Casino and games, who goes up and who goes down in July 2017

Casino and games, who goes up and who goes down in July 2017 analyzes the trend of four Italian casinos in the past month: positive sign for revenue at Saint Vincent and Venice.

Casinos broken in two, in July. For two of them, it has been a positive month, as for revenue, while the remaining casinos suffer a decrease. The usual analysis of starts from the one with the best trend for the second consecutive month.
SAINT VINCENT – The Valle d’Aosta’s gaming house, after many difficulties of the past months, is rightly smiling again, since the July revenue was of €5,104,625, 21,01 percent more than 2016. Although they must work on some things (for example slots lose 4.9 percent with €2.811.456 collected and entrances are falling sharply too, minus 15 percent for a total of 29,407 units), there are several games that positively drive the trend. First of all, fair roulette grews by 639.9 percent (€435,350), but also chemin de fer, increasing of 49.81 percent with its €133,115 collected, without forgetting the good performance of poker cash: €199,482, 70.6 percent more.
The very good overall result of July helps ease the balance of the annual revenue, however remaining negative: gaming revenue of the Saint Vincent Resort & Casino amount to €33,036,301, or 5.27 percent less than the same period of the past year. In the twelve months that didn’t coincide with the calendar year, the Casino collected €57,759,806, or 10.12 percent less.
VENICE – Second place for the Casino di Venezia, whose promotional and marketing initiatives started in July have allowed to successfully deal with the trade union strike at the end of the shift. In fact, they had an encouraging overall result of revenue, given that the two offices have collected together (tips and cards excluded, as usual!) €7,019,195, which is 3.69 percent more than a year ago. Boom for entrances too, 68,438 units, or 18.3 percent more. We must note the good result of slots, which also in Venice are the ones contributing more to total revenue: the July result is €4.289.800, 2.4 percent more. Stratospheric result for French roulette, which with €532,975 collected increases even of 1032.6 percent, but also punto banco is good, with €295,683 and a growth of 21 percent. Negative signs for fair roulette, decreasing of 22.1 percent (€902.979), more or less like chemin de fer: minus 22.8 percent and revenue of €378.670.
In the first seven months of 2017, the Casino collected €52,145,418, 5 percent less than a year ago. Instead, in the twelve months ended in July 2017, the total balance is of €92,609,794, 1.6 percent less.
CAMPIONE – Third place for the Casino Campione d’Italia, ending July with a negative sign of 5.5 percent and revenue of €7.285.913, the highest amount among the four Italian casinos. The decline is less pronounced for slots, ending at minus 3.9 percent, for an amount of €5,129,553, and we must record the very good trend of French roulette with €773,763, or 34, 9 percent more, as well as punto banco: revenue of €430,752, a growth of 17.47 percent. On the other hand, fair roulette loses 20.32 percent and ends at €299.081, black jack 31.63 percent (€287.298) and even craps end with a negative sign of €2,516, 106,968 less than last year.
Significant endurance for entrances: the drop is of 1.7 percent, referring to 53,694 units in July 2017.
Despite the decrease in July, Campione remain leader in revenue in the first seven months of 2017: €53,239,271, representing 1.77 percent less than a year ago. The most truthful trend, at least according to some analysts, is that of the twelve months not coinciding with the solar year: in this case, the revenue of the Ticino’s casino is of €91,861,846, €800 thousand less than the Casino di venezia and decreasing of 2.18 percent from the previous non-solar year.
SANREMO – Fourth place for the Casino di Sanremo, with a total of €3,774,090 collected last month, or 8.07 percent less than in July 2016. The decline in entrances is even bigger, 10.9 percent, for a total of 16,972 units. Even in the case of the Sanremo gaming house, slots, even in decline, are losing less than the total amount: they collected €2,892,416, 4.98 percent less. So, traditional games drag the decline of the trend, for example, black jack loses 74.17 percent, with revenue of €52.970, while French roulette, with €457.585, is decreasing of 6.96 percent. There are also games that are good, indeed very good. Fair roulette, for example, collects €144,355, 63.06 percent more, or even punto banco, increased of 52.77 percent with €139.670.
In the first seven months of the year, revenue is of €25,436,701, or 0.81 percent less than a year ago and the best result among the four Italian casinos, which on the whole suffer a decline of 3.4 percent. In the previous twelve months, revenue amounted to €44,763,379, or 2.16 percent less than a whole loss of 3.72 percent.