Casino and games, who goes up and who goes down in May

Casino and games, who goes up and who goes down in May analyzes the trend of four casinos in the past month: revenue increased only in Sanremo.

Difficult May for Italian casinos, whose revenue certainly didn’t benefit from the tensions between company/property and trade unions, that characterized in particular the Venetian and the Valle d’Aosta casinos. The usual’s analysis starts from the Casino that had the best trend and that, in fact, was the only one ending the month with positive revenue.
SANREMO – So, the Casino di Sanremo is at the first place, collecting in the past month €3,076,371, 2.93 percent more than last year. Entrances are not so good, decreasing of 11.17 percent, for a total of 14,176 (remember that the casino doesn’t count entrances on slot rooms). Despite the departure of Paolo Giovannino as a consultant in tables direction, some of them are going very well. French roulette is the best one, paying €339,340, 26.92 percent more, while fair roulette loses 61.47 percent and stops at €19.855 of revenue. We must report the good performance of slots: in May they collect €2,413,661, that is 3.17 percent more.
Thanks to the May increase, the annual balance of entrances of the Sanremo gaming house grows to €18,498,696, 2,79 percent more than in the previous year. On the other hand, if we analyse the previous twelve months, which don’t coincide with the calendar year, the Casino is at €45,473,283, 0.34 percent more than the previous non-calendar year. It’s the only casino to obtain a positive sign

SAINT VINCENT – Waiting for the full implementation of the corporate restructuring plan, overall May results disappoint a bit the optimistic expectations we had at the beginning of the month. However, the Saint Vincent Resort & Casino is at 4.78 percent, with the decline recorded of €4,069,948 collected, while we have a heavier entrancies decline, decreased of 11,993 units, to 24,011, that is 33,31 percent less. As far as games trend, fair roulette is good, very good, increasing of 236 percent with revenue of €258,229, but French roulette decreases of 80.49 percent, with its €124,385 in May. We also have to record the good trend of American roulette, present in Italy only in the Valle d’Aosta’s gaming house, scoring €168,788, 122.63 percent more.
Even in Saint Vincent slots account for a large percentage of total revenue: in May they have a negative sign of 5.02 percent, for an amount of €2,400,320.
With May revenue, the total one of 2017 in Saint Vincent increases to €23,458,152, that is 12.74 percent less than the same period of 2016. The 12-month revenue is of €56,174.368 euros, 15.2 percent less than the previous non-calendar year.

VENICE – The good performance of slot machines, collecting €4.286.184, 9.26 percent more, doesn’t save the Casino di Venezia from a negative sign that in May is of 6.12 percent, for a total of €6,656.748. However, we must record the recovery of entrances, equal to 58,670 units, 3 percent more. The Venice gaming house, which in May experienced a day of strike, but also the approval of the decision to recapitalize both Cmv Spa and CdV Gioco Spa, all functional to the adoption of the action plan, suffers heavy losses at French roulette, ending revenue of minus €623,150. Fair roulette, though collecting €1,100,795, decrease of 10.33 percent. Among games with a bigger “weight”, chemin de fer records an increase of 6.88 percent and collects €545,750, and black jack (€563,501, 36.49 percent more) and punto banco (€775,412, 10.1 percent more) have a very good performance too.
In the first five months of the year, the Casino collected €20,797,755, that is 7.3 percent less than the same period of 2016. On the contrary, if we analize the last twelve months (June 2016 – May 2017), revenue rises to €92,348,388 and the decline over the previous twelve months is of 2.8 percent.

CAMPIONE – Last position in May, for the Casinò Campione d’Italia, decreasing of 12.76 percent, although it was the gaming house that collected more, €6.900.888. Also entrances decrease, equal to 54,095 units, that is 7.17 percent less. Revenue of slot machines causes the negative result, decreasing by 22.93 percent, for an amount of €4.393.025. Among table games, French roulette obtain a minus sign, collecting €530,125, 5.59 percent less, while the fair roulette increases by 257.42 percent, with its €315,839. Good trente et quarante too, €117,172 in revenue for an increase of 53,12 percent, and also chemin de fer increases, with revenue of €125,345, 8.24 percent more. Boom for blackjack, with €630,096 (161.46 percent more) while punto banco disappoints, ending May with €393,005, that is 39.95 percent less.
In the first five months of 2017, the Campione gaming house collects €39,055,191 and is therefore at the first place in Italy: compared to the same period of last year, it records an increase of 2.54 percent. In the twelve months, which don’t coincide with the calendar year, gaming revenue increases to €93,790,026, a slightly drop (minus 0.26 percent) than the previous non-calendar year.