €6,186,329, 12.57 percent more, but also that of fair roulette, with €3,171,452, 7.43 percent more. Same trend for trente et quarante (€1,241,783 euros, 11.84 percent more) for chemin de fer (€1,095,190, 3.55 percent more), for black jack (€3,753,766, 2.84 percent more) and also for punto banco (€4,985,613, 5.81 percent more).
SAINT VINCENT – Although the new management, led by the sole director Giulio Di Matteo, has been characterized by an increase in proceeds, the annual result of the Saint Vincent Resort & Casino, €57,343,802 euros is decreasing, and with a percentage change, 3.78 percent, placing it on the third place. Moreover, the decrease of entrances continues: last year they lost 18,01 percent, for a total of 362,967 units. The Valle d’Aosta’s casino sees slots revenue to fall by 2.38 percent (€32.323.689), and of 46.33 percent those of French roulette (€2,929,895), but there are also games causing a ceraing optimism: chemin de fer inceases by 70.88 percent and collects €2.208.145, blackjack of 5.87 percent (€3.483.265) and craps of 7.06 percent (€686.856).

VENICE – December gives hope to the Venetian gaming house, both in terms of revenue and litigations in progress (the most fearsome one ended up with the appeals court that once again found in favour of the management company, concerning the criteria of tips distribution) and in trade union relations. However, the tension that has strongly characterized 2017 in the lagoon (and in the mainland too, in Ca ‘Noghera), has perhaps had some consequences on the overall result: €90,594,191, 5 percent less than in 2016. On the contrary, entrances are good, grewing by 4.78 percent (788,908 units) but which clearly failed to result in a revenue increase. However, we must highlight, as a positive sign, the good trend of slot machines, collecting €51,351,767, 1.36 percent more, and the growth of poker tournaments: 201.29 percent more, with revenue of €55,280. On the contrary, French roulette records a decrease of 37.31 percent and stops at €4.498.705, while fair roulette decreases of 8.67 percent and collects €14.084.015. Chemin de fer decreases too: €4,595,769, 17.3 percent less, and the increase of punto banco stops: totally the game collects €7,751,364, 5.7 percent less.
ITALY – Totally, Italian casinos collected €283,878,024 in 2017, 3.03 percent less than in 2016.