Casinos and gaming revenue, who goes up and who goes down in the first half of 2016

Casinos and gaming revenue, who goes up and who goes down in the first half of 2016 studies the situation of the four Italian casinos in the first half of the year: Venice and Saint Vincent grow, slight decrease in Campione and Sanremo.

At the half of 2016, and after reviewing the monthly trend of June of the four Italian casinos, (Campione d’Italia, Venice, Saint Vincent and Sanremo), the usual analysis of focuses on the first half of the year, which was positive for two of them, and stable/slightly negative for the remaining ones.

VENICE – properly, we begin the analysis with the Casino that recorded the best performance in the first half, that of Venice. In the first half of the year, in fact, the gaming house collected €48,129,416, €1,937,733 more than last year, for a positive percentage change of 4.19 percent. It is far too early to say if the casino will be able to close the year with a plus sign, but the new direction and leadership are starting some experimentations showing the commitment on the way of the relaunch and it is possible that they will have the first results already in august.

SAINT VINCENT – Despite a difficult month of June and, let’s face it, negative on all fronts, the gaming house profitably uses the plus signs previously accumulated. Therefore, the proceeds stop at €30,656,457, €475,625 more than in the first half of 2015, and the sign is positive by 1.58 percent.
SANREMO – Even for the Casino di Sanremo June was not a good month, but the proceeds in the first half of the year are almost of a mathematical equality. In fact, the proceeds were only 0.02 percent lower than the same period of the last year: only € 3,511 of less prroceeds. As for the absolute figure, the Casino di Sanremo collected €21,538,169.

CAMPIONE – Just last is the Casino di Campione d’Italia, which widely recovers in June the decreasing results of some previous month and thus ended the first half with proceeds of €46,488,163. The balance, compared with the same period of 2015, was negative, but just €49,448. As a percentage, this is a decrease of 0.11 percent.

THE OVERALL FIGURE – But essentially, how casino market is going? The overall figure shows total proceeds for €146 812 207, ie €2,360,399 more than in the same period of 2015. In absolute terms, it is a change of more than 1.63 percent. Entrances arent’ so good, which within the relevant time are decreasing of 1,6 percent, with a positive balance in Campione (plus 1.14 percent) and Sanremo (plus 7.95 percent) but negative in Saint Vincent (less than 7.41 per cent) and Venice (minus 16.3 percent).

THE ANNUAL PROGRESSIVE – The data for the last twelve months are very interesting too (therefore luglio 2015 – June 2016): according to the statistics of the experts of the Casino di Saint Vincent collected €65,150,974 (7.46 percent more over the twelve months earlier), that of Venice €95.066.014 (plus 2.86 percent), Campione €94,987,912 (plus 3.3 percent) and Sanremo 45,158,104 (minus 0.35 percent).