Casinos and games, who goes up and who goes down in June 2017

Casinos and games, who goes up and who goes down in June 2017 analyzes the trend of gaming houses last month: positive sign for Saint Vincent and Venice.


Difficult June, omitting political/trade union affairs or linked to news stories, for the revenue of the four Italian casinos, ending it divided: two with the plus sign and the others with the minus sign. The analysis of starts from the one with the best performance.
SAINT VINCENT – Saint Vincent Resort & Casino is at the first place, as a good omen for recovery and relaunch, collecting in June €4,443,524 euros, 18.53 percent more than the same and difficult month of 2016. On the contrary, entrances are considerably fallen, which were of 24,116, that is 34.34 percent less. Analyzing individual games, with the exception of French roulette that only collects €47,875, 88.48 percent less, we must be satisfied. All games have a positive sign, both the “most important” ones on the overall size of revenue, such as slots (€2,519,110, 13.31 percent more), punto banco (€443,562, 33.5 percent more), fair roulette (€426,158, 127 per cent more), and the “minor” ones (so to speak), such as chemin de fer with its €127,110 (11.29 percent more) or black jack, with its €278,193, 73.57 percent more.
The June result is a good breath of fresh air for the Valle d’Aosta’s casino, but it is not enough to bring the first half of 2017 to a positive sign. Revenue stops at €27.931.676, namely 8.89 percent more than in the same period of 2016. However, analyzing the trend over the last twelve months, not coinciding with the calendar year, revenue was of €56,873,581, 12.7 percent less than the previous non calendar year.

VENICE – Despite the strikes, the Casino di Venezia ends June with a positive sign, even sligthly. The two offices of the gaming house collects on the whole €6,818,864, namely 0.17 percent more than the same month of 2016. On the contrary, the attendees are falling, they have been 52.885 units, 3.54 percent less.
Slots have the best trend: they collect €4.236.477, 14.22 percent more. However, French roulette is good too, also assisted by the luck of the dealer, which with its €234,508 collected has grown of 431.52 percent, unlike fair roulette, which collects €877,473 but decreases of 20,47 percent. June in decline for punto banco too, which collects €615,102, 25.54 percent less than 2016.
In the first six months of 2017, the Casino collected €25,034,036, 6.24 percent less than the first half of 2016. On the contrary, in the previous twelve months revenue is of €92,360,046, 0,38 percent more.
SANREMO – Third place for the Casino di Sanremo, which collects €3.163.913, recording a negative sign of 10.68 percent. The decline of entrances is bigger, of 14,480 units, that is 15 percent less, always remembering that we don’t include entrances at slot halls.

Looking games in details, only roulette gives satisfaction to the Sanremo’s gaming house: French roulette collects €33,425, 18.65 percent more, while fair roulette, with its €130,305 , grows by 6.86 percent. Other games are decreasing and among them slots register less 9.14 percent, with their €2,486,485 collected.
The total amount of the first six months of 2017 rises to €21,662,610, still representing 0,58 percent more than the same period of 2016. We must higlight that the Liguria’s casino is also the only one ending the first half of the year with the plus sign. Coming to revenue of the previous twelve months, the balance is of €45.094.894, or 0.14 less than the previous year.

CAMPIONE – Month of big changes in Campione d’Italia, with the arrival of a new mayor, Roberto Salmoiraghi, and a new sole director of the Casino, Marco Ambrosini. On the contrary, this month is not brilliant from the point of view of revenue, which stops at €6,898,166, 17.87 percent less than 2016. Even entrances are decreasing, like in all the four casinos: 54,995 units, they decrease by 4 percent. Apart from the great performance of fair roulette, which collects 136.06 percent more for a total of €166.659, all other games are decreasing. For example, French roulette loses €27.24 percent and stops at €495,475, while punto banco, with €113,871, ends the month with a negative sign of 72.56 percent. As for slots, even in this casino they are queens of revenue, collecting €5,104,709, 10.29 percent less than a year ago.
Let’s get the results of the half year: €45,953,357 collected, 1,15 percent less, while from July 2016 to June 2017, the gaming house located in Ticino scores €65,494,895, that is to say 2.84 percent less.